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Population Growth Essay Writing Guide

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Working on a population essay or research paper? We understand the struggle. Therefore, we have prepared the list of the greatest topics for you to choose from as well as useful tips that will help you submit an impeccable work.

Population essay topics

  • Essay on the principle of population
  • Essay on population definition
  • Population genetics essay
  • 21st century global population essay
  • Population development essay
  • Essay on the history of population growth
  • Essay on population crisis
  • Agricultural revolution and population growth essay
  • Short essay on world population becoming smarter
  • Aging population opinion essay
  • Essay on population explosion
  • Essay about population problem in Asia
  • Relationship between national wealth and population health essay
  • Population and environment essay
  • Essay on increasing population
  • Cause and effect essay on population growth: What is the reason of current overpopulation issue?
  • Importance of population education essay
  • Effective means of population control essay
  • Population control argumentative essay
  • Can we solve overpopulation problems essay
  • Effect of population on environment essay
  • How to control population essay

statistics of population research paper

Tips for writing an essay on population

  • Make an outline. Once you do your research, create a well-detailed plan where you include all the essential points and ideas for each paragraph of your paper. You can use the example from the section below and build on it with the information you have found.  
  • Research carefully. Try using Google Scholar to search for articles and books on the topic if you have hard times determining which sources are credible.  
  • Don’t fake your references or just copy information. Nowadays, there are various tools for checking works for plagiarism. Therefore, do not put your academic reputation at risk – use real sources and your own words when describing what the author was writing about.
  • Mind your language. Of course, an essay is not a scientific article for a reputable journal, but you still need to be very careful with the word choice. Contractions or slang would not be appropriate here.
  • Provide specific examples and numbers where applicable. For instance, essay writing on population explosion would require you to indicate where, when, and how many people were born in certain time periods and why it happened.
  • Proofread your writing. This will help you to avoid submitting a work full of mistakes, which will inevitably lower your mark.

Essay outline

  1. Introduction.

Start with a hook phrase, which can be a question, a quote, or just an interesting fact. After that, write a few sentences explaining why your topic is important and necessary to research. The main point of an essay on population should be clearly stated in the last sentence of the paper – a thesis statement. Give a brief overview of the points you are going to discuss but do not go into the details – you will be able to do it in the body of the work.

  1. Body.

Depending on the word limit set for the assignment, the body of your paper might be divided into a few sections with distinct headings. Each section or paragraph should start with the introduction of the idea you are going to discuss. Next, you will have to provide some factual information to support it, and explain your own opinion if applicable. In the end, it would be necessary to sum up what you have discussed and transition into the next paragraph.

  1. Population essay conclusion.

In the final paragraph, restate the thesis and the main ideas that were reviewed in the body of the paper. You cannot introduce any new facts in the conclusion – only synthesize what has already been discussed. Finish your essay by proving that you have accomplished the purpose of writing the paper or leave the reader with some idea to think about further.

Population research paper topics

  • Research paper about homelessness population
  • Aging population research paper
  • Religion and overpopulation
  • Human population growth research paper
  • Birth control and women’s human rights
  • The impact of overpopulation on the wildlife
  • India population crisis
  • The impact of overpopulation on the environment
  • Bangladesh population crisis
  • Population, migration, and urbanization
  • Global warming and overpopulation: Where is the link?
  • The issue of food and water shortage
  • Statistics of population changes research paper
  • The effects of population growth on the economy

Writing a research paper

  • Choose a narrow topic. It is rather hard to write a research paper about population in general, as the topic is really vast. Instead, you may concentrate on some population issues, trends, or other more specific topics, which can be studied thoroughly.
  • Be careful with citations. In your research paper, you will need to include and cite a lot of information. Learn how to do it according to the style you stick to and cite all factual data taken from other sources.
  • Check a few good population research paper examples. If it is hard for you to visualize how your research paper should look like, find a few sample works. Pay attention to how the text is outlined, what information is cited, how transitions are used, and how the info is presented in general. Try to find research paper examples about population control, overpopulation crisis, shortage of resources, and other related topics to understand what points might work for your own paper.
  • Develop a strong thesis statement. It should be short, to-the-point, and consistent. You have to summarize your main claim in one or two sentences in such a way that it will be clear and interesting for your audience.
  • Avoid filler phrases. “In conclusion,” “needless to say,” and all the other parenthetic words do not bring any value to your writing. Instead, try to come up with meaningful transitions to move from one paragraph to another one smoothly.

