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How to make the best impression with your mba admission essay

Essay paper writing


Getting an MBA is an extremely hard, but a very perspective step, which gives you a key to the world of success and unlimited perspectives. But as you begin this long journey, the first milestone you need to pass is writing an admission essay. Some people, who already have an impressive experience in the business of any kind, may not consider this step a serious problem, as their accomplishments will speak for themselves. It is hard to imagine how wrong this attitude is on so many levels. So let these little tips and hints prove you the importance of taking MBA admission essay writing seriously.

Preparing to write an admission essay: help yourself.

What does it mean to help yourself? Well, let’s be honest, you are still not pretty sure what to include in your essay. So, the most solid way to understand it is writing a chronology. Don’t mention the unimportant details. Only take the most significant things that happened throughout your life and you will have a special database with the information you can choose to use in the essay. Afterward you will know a lot more about your achievements, so it will be necessary to sit down and check ones worth using.

One more thing to think about is whether you have a recommender that can provide you with a characteristic. This person can definitely light up some of your good sides and make you look more experienced in the eyes of the recruits.

Things to mention in your MBA admission essay:

  1. Where did you come from and where do you want to go.

This will basically be the main thing to write in your essay. Show how hard you have worked, the problems you have faced and the way you solved them.

  1. Your strong and weak sides.

It may be a bit risky, so be careful on this part. Try not to look like a peacock while pointing out the strong sides. Revealing your weak sides is necessary, as it shows that you can fairly rate your own abilities, but don’t forget to mention how are you working on them.

  1. Versatility

Are you a team player or a leader? Actually, you need to be both to succeed. So present yourself as a person that can work, feel comfortable and be productive in any possible situation.

If at any point of your work you see that some things look unclear (like a huge gap in studies or work), be so kind to explain the reasons, shortly and precisely to prevent it from looking suspicious.

  1. Why have you chosen this school?

“It is close to my house” – it is something that you should not mention. Show that you have thought really hard about your choice and this was the best one for you because they have “this” and “that”.

5 mistakes to avoid while writing an essay for MBA admission

  1. Spelling, grammar or any other mistakes

The silliest, but the most common reason you can fail, that screams “fool” to your face. Never ever send your application essay to the school if you haven’t checked it for every mistake possible. It is highly unprofessional and shows that either you were in a hurry and could not check it, or you have no idea how to use online services to do it. In both cases, it means that you don’t care much about getting into university. Even if you really don’t have time for revision, use an MBA admission essay writing service, as they can check and edit your work for you in the short amount of time.

  1. Plagiarizing

As most of the universities check every work they get for originality, an essay with a high plagiarism report rate will not make it to approval. So, always make sure that your work is not anyhow plagiarized.

  1. Not following the instruction

If you are asked to write 400 words, don’t do 250 or 1000, it is that easy. These are the first instructions that you are given by a certain university, and that is where you can show that you are able to do what you are asked to. Try to be as precise as you can.

  1. Sweet talks

This frequently occurs while writing the reason you have chosen the university. And no, it will not make you look better in the eyes of the people who decide on your faith.

  1. Exaggerating

“Right after I climbed the Everest, I have decided that it is time to go to Africa with a team of doctors without borders…” , - sounds more like blah blah blah to whoever reads your work. If you don’t have any serious accomplishments, try to highlight the ones you do and make them look both appealing and convincing as the “Everest” kind of works are usually used to wipe a spilled coffee off the table.

Writing MBA admission essays for different schools

When you are trying to get into any school, whether it is in top 10 or known only in some small circles, there is one important thing you need to remember: a personal approach. Every university is unique and has its special programs, so if your essay looks like a bad template, you have about 0% chance to pass.  Even if you buy an admission essay, try to be sure that it will not be written from some schoolbook sample.

To use or not to use: admission essay writing service

You may be the best in finances and business, present yourself perfectly in companies and meetings, but writing about it is a time-killing challenge? Then it is totally not a sin to use some professional admission essay writing help to make your application look appealing. Gather the information you need with a help of a skilled writer and let him make your work flawless.

Now you have pretty much everything to start working on your MBA admission essay. Don’t worry, try to relax and don’t rush. Every time you get stuck while writing, just reread those tips and come up with a fresh and interesting thing to write. And no matter how it goes, may the force be with you!


Essay paper writing

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