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How to Write an Essay about Child Abuse

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Child abuse has become a big problem for our society, and even though we try our best to fight this vice, it still exists. If you want to make a change and help prevent child abuse, you can write a child abuse essay. In this paper, you can highlight all the problems that kids face in school and home as well as provide some possible solutions to this issue. It’s okay if you don’t know how to do that — this article will tell you how to write a research paper on child abuse. First of all, let’s look at some statistical information, which may appear rather shocking.

Child abuse statistical data essay

In order to write an essay that will impress your audience, you should collect some substantial data and approach this matter seriously. Here is some information that might help you write a decent essay on child abuse in America or any other essay.

The United States has been fighting against crime for a long time, and child abuse was not an exception. Unfortunately, the fight still continues. Over the past ten years, 20,000 children in the US were killed in their homes by their families. There has also been an increase in child deaths from 1,580 to 1,670, but some reports claim that the numbers are even higher. Five children die every day because of abuse, and early 60,000 children are sexually abused. Looking at these figures, you probably realize why there are so many argumentative essay topics about child abuse.

There are awful consequences of child abuse and neglect that keep following the victims for their whole lives if there are no actions taken. So it’s time to open our eyes to see how much these kids suffer. You have a perfect opportunity to use this information in your definition essay on child abuse and call your audience to action. Moreover, here are some more shocking figures:

  • 36% percent of women and 14% of men in prison in the United States, as well as more than 60% of patients in drug rehabilitation centers, were victims of abuse as children.
  • Kids that suffered from child abuse and neglect are nine times more likely to become criminals or be involved in criminal activities.
  • Child abuse victims are at a very high risk of suffering repeated abuse and neglect, and the current national standard for recurrence is 94.6%.
  • More than 80% of young adults that were abused as children had later suffered from psychological diseases. That’s an important fact for your emotional effects of child abuse essay.
  • 30% of abused and neglected children will later abuse their own children.
  • Abused children are 25% more likely to experience teen pregnancy while also being at a higher risk of STDs.
  • Child abuse exists on all socio-economic and cultural levels — not only children from low-income families suffer from it.
  • The younger child is, the more vulnerable he or she is. 49% of children who die from abuse are under one year.
  • Child neglect, regarding race or ethnicity, most commonly takes place in White (44.8%), African-American (21.9%), and Hispanic (21.4%) families.

If you are still thinking whether you should write a child abuse by maid essay or not, don’t hesitate — this topic definitely deserves your attention.

a child abuse essay

Abuse and bullying

Bullying affects children considerably. Here are some disturbing facts about child bullying, which you can include in your infographic essay on child abuse:

  • Children who become bullies by the age of 8 are more likely to have a criminal record by the age of 30.
  • Around 30% of children in USA grades 5 through 12 are involved in bullying as victims, bullies, or both.
  • Children who become bullies by the age of 8 are more likely to have a criminal record by the age of 30.
  • 1 out of 4 kids experiences bullying.
  • 43% of middle school students have threatened other students from their school.
  • More than 160,000 students in the USA miss school because they are afraid of bullying.

If you feel like you could talk more about that topic, try writing an essay about child abuse and bullying. Who knows, maybe your essay can save someone’s life.

Introduction of child abuse research paper or essay

If you were assigned an important task to write an essay on child abuse, you need to take care of the introduction as it is an essential part that engages your potential readers. But before starting to write the actual paper, you have to choose one of child abuse topics for research paper. You can concentrate on one problem or depict the issue in general but in a specific country.

Next, you have to consider a good title for your essay. If you surf the Web and find child abuse essay examples, you will see that all of them have a catchy title. So you have to make up a heading which will be informative and intriguing at the same time. Later, you can go in detail in your child abuse essay outline.

The introduction part is important because it defines whether the text is interesting enough or not. Therefore, be ready to spend some time both on title and introduction, and you will see that your paper really stands out from other essays on child abuse.

By the way, it is quite important to know the difference between the regular essay and research paper. You have to be prudent about some aspects such as the structure, word choice, sources, and so on. For example, in a research paper on child abuse, you will have to provide more factual information and find only reliable scientific sources. Moreover, the tone of your writing has to be rather scientific. In the process of work on child abuse research, questions regarding the relevance of the sources may disturb you a lot. But don’t worry; you can always find them in databases such as Google Scholar or even visit your local library. Anyway, such a type of assignment is a great chance to show your analytical skills. In contrast, in essays on abuse, you have an opportunity to present your own ideas and opinions.

And after you defined what type of paper you need and chose a good title, it’s time to think about child abuse essay thesis, which is the key to success for your introduction. This is usually one or two sentences in which you are stating the main problem. Do not neglect this part of the work as a thesis statement is a good starting way for an essay on child abuse. The decent thesis should also be somehow catchy, so you can think about some intriguing hook to make it really engaging.   

Some more tips for your essay or research paper on child abuse and neglect

One of the most important tasks in the process of writing is the information search. First of all, it is probably better to get your information ready way ahead of the actual writing of your text. Moreover, due to the fact that it is not the easiest topic, you will need to spend a lot of time searching for really interesting and somehow shocking facts and statistics for your child neglect essay. Imagine you are reading the essay of your schoolmate. If he or she picks only boring or well-known facts, will you continue reading this paper? Definitely no. That is the right way to make the reader want to leave your article for some other text. This especially is true for some research on child abuse because that is the text where you have to provide tons of information, which can be easily found on the first pages of Google if you weren’t that diligent.

Some things to consider before writing the main part of the essays about child abuse

Of course, apart from content, you also need to take care of the structure of your paper. One of the most important aspects of each essay is transitions. Even if you are working on a child abuse short essay, you have to think of adding transition so that your essay will be easy to comprehend. Alright, after you are done writing this part of the text, you have to think what to write in the body of your essay.

The main part of essay on child abuse or how to write an argumentative essay on child abuse

This is going to be the most difficult part of the text for you because the topic is quite touchy and extensive. In this part, we are going to discuss how you can approach the body of your essay on abuse.

So, there are many ways to create an interesting main part for any of your emotional or physical abuse essays. But definitely the best one is to divide the body into smaller parts. The great thing about this division is that the reader will be free from having to read all of that monotonous text at once.

How to divide any research topic on child abuse

The first way to divide the main part is to compare the things in separate paragraphs. There are many different things to compare in your text, but there are some that are going to be way more interesting than the other ones. And to start the things off, we will talk about the child abuse vs discipline essay. In the first paragraph, you may tell what does it mean to have discipline at home and why it is important not to cross the line in this case. In the next paragraph, you may what exactly is child abuse. By comparing these two phenomena, you may come to the conclusion that too strict discipline may turn into child abuse and that parents have to be discreet while setting the rules. By the way, if you run out of child abuse research paper ideas, you may also work on the phenomena above.

The next topic you main touch upon in your domestic violence and child abuse essay is the manner of upbringing in different cultures and countries. The mentality of people in Western countries is so different from the mentality of those in other countries. Sometimes, people are mistreating the discipline teaching methods to be child abuse or domestic violence. Just a simple difference in the cultures might bring huge media controversy. This would be great to add in your analysis of child abuse essay.  

Adults are trying to do the best for their kids. They want their offspring to be the best at everything. However, some parents are not taught how to behave with their kids, and that brings up the problem of violence. In your factor of child abuse essay, you may write a famous proverb, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Parents who really wish all the best for their child will always find a way to treat their kids without resorting to violence.

How to write cause and effect essay child abuse

Writing such type of essay, you have to look at the causes of child abuse and violence in order to understand how their effects are appearing. So, let us look at the main causes of child abuse all over the world. To start the things of, it is important to talk about the parents who are not that good at parenting. For sure, that is not the reason to be violent with the kids, but in almost every child abuse persuasive essay, it is listed as one of the reasons for abuse. These parents have to understand that their kids will always remember the fear of constantly being punished. This cause is also one of the most popular to describe in the papers on this topic as many parents admit using an authoritative type of parenting, and some of them believe that this type of upbringing is not harmful for the kid. Unfortunately, in many cases, adults are not able to understand how much power they have. You may also write this idea in your effects of child abuse essay. Perhaps, some toxic parents who encounter your essay may start reflexing on their behavior.

Writing a research paper on child abuse

Working on research on child abuse and bullying, you may wonder how to start a research paper on child abuse. In this case, we would recommend you using some shocking statistics in order to highlight the gravity of the problem. In order to emphasize the issue even more, you have to remind that kids are way easier to affect, so the depression will surely be a thing that will hit them because of the violence. This would be a great thing to talk about in the outline for research paper on child abuse. Of course, it will require a lot of credible information, but trust us, this topic is really worthy of your attention.

If you are still looking for a topic on child abuse, then we offer you to choose physical child abuse research paper because there are many things to analyze in this phenomenon nowadays.

For your research paper, you will also need to find the reasons for abusive behavior. If you ask parents who are violent to their kids, they would probably say that this is a thing that they have experienced while they were the kids too. This is also a thing to talk about in research on child abuse and neglect. Such people usually do not talk about this topic so open, so it will be a huge achievement to get an interview with one of such parents.

How to stop child abuse essay

In this article, we have already discussed a lot of things, but here is something more. Child abuse is a problem that spreads around the globe, and it has to be stopped. We need to unite our forces to prevent child abuse and give a better life to kids. There are different ways to do that, and we will try to go over most of them. You can use these ideas to write your own way to prevent child abuse essay and also think about other methods to stop child abuse.

There are different ways to prevent abuse. And the first step you can take is to become a good parent if you have a child. Moreover, in your child abuse research paper, you can discuss how to prevent child abuse in a family.

If you know that your child is upset about something, try your best to support him or her. Not helping your child in stressful situations and not acknowledging their right to feel sad or angry can actually be abusive. If your child feels upset or lonely, try to comfort them instead of telling them to stop feeling that way. The truth is that there will be sad and happy moments for your kid, and you have to support them no matter what, even if you don’t want them to feel a certain way. If you are willing to talk about that topic more, write a separate child emotional abuse essay, where you can explain all of the signs of child emotional abuse.

If you are not a parent, you can still prevent child abuse in multiple ways. Here are some of them.

  • Raise awareness about child abuse. Educate your community about what child abuse is and how many kids are in danger, even though many may not realize it. You could organize educational lectures at local schools and talk openly about this issue; in this case, you may even cite your how can the society eliminate child abuse essay.  
  • Try to spread awareness in your circle of friends and relatives. For example, you may offer them to read your persuasive essay about child abuse. Awareness means advocacy, and when those who surround you become aware of child abuse and domestic violence, they become advocates as well as you do.
  • Write a child abuse awareness essay if you are not that good at persuading. Contact politicians, journalists, writers, and non-profit organizations that could help bring attention to the issue of child abuse and neglect. You may also post information on websites, forums, social media or publish stories in online journals, magazines, or papers.
  • Use multiple child abuse essay sources to write an informative essay that will get the attention of others. Any source will be great, so just try to inform as many people as possible.
  • Provide resources for victims of child abuse and neglect. If you know someone who has suffered from child abuse, try to help them. You can donate some goods like food or clothes, support them through hard times, give them numbers of helplines of non-profit organizations that are trying to prevent any sort of abuse, find professional psychological help for them, etc.
  • Report whenever you see any kind of abuse happening. You should clearly state in your prevention of child abuse essay that any incident of child abuse, child neglect, domestic violence, or any other crime has to be reported immediately without hesitation. Call the police, The National Domestic Abuse Hotline, or any other local law enforcement. Don’t try to solve the problem on your own — intervening might lead to even bigger danger. If you become a witness of such a situation, document everything you see, as well as time, date, location, abuser’s appearance, and other important details because there is a chance that the police will ask you to file a report.
  • Organize a community or non-profit organization. It might seem like a hard thing to do, but only at first sight. There is a variety of options: you could create a school club, civic group, or a non-profit organization to fight child abuse. Talk to people from your community; maybe you will find those who share the same passion and could join you. Conduct a survey to find out which changes people want to see in your city. Non-profit organizations are making our world a better place for children, and describing those should be a big part of your solution of child abuse essay.
  • Support children that have suffered from child abuse, neglect, and domestic violence. Sometimes a lack of support results in mental disorders like depression. It is important to help the victims of abuse, especially if they are children, because they are even more vulnerable to the negative effects of abuse. Of course, you should help everybody, no matter what their age is, but sometimes parents ignore the problems of their children and don’t provide any support. If you are writing causes of child abuse essay, mention this cause because kids’ need for help may often be ignored.
  • Remind victims that everything that has happened to them is not their fault, and they should not blame themselves.

All of this information can be used for both children abuse essay and essay on elder abuse. This problem is also topical and requires our attention.

How to write sexual abuse research paper

Unfortunately, sexual abuse is still a terrifying part of our world, and every day, men, women, and children suffer from it. Writing an essay about sexual abuse, you will spread awareness about this topic, and more people will know how to deal with it; this is why you should consider working on an informative essay on child sexual abuse.

The first step is to learn as much as possible about sexual abuse and why it happens. Surf the Web and find articles that describe ways to prevent it. Find as many resources as possible to create a list of safety principles and general recommendations on how to prevent sexual abuse that you could share in your own essay.

There are many things to talk about in a sexual child abuse research paper, but the most important one is actually ways how to help sexual abuse victims. If someone who trusts you has shared his or her experience of sexual abuse, be there for them. Don’t judge the victim no matter what kind of situation they got in (by the way, this idea may be included in your argumentative essay about child abuse). Never blame the victim of sexual abuse, and don’t let them put the blame on themselves because it’s never their fault.

essay on child abuse in America

How to conclude an essay on child abuse

Many writers believe that crafting a conclusion is the easiest part of an essay — and that is a trap that authors fall into very fast. Conclusion for child abuse and neglect essay may not be the most important part of an essay, but still, it plays an essential role. There are a few steps you have to take before and while writing your ending, and we will explain how to do that. So here are the best tips for writing a really decent conclusion:

  • Go back to the first paragraph and find any topics or themes that you have talked about. Sometimes authors forget to check their introduction and may get off the main topic in the end. Any essay on child abuse will be spoiled if your professor doesn’t see the unity of the ideas in your paper. Remember that you have to be consistent with your ideas and claims. For example, if you are writing solution of child abuse essay and start your essay with a proposition that says that there should be more policies that will improve children’s safety, go back to that idea and expand it by saying that this world should be a better and safer place for all of us, and to protect our children, we should start taking action in developing safety systems that will protect everyone.
  • Try to keep your definition essay on child abuse conclusion as short as possible — 5-7 sentences at maximum. There is no need to write more or less; your reader may get bored reading a too long conclusion.
  • Don’t forget about your thesis statement of your descriptive essay about child abuse. You should definitely include it in the conclusion. Reread your thesis statement for child abuse research paper and rewrite it for your ending.
  • Leave your readers with a great impression. Your conclusion has to give your readers some food for thought. Make an appeal to readers’ emotions. It can be a great way to finish your abuse argumentative essay because sometimes essays and research papers are too serious and rational, and making an appeal to emotions will warm people’s hearts.
  • Make a call to action. It is not an important thing to do, and it depends on th type of paper or essay. In order to make a great call to action, you have to be sure that your main arguments are strong enough. For example, if you are writing a problem solution essay on child abuse, suggest a way how to end child abuse and neglect.  
  • If you asked a question in an introduction to get your readers hooked, you could restate the question once more and give an answer to it. Your readers will be curious to know the answer, so in order to find it, they will keep reading the essay. If you a wondering which questions are best to pick or if you have no ideas at all, read the essays of other students, and perhaps some questions on child abuse for an essay will inspire you. Think which questions fit your essay the best and try to answer them by yourself. If you still have no ideas, then you may surf the Web looking for the most relevant research question about child abuse that readers might find interesting to think over.
  • End with a warning. There are many problems in our world, and sometimes people prefer just to ignore them. Child abuse is a serious problem, and if there is no action taken, it can grow bigger, and the aftermath of the issue will be thousands of broken lives.
  • Suggest possible solutions. Talk about changes that will occur in the world if our society takes action. You can also write about what would happen if your suggested ways of solving the problem were used.

There are also many mistakes that authors tend to make when writing an essay conclusion. Here are some of them — try to remember and avoid these errors when writing your child abuse research paper:

  • Not being confident. Using strong language means being sure of your ideas. You should sound somehow authoritative, and it means getting information for your research paper from reliable sources and believing in your writing. Never apologize for your ideas. Don’t say “I may not be an expert” or something similar — you may sound weak and unreliable.
  • Just restating your main argument. This has been said before, but again, avoid repeating your thesis statement word to word — there will be no reasons for your audience to read a conclusion since it says what has been told already. Try to be original and creative, and your conclusion for child abuse essay will be truly interesting to read.
  • Using too “smart” language. Using scientific terms in an essay about social issues will be okay if you are writing for a science journal or other scientific resource, but when it’s meant for the general public, it’s best to use simpler words. It does not mean that your essay should be simple — just don’t overload it with ‘fancy’ language. For example, if you are writing an essay on emotional domestic violence and child abuse, don’t bring up any psychological terms even though they might be connected to the topic. Substitute them with words that transfer the same meaning but are more common to everyone.
  • Changing the tone of the paper. The tone should always be the same throughout your whole essay. For example, if you are working on a college essay on child abuse, make sure that you stick to the plan of an essay and follow the rules of writing a college essay. However, it is okay if you decide to be a little emotional in the end as the topic is quite touchy. And if you are writing a rhetorical essay, find out how to write a rhetorical essay on child abuse first because such type of essay presupposes using a certain tone.
  • Not using proper transitional phrases. Using phrases like “In conclusion,” “To sum it up,” and “In summary” will definitely make your readers yawn. Instead, use phrases like “To review,” “It is clear,” “We can see that,” and others. Use your imagination!
  • Stating new facts in the end. Finally, if you read more than one sample essay about child abuse, you have probably seen that the authors did not provide any new information in conclusion. That’s an important aspect to remember.

Writing a child abuse essay, expressing disgust is ok. Such a vice cannot be understood or accepted in a civilized society. Therefore, you can freely express your discontent in your conclusive part.

Final words for the best essay on child abuse

We hope that information in this article was useful. If you still need help with writing a child abuse rhetorical analysis essay or any other difficult type of paper, you can always ask experts from custom writing services for help. If everything is clear for you now, use all these tips to create a unique essay that will grab your readers’ attention. There are many child abuse topics for research paper, and it’s up to you what to write about because what really matters is your overall contribution to the theme. Just do not be afraid to make a difference! We do realize that child abuse essay writing is a challenging task to do. But if you really believe in yourself, you will achieve your writing goals!


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