Research paper outline

  • Title page
  • Introduction
  • Methodology
  • Literature review
  • Results/Findings
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • References

You may also be asked to add an abstract before the intro to give your readers a quick overview of the paper. Depending on the length of the text, it might be necessary to add a table of contents to guide your audience on where to find certain information. If there are some figures that you wanted to include in the paper but they take too much space, you can refer to them in the text but insert them into the appendices section after the reference page.

an essay on the principle of population

Research questions about population

Here are some of the research paper questions about population that you may choose to answer in your paper:

  • What are the major negative consequences of overpopulation?
  • Why some countries are overpopulated while others are underpopulated?
  • How fast is the population increasing today compared to in the past?
  • What factors influence current population trends?
  • What may the population trends be in 50 years?
  • Are we on the verge of food and water shortage?
  • Is population growth still an issue?
  • How many people can Earth support?
  • Why should we be concerned about current population growth rates?
  • Is religion an obstacle to population stabilization?

Facts for a research paper or essay on population

  • In general, more than 107 billion people were born in the history of humanity. Thus, 6.5% of all people born in the history of humankind live on Earth today.
  • In 2009, for the first time in history, an urban population was equal to a rural one amounting to 3.4 billion people. It is expected that in the future, an increasing part of the world population will be represented by citizens (that is, the urban population will continue to grow faster than the world population as a whole), which is confirmed by the latest data.
  • In 2010, about 60% of the world’s population lived in Asia, 15.5% - in Africa, and 10.4% - in Europe. In 2050, according to the UN forecast, more than half of the world’s population will live in Asia, 25% in Africa, 8.2% in Latin America, 7.4% in Europe, and 4.7% in North America.
  • The largest state in terms of population is China. After 2025, India is likely to become a leader. Until 1991, USSR had the third-largest population. After its disintegration, the US took its place. Indonesia and Brazil occupy the fourth and fifth places. Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, and Russia occupy the sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth places, respectively.
  • As the UN report indicates, by the end of this century, the world’s population will be more than two times higher in comparison with 2011 and will reach 15 billion people.
  • The current population of the planet has doubled since the 1960s. This process is caused by the improvement of the quality of medical care and medical products as well as high fertility in the countries of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. In addition, a certain role was played by the reduction of infant mortality and the increase in life expectancy on all continents of the planet.
  • Some experts question the figure of 15 billion inhabitants by the year 2100 proposed by the UN. They are convinced that the population will not reach such a catastrophic scale if appropriate measures are taken.
  • The author of the first essay on population was a popular economist Thomas Robert Malthus. His main work, An Essay on the Principle of Population, played a remarkable role in the development of economic science and demography.
  • In the mid-60s of the 20th century, humanity first paid attention to the problem of overpopulation and the depletion of resources. The community of the world’s largest businessmen, politicians, and public figures, united by the idea of ​​preserving the natural environment on Earth have created a so-called Club of Rome. This initiated a large-scale research to find ways to curb the crisis.

population growth essay

Environmental issues

While writing an essay on the ecological effects of increased population, you may describe the current state of things:

  • The situation in the field of renewable resources deteriorates. Scientists warn that very soon, we will experience a water, wood, fish shortage, as well as reduced soil fertility.
  • Waste products accumulate and pollute the environment.
  • More investment, energy, materials, and labor costs are required to eliminate the negative consequences of using resources, e.g., for sewage treatment, irrigation control, air purification, etc.
  • A significant part of the capital, raw materials, energy resources, and labor costs is spent on solving the tasks of the defense industry.
  • Investments in human resources decline, and the situation with education and healthcare deteriorates.
  • The balance between the use of raw materials, energy resources, and the process of environmental pollution is disturbed.

Problem of population aging

  • According to the UN, during 1994-2014, the number of people over 60 years has doubled. In 2014, the number of older adults in the world exceeded the number of children under the age of five.
  • Now, in 15 EU countries, above 15% of citizens are at the age of 65 years and higher. The youngest country is Ireland (11.5%), and the oldest one is Sweden (17.5%). However, during the coming decades, the gap will decrease. The elderly group will be joined by generations born during the baby boom period (1946-1964).
  • Compared to Western European countries, the United States is a younger state: there are less than 13% of people over 65 years old.
  • The causes of population aging are ambiguous. On the one hand, there is a decline in the birth rate, which leads to a smaller number of children and young people, and on the other hand, there is an increase in life expectancy.
  • From 1960 to 1990, the number of people of age above 80 years has grown in the EU countries from 5 to 12 million people, that is, by 140%.
  • Medical care for the elderly involves additional funding, expanding the network of medical, gerontological institutions, and qualitative restructuring of the health care system.
  • The employment of the elderly population and provision of working places for young seniors are required. It is also important to maintain an active life position of the elderly, involve them in public life, and fight against loneliness.

problem of population aging


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