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Resume Writing Tