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How to Write an Essay on College Tuition?

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Many students wonder how to write an essay on college tuition, as this topic is growing in popularity these days. So, it is crucial to know how everything works in this field. And, of course, you will need a lot of interesting info for your text. No worries, you will get it from this article about professional paper writing.

When writing something as difficult as a ‘how do you plan to finance your education essay,’ you will need to do a lot of research. Let us take the United States as an example. The problem with tuition fees has been rising for decades. Just in the early 2000s, people were paying much less for studying than they do now. Back then, students were paying around $8,000 to get into college. The private ones were already quite expensive; you could pay about $28,000 for 4 years of studying. Nowadays, the situation is shocking, as you will have to pay almost $25,000 to get in an average public university, while for a private college, you will need to pay twice more, over $49,000. Those numbers are astonishing, and people want to know the reasons for this rise.

So, what to start with? Well, there are many options, but probably the best thing to do is organize your working process. There are many ways to create a perfect workplace, and some of them might not work for you, so just do what you think will help you. For example, putting a bottle of water before you start writing the text will prevent you from going to the kitchen a lot of times. Also, it’s a good idea to keep some pieces of paper on your table as a draft so that you can jot down some notes when you get some really worthy ideas.

Alright, let’s move on closer to what you will need to do. The next thing to think about is a good title for your why college should be cheaper essay. What are the ideas? This topic is quite difficult to cope with for some students, as they did not get into this problem that much. Also, the facts are mostly statistical, which disallows you from getting too creative. Instead, you can try to put the info, which you think is crucial for the readers to know.

After you are done with your header, it is time to think more about the content of your text. First of all, you will need a lot of statistical facts. For example, in a student loans essay, you will need to include many statistics about the loans that students usually take in order to pay for their studies. What you want to do before including all of that statistics is check whether it is true or it is from the unknown forum or some controversial blog. That is crucial in cases when you should operate with true facts and figures. To check whether the numbers are real, try to look them up online. If the statistics appear to be on several sites with a good name, you can use it for your essay. That would be crucial in a government interference into a free market student loans essay paper, as you will have to be as accurate with your words as you possibly can. What are some interesting figures for this topic? Here are some that you can use in your text:

  • The government would have to spend over $66 billion to make the public universities free.
  • The price of the college has increased to 400% since the 1980s.
  • Just 0.3% of the students get full-ride scholarships for their studies.

After you are done searching for the statistics, you will have to look for some interesting facts about your topic. For example, a simple free education essay will not be that engaging if you do not include some curious info. So, to make your text even better, you should try to use some facts that will be fun reading and somehow useful. When looking for these facts, also remember to check whether they are real or not. You do not want to get a low grade just for using one of those fake facts, do you? Now, let us go straight to the actual facts about tuition and loans. It would be quite easy to give you a ready-made proposal essay thesis on student loans, but trust us; these facts are way much more interesting!

  • Over two-thirds of Americans come out of their college with debt.
  • There are many countries in the world were where education is free for everybody.
  • A normal student will not get more than 10% of applied scholarships.

After you are done with these facts and figures, you want to think about the intro of your pay for college essay. This article will follow you step-by-step so that you will be able to get the best possible text.

The introduction to your student loan debt essay

What do you need to create a perfect first paragraph? First of all, think of your text as a whole, as you will have to add the following paragraphs to fit the first one. To help yourself out, you can make a small list of the things you want to include in your paper.

Moreover, the easiest way of getting the best starting part of your text is to use something that you can call a hook. If you surf the Web, you will see that every student loans essay example engages the reader with some interesting phrase. You may still wonder what a secret of a perfect hook is? Pick the most interesting fact that you have and think if it is amazing for your audience. That is a crucial thing to do as that allows you to have the best hook for your essay on college tuition.

