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How to Write an Admission Essay

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When you are a high school senior, and you are about to leave school, there is nothing more important than to get into a University, or an Institute, or college. However, when you come to an understanding of the fact that you have to create and subsequently to send an admission essay, the situation suddenly transforms into a do-or-die situation. That’s kind of funny on the one hand, and kind of terrifying on the other. It’s funny because you are literary obsessed with a piece of paper with 200-300 words written on it, and it is scary because many school-leavers feel an extreme pressure on the part of their parents because of this task. This is as serious as it’s possible to imagine since all efforts of poor school-leavers are exerted to write a unique admission essay.

This article is dedicated to mba admission essay help issue, and everything that in one way or another is related to an admission essay (A.E.) writing. In particular, an A.E. challenge is a thing that at some point every school leaver, who is going to get into a University or college, must pass. It’s as inevitable as the change of a season, and as inexorable as the fate. There are only two outcomes in this case: whether a school graduate passes or fails. And if the latter thing happens, in such a case, this may result in a long-term post-traumatic stress disorder that a person is unable to handle on his/her own.

Let’s provide you with some general information on the subject before giving tips on how to write this challenging assignment.

So what is an admission essay? An admission essay is a brief story of a prospective university, or college, or graduate school student who writes about his or her intentions to get into a chosen educational institution. In this custom writing assignment, a student focuses on his or her strengths and achievements and gives some substantial reasons for admission officers to approve him/her.

In general, there are several types of school graduates in terms of a University admission essay writing: a school-leaver may be a school president with various educational achievements and numerous extra curricula, or he or she may be an average school-leaver with no distinct academic achievements or history whatsoever. We must admit that students who are trying to get into a particular educational institution represent the majority. In such a case, your admission essay must become a true work of art to make it very attractive and interesting for an admission committee since its officers read piles of similar essays, and they get bored easily. An A.E. is a story behind the story. It is your lucky ticket to the world of higher education and successful career that is why you should do your best to make it perfect. Please mind this should be perfect as stunning, and not perfect as dead boring. Otherwise, this is going to be your epic fail.

Getting Started

As with any other essays, an A.E. is a task that needs to be preplanned. You must elaborate a strict plan and follow it to control your writing process. This is not a spontaneous creative writing, and you are not writing a novel, so you cannot start writing when you feel like writing. Come up with a strategy that works for you. Set a deadline before the actual deadline. Complete the first draft beforehand to be able to evaluate your essay, to figure out what abstracts need to be revised. In general, almost all writing coaches, university professors, and school teachers recommend start writing as early as possible. No one requires to complete your work in one day, and this is not a way out. However, an early beginning ensures the quality of your work.


Bright Idea

A college or graduate school admission essay is supposed to make you look good in the eyes of admission officers, so a bright idea is the first thing you need to create an outstanding admission essay. Think of your affections, what amuses you, and you can also mention your hobbies, memorable events (just don’t mention annual family meetings – this falls into the “get bored easily” realm). You should stick to the idea of your A.E. along the whole writing.


The ultimate goal of every admission essay is to help you get into a particular college, or university, or graduate school. So tell your readers what makes you an ideal candidate for this college, why are you an exceptional student? A certain part of your essay must be dedicated to this topic. Make them want you to join their team, prove your exceptionality. Your readers want to get to know you, so tell them about you, but let it be a creative way to tell your story. Make it intriguing, try to recollect some of your most interesting personal experiences and use them to support our topic.

admission essay help


The first and the major advice in this respect is to write with passion and personality. An admission essay without personality is like a tree without its roots; it’s useless. This is a work of art, so add some emotional commitment into it. Take this stage as a live communication: imagine that you are speaking with a group of complete strangers who want you to tell them something intriguing about you so that you can be of interest to them. That is why your story should be personal. Make admission officers feel what you’ve felt, make them experience what you’ve experienced. You are encouraged to use personal pronouns, such as “I”, “me”, “you”, etc. Some colloquial phrases are also welcomed in your essay but don’t overuse them. Another important detail is that you shouldn’t use unfamiliar and complicated words, if you don’t know them. It can do more harm than enumerating all the people who have prevented you from becoming an academic genius. One more thing, be careful with humor because if you are not an acknowledged school clown and you aren’t a standup comic either, don’t go too deep in there. Write several phrases that will be funny to read to distract your readers from a serious topic. It’ll be better this way.


When you finish writing an admission essay, you should proofread it for possible mistakes. It is an essential stage of your work since the essay must be perfect, and perfect means no mistakes. It’s up to you when you are going to do it: in a couple of hours, or in a couple of days. It doesn’t really matter as long as you have enough time before the actual deadline. Read your essay and think as a reader who skims your paper for the first time. What do you think about it, would you consider that your essay is interesting to read, do you want to go on reading? You may ask your friends or classmates to read your essay and tell what they think about it. It may be useful since your friends may point at some mistakes that you’ve not noticed.

In the worst case scenario, you can place an order with an admission essay writing service. Such services are good at writing an admission essay even for a graduate school in six hours, but the payment will correspond to the deadline.

Finally, at the very end of this article, we’d like to add that this whole admittance and rejection process looks like you are not the one who chooses a particular educational institution, but rather an educational institution chooses you. The final choice is not yours to make, but you are welcome to try for as many times as you like!

P.S. Don`t forget that buying admission essays is not a cheating ;)


Business paper writing

College admission papers

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