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Priceless Tips for Writing an Argumentative Essay

Essay paper writing


We all are brilliant writers deep inside. Even if you have never written a text that satisfied your enthusiasm, you should never give up on exposing your writing skills and create a perfect base for the future masterpieces by starting an argumentative essay. This type of paper is usually assigned when students need to learn how to present their opinions and convince the audience that some particular facts are more trustworthy that the others.

The Best Way to Start an Argumentative Essay

In a perfect world, every audience consists of the softhearted people who will support any of your ideas. And, as you have probably already realized, we live in a very challenging world, where only the best arguments and methods should be used while trying to persuade your audience. Creating a coherent outline for your paper is always a good way to start an argumentative essay. In most cases, our mind works better when there is a detailed plan, and the brain can generate brilliant ideas according to a prepared scheme.

For example, the introduction will pretty much decide the fate of your paper. On this step, it is necessary to consider possible argumentative essay hooks. This part should catch your readers’ attention and encourage them to do the further investigation. Therefore, if the introduction is that important, here appears the question of how to write a good hook for an argumentative essay. What is tricky is that there is no perfect universal formula for it. However, there is a huge number of great ideas that can be used, so you can easily try combining different tips and methods and check the outcome.

In case you feel the lack of inspiration, here are some examples of good hooks for argumentative essay:

  • Did you notice that more and more politicians claim the military force can be justified? So, what should we actually protect from?
  • 9 out of 10 students believe that the intelligence has nothing to do with the marks! And according to the recent research, they are right.
  • Did you know that one can earn $2040 per hour just by playing football? Hence, maybe all of us need to start training.
  • Are you ready to be conquered by robots in the next couple of years? The scientists claim that the artificial intelligence development may lead to unexpected results.
  • Do you know the difference between human and animal meat? Doctors offer to answer this question before joining vegans.

After having a look at these examples, you have probably understood that hook sentences for argumentative essays are almost as crucial as the well-written body of the paper. It’s not only about this particular type of project where you need to get your audience’s attention from the first sentence, however, in this very case, it will pretty much decide the future of your work. If you devote enough time to writing a hook for an argumentative essay, your efforts will lay a nice foundation for the development of the text and prepare a base for the presentation of your arguments.


Keep in mind that you need to be able to support your statement with facts, not only beliefs or feelings since your main goal is not only to impress your audience but mostly persuade them. Moreover, do not forget that your arguments should be convincing enough to make the audience change its mind even if it was not planning to support you initially.

Still, do not be afraid to choose a controversial topic, because while this type of work requires you to be brave and enthusiastic, after finding sensational evidence, you will be certainly proud of yourself and feel like one of the most famous journalists.

If you wonder how to write a good hook for an argumentative essay, here are a couple of handy pieces of advice for you:

  • Determine your future audience (e.g. first-graders would probably not be interested in the cancellation of taxes);
  • Choose what emotions you would like to evoke (e.g. choosing a touching theme will be a great idea, however here you need to decide whether your audience should feel cozy, nervous, relaxed, or maybe frightened. In general, do your best to predict the audience’s emotions, and you will be definitely rewarded by success);
  • Make your introduction sparkle (e.g. it should be short, but informative so that the audience catches the general points from the very beginning while your narration flourishes little by little, opening more and more surprising facts)

Argumentative Essay Writing Prompts

It’s tricky that even after checking the examples of other impressive essays, you won’t be fated for success, as writing prompts for argumentative essay necessarily requires awareness of what topics are trendy and “mainstream”. While certain topics “go out of style” way too fast, there are some eternal themes you can always address while writing. Therefore, Pro-Papers would like to provide you with a couple of hints regarding the controversial themes in different spheres:

  • Education (problem of cheating; importance of standardized tests; bullying and cyberbullying issues)
  • Technology (artificial intelligence development, privacy in social media, role of machines in our life);
  • Arts and culture (morality of the reality shows; the beauty of graffiti; violence in video games);
  • Morality questions (money or happiness; the morality of eating meat; kindness to strangers).

Tips on Writing a Good Argumentative Essay

It seems that after all this information, the paper is 99% completed (at least in our minds) and there is nothing to be added. However, even if you have finally found a thrilling topic and are ready to apply all your brilliant skills, there always are some little hints that will make your paper even better than perfect. That is why various little tips on how to write an argumentative essay should also be thoroughly considered and applied whenever possible.

For example, it will not do any harm to investigate the view that opposes yours. In this case, you will be ready to defend your position from a higher tower, and tricky comments from your listeners will not catch you without a shield.

It is also preferable not to be in a rush with your paper. If you have a medium deadline, try to contribute to your text systematically on a daily basis. This is how you can ensure the quality of your paper and avoid little typos or punctuation mistakes. Last but not the least in our checklist of the argumentative essay writing tips is to make sure that you like your work because it’s the only way you can make others love it as well.

Unfortunately, sometimes even the best tips cannot assist with writing the first words on the blank page. It may happen to everyone due to a pressing deadline or severe stress. If you are still unsure and feel like you need a little help with writing an argumentative essay, do not go too hard on yourself and address the professionals to accompany you on this writing journey.

Even the most talented writers sometimes need an example as much as inspiration. So, do not be afraid to ask for help, as Pro-Papers’ main goal is to provide assistance of the highest quality, and our clients’ satisfaction is of the utter importance to every worker in our company.


Essay paper writing

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