Next, going further in your writing, try to give your reader enough information to understand what they will read about. Also, make sure that you have taken care of the transition. When moving on to the main part, you will need to make it readable, which is possible only if you create a transitional part. For example, it will be crucial when writing an avoiding student debt persuasive speech or something else where you need your ideas to go one by one, not as separate pieces of information.

The other great thing to do is to add some statistics. It might sound wrong because people are used to seeing numbers in the middle part of the text or even towards the end. However, choosing an interesting statistical fact, you will definitely engage your reader. After you are done with all of that, you can go ahead and think what to write further in your student loan essay. So, let us move on to the most difficult, yet the most important part of the paper.

Main part for the essays on student loans

Before you even start, you have to estimate whether you have enough information for your text. Even if you operate with a lot of facts and figures, you still might be short on something else. In this case, you’d better visit your local library or look for info on some reliable websites. Alright, when you are done with searching the data, you can move on to the next step, which is the transition again. If you are successful with the transition part in your introduction, it will be no problem for you to keep writing it again in this section. Even in your college tuition research paper, you need to have transition, as without it, the text will be just a list of facts and figures, which will simply make it unreadable. And of course, it is important to stick to the main rule of wiring essay body: each argument should be supported by the example and divided in a separate paragraph. The main part usually contains 2-3 sections.

Rising college costs essay main part

It is crucial to do big research on this topic in order to get what you need. Read a couple of researches on the theme you are writing about. That will help you get some basic knowledge on why the cost of college is getting higher every year. Even though this topic seems to be difficult, and you might want to quit writing the text, the causes of the rising costs are pretty simple. They are all dictated by the simple economic rule – supply causes demand.

If you take a look at the situation before WWII, you will see that a small percentage of Americans had obtained an education. After the war, this percentage was getting higher every year. Back then, just around 5% of people have completed four years of college or more, while in 2016, the number increased by many times, and over 30% of Americans now have finished four years of college. That, of course, causes colleges to raise the payments for studying because universities simply need more resources for those studying. So do not forget to mention this factor in your is the cost of college too high argumentative essay.

However, there might be some doubt about whether the price is reasonably high. Indeed, the prices will be getting higher every year. But why are they getting that high? Well, before going into the conspiracy, we will need to talk about some aspects that also influence the costs every year. You will be able to use all of this info even in an is college worth the cost essay.

So, as we all know, natural resources are getting more and more expensive every year. That is a key factor for the universities because, as we know, the number of students is getting higher every year, making it hard for colleges to pay for the resources they use. That includes one important factor, which is the price of gas. In the future, when other students will be looking at how to write a college should be free essay, this issue will still be one of the key factors why colleges are so expensive and why people should pay for them. However, that is not the only reason why the college payments are getting higher every year.

The other crucial factor year is the technological advance. For example, if you look at some technical colleges, you will be surprised by how much money they put into advancing their technological devices. For instance, colleges like MIT are spending a huge part of their expenses just to keep their computers up-to-date. By the way, it would be an awesome idea to put this info in your student loans research essay. And just like with the natural resources, the college needs to find more money to provide every student with the highest level of technology. And if somebody thinks that there is no need to have everything so complicated, for some students, having advanced technology in the university is the only way of completing their projects. That factor is crucial to include in your college should not be free essay, as it shows that without paying for the university, the students will have to buy a lot of things on their own. And of course, it would impose an additional financial burden on many young people.

So these facts are quite convincing, even for such a paper as college is too expensive essay. But now, it is time to move on to the second part of your main piece of text. That will be the part where you are doing to describe what the rising prices are going to bring to us in the future if we do not find a way to stop them from raising with every year. The following information is especially useful if you are working on a rising college tuition research paper.

college tuition

Effects of the rising cost for the colleges

As you already know, the number of those studying at the university has been growing since the 1950s, which was bringing up the cost of studying. So, why was the number of those who are studying getting bigger even though the cost was getting higher? Well, at those times, the prices were getting higher just a little, while the new students were getting a lot of benefits from being in a college. Even the fact that you were in a college was giving you a lot of privileges when applying for a job. This is an interesting information that you can include in your essay on student loan debt.

However, nowadays, the situation is changing, and the fact that you are a student of a prestigious university does not really make you a name. You will need a lot of hard work to go along with the college diploma. So, with the prices for the colleges getting higher with every year, fewer people will be willing to pay that much for studying. State in your should college tuition be free essay, that nowadays, apart from college studies, young people have a variety of online and offline courses to choose from.

The other great effect is the fact that some people will not receive any education at all. That will cause some to work on the lower-paid jobs. That means that the government will be getting fewer taxes from these people, which is a good argument for college should be free persuasive essay. However, the situation will be bad for people too, because they will not have enough money to afford some things that are crucial in the modern world. Therefore, this situation should be changed as soon as possible. You may describe such consequences in the rising cost of education essay.

So now, you have substantial arguments for your text. However, make sure that you did a good job checking for some mistakes. The other things that you want to check are whether you used the best examples you could and whether you will need to change something in your student loan debt research paper. After you are done with that, it is time to move on to the last paragraph, which will be one of the most difficult things for a starting writer, as it requires you to have a lot of information to be analyzed in a short amount of words. However, do not hesitate to spend a considerable amount of time on conclusion because this is the most important part of college tuition argumentative essay or any other paper.

It is probably the only part where you don’t need any kind of extra information to write. All you need for this is just an ability to analyze what you already have written in the text. That actually completes the student loans essay outline. However, you will have to be a professional on the topic you are writing about because that is the only way to create a perfect conclusion.

What to write in a research paper on student loans conclusion?

Well, it actually depends on the type of essay. If you were assigned to write an easy one, then you can state a personal view of the problem at the end of the paper. Or, on the other hand, you can try to tell your readers what you think the future of the situation is going to be like. You have many different options to end your text in this situation. However, the situation with an argumentative essay on student loans is different, as you are not allowed to put in too much of your personal thoughts and systematize all the facts that were mentioned in the paper. And of course, do not forget to restate your thesis.  

By the way, we’ve got a good tip for you; in your essay, you can use infographics. In most cases, teachers allow to include pictures in argumentative texts. So you can add some statistics that will be shown in the graphs. However, you will still need to show your personal attitude when creating a conclusion like that. You are allowed to do almost the same thing when writing a persuasive essay on how student loans are bad. Except, you will have to remember that the persuasive essays are more difficult to write, as you cannot show both sides of the problem. Therefore, you will definitely need to have a personal idea of what you are writing about.

Now let’s talk about a conclusion for a research paper. It is a bit more difficult to write than the usual essay. However, if you will follow this advice, you will be able to create a perfect last paragraph for your text. So, when writing the conclusion for your research paper on the effect of college students debt, try not to get too much into details. All of the details you had to give to the reader are left in the previous paragraphs. Your conclusion should not be too overloaded with the extra data. You will just need to show your reader what this situation might bring us to in the future if we do not do anything about it. Or the great way to finish this type of text is to show your readers some solutions to this problem.

There are some other interesting tips that you might and should use in your essays about college education. But what are they? And how will they help you to get the best text? Well, let us find out.

What to add to your essay?

First of all, make sure that you have checked your text for mistakes. That is something that professionals might not do because they think they have enough skill to write a perfect text right away. And they are always wrong, as the typos and grammatical errors happen to everybody, and even the most experienced authors might be able to make a mistake.

So, after your text is checked, you can think of some ways to make it even better. A great thing that many students keep forgetting about is quotes. They might not be appropriate for some types of text like federal student loans essay outline. However, in most cases, they will only make your essay better. Still, it is not as easy as some might think. You will have to check whether your quote fits the content perfectly. The quotes shouldn’t be just an addition, but an indispensable part of your text. It’s also a bad idea to include a quote as an introductory statement for student loans essay.

And of course, make sure that the person you are referring to has actually said those words and that they are just like the ones that you are using in your text. The last advice is that it would be an awesome idea to use quotes in a college tuition persuasive speech or any other type of speech. So follow our advice, and you will see that adding a relevant quote will make your essay really decent.

How to write should college be free essay?

There is one more topic that you could write about — should colleges be free or not. It’s both a difficult and important topic to discuss, and you need to take a few additional steps before writing your why college should be free essay. Use some of our tips and useful information for your essay. Let us break this topic into 2 sections: why college should be free and why not.

Why colleges should be free?

Unfortunately, ‘Should colleges be free for everybody?’ is not a yes or no question; it’s something much more complicated. For ages, this topic was debated and discussed, but since then, nothing seemed to change. So, maybe we have to answer another question first: ‘What is actually higher education for us, and why do we need it?’

First of all, many students are concerned about the high cost of college tuition. Not everyone can afford expenses like that, and even if the student has had excellent grades and has been doing well academically, chances to get the education they deserve decline if they come from a low-income family. Most people have to pay the college debt for years after graduation, and many see it as a big challenge. Those who have graduated with higher loan debt have a lesser chance of owning a house, getting married and having kids, and simply pursuing their goal in life. Include this reason in your “should college education be free” essay.

Of course, not everybody is willing to go to college — and that is totally fine. In some cultures, there has been a popular belief that you will not be able to do well in life without getting a higher education. Of course, that is not true. Instead, more students should be encouraged to go to college or university if they feel like they want to.

In addition, many students from low-income families refuse to apply to more popular and prestigious universities due to the high cost of their fees. This creates a gap between wealthy and poor, even if the students have similar abilities and talents. Moreover, many students feel stressed about paying for their education. Worrying affects social life and academic performance, so maybe if young people did not have to worry that much about how to get the money, they would perform much better. Include all of these points in your persuasive essay on why college should be free.

Of course, this problem is multifaceted and requires a systemic approach. In your essay on free college education, you have to mention some of the ways that the government might use to help its citizens to get a better education. Some of these include decreasing expenses and stopping wasteful government spending, making public colleges and universities tuition-free, giving more grants to talented students, and creating possibilities for those who come from low-income families. Of course, you could support this idea in your “avoid student loans consider scholarship” essay by highly recommending applying for grants and scholarships instead of choosing the regular way.

Why colleges should not be free?

While writing the argumentative essay about college, remember to include some thoughts that are opposite to those that have been mentioned before. In this case, write reasons why college actually should not be free. You have to provide information without judging it, even if you disagree with a topic. Remember: your essay must introduce a reader to different sides of the same issue so that he or she could form their opinion independently. 

What does free college mean? It means that taxes will increase even more. People will have to pay for the future education of young people, but some of them who will use the opportunity to study for free might drop out, switch colleges, or just perform poorly. Eventually, money that was spent can be regarded as a waste. Consider discussing this point in your free college education essay.

Unfortunately, the level of dropouts will increase too. It is going to be easier to become accepted to the university, and so many choices about further education will be taken without that much effort put in working and studying. More students will change their colleges several times, and this will create a huge mess.

If you feel like you need more information about tuition and its impact on students, feel free to use some scholarly articles on college tuition. You never know what kind of information is going to be useful for you.

Still, students’ loans are one of the biggest problems that make the debate whether college should be free or not even harder. It’s awful that young people have to work for years to pay their loans, and it might get even worse with free colleges since students may perform really poor and drop out. There is no need for attacking student loans in the argument of essay, but the writer should not avoid this theme either. How to approach such a subtle topic then? You could actually do a separate persuasive essay on student loans to do deeper research. In such a paper, you can analyze both sides considerably. Also, you could help future students by writing avoiding student loans essay to explain to them how not to get into a trap that will lead to a huge debt.

So, it’s hard to say whether colleges should be free or not. However, what we know for sure is that many countries need to change the system of education. You never know what’s going to happen next, but spreading the word about important topics nowadays is something that’s going to help the changes actually happen.


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