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How to Write a Case Study Paper

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When you need to submit some large-scale project, you have to complete many other preliminary tasks before you proceed to writing a major. This is a long-term process that requires a lot of learning, studying, acting, revising, researching. “Oh, no! Not that word again!” you may say. But research is all what it’s all about.

We’ve been mentioning research in many previous articles, but that doesn’t mean that it has to end. One way or another, every scientific task you are to submit involves research, and there is no way you can get around it, even if you hate this word. The main purpose of every research is to teach you something, open the whole new world for you, and help you get a couple of useful skills. Research is also a synonym for case study because before you complete your paper, you should do a lot of studying. Depending on a task’s specifics, it may take months or years to complete a case study. It is an extremely time-consuming task, it not only consumes your time, but your efforts as well since you need to make a lot of preparations to make everything right. Here you are going to learn some general information about a case study and its types, and you will be given several tips on writing a case study.


A case study is specialized written assignment that involves data collection, collected data analysis, working out a problem-solving plan and a report on the findings of research. In plain English, you are given a specific subject to perform research, you collect information, learn every minute detail of this problem, work out a plan for solving this problem, and report on your findings about the specific subject. Please mind that a person, or a group of people, organization, or a certain phenomenon may become a subject of your work.

There are many types, classes and subclasses of case studies, and these types vary, according to the field of study. Some say that a case study can be descriptive, exploratory or explanatory, while others explain that there are scientific case studies and marketing (or commercial) case studies. In addition to the mentioned above, a C.S. may be perspective, i.e., where you are to research a certain current case, or retrospective, where you are to focus on a couple of past cases that are directly related to your topic. What you have to bear in mind is that case studies are mainly exploratory, and perspective by nature since you explore some current issues, you collect data, etc. However, sometimes, you may be asked to write a descriptive (or explanatory) and retrospective C.S., or same C.S. may combine all of these types at the same time. That is why you should check with your instructor for guidance in terms of case study requirements.

A C.S. differs in form and structure: it may be presented as a report on a person examination (or group of people), as a question-and-answer overview or as a descriptive analytical argumentation based on a specific case. When writing case studies, the structure of such assignments looks like this:

  • Introduction;
  • Background Information;
  • Description of a Problem/Issue; Information on a Person/ Patient;
  • Plan for Solving the Problem/Issue; Plan of Treatment;
  • Solution Appliance and Its Meaning;
  • Conclusion;

Although, the structure of a certain C.S. may change depending on the field of study, instructor’s requirements, and many other variables.  The language of a case study is complex and specific as it is a scientific document, so this kind of task is to be written in an appropriate language. Usually, case studies are written in the past tense because an action has already been done. The text of a study is preferred to be logical and somewhat distant and cool. However, sometimes, a hint of warmth is allowed or even encouraged.

case study writing

Further, let’s figure out what you should do to write a good case study.

  1. Define or come up with a subject for your assignment. Case studies’ structure and their types vary according to the field of study, a topic of research and requirements applied to the paper. Check with your instructor for guidance on that matter.
  2. Do you remember when we advised you to become a journalist? Well, now you have to imagine yourself a scientist. View your assignment from a scientist’s point of view! You make hardly any mistakes in your writings if you think like a true scientist. Moreover, it’s fun!
  3. Make observations and collect appropriate data. Irrespective of the C.S. structure, you need to collect appropriate data to complete it. This kind of work is done mainly in the scholarly field, so collect and keep some scientific records. Ideally, it should be some reliable scientific sources that you can use to back up a practical part of your work. Making observations is a necessary stage for those who work with a person or a group of people volunteered to take part in your experiments.
  4. Learn the background and write facts. The language of science calls for precision that is why it is so necessary to present pure facts without crude guesses and speculations. Everybody can guess, but your task is to write facts to prove your point.
  5. Make extensive and exhaustive notes. Notes may help you build up a solid theory for current (or future) work. If you are carrying out a new experiment that may result in a scientific breakthrough, then you should be thorough with your writing. On the other hand, if your experiment is based on volunteers’ experience, you may need to ask participants of your case study to keep a diary and write down all the information that may help you in your research.
  6. Don’t be afraid of asking for sample papers. This may seem a little weird, but it is useful stuff, especially if you are writing such assignment for the first time. A case study sample paper may help you see how your C.S. should look like and familiarize with some basic requirements.

As you can see, a case study writing process is not as easy as it may seem at first. You should be 100% aware of the theoretical foundation of your research subject. A case study is all about observation a certain phenomenon in the place where it is happening. You should put together all factors of your research; it’s more like you choose the one aspect of a certain issue and start collecting information, you observe the phenomenon, make notes, create the foundation for your research and piece together your scientific puzzle discovering something new.

Well, now you know how to write a case study paper, we are sure that you will submit an excellent one. So have good luck with your work!

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Academic writing

  1. Writing a case study paper is not that easy. But as Albert Einstein said: "It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer".

  2. I really liked this article. I am writing a case study for my college class, and I was struggling with the structure. I think the one you have offered is excellent. Besides, thank you for the case study writing tips)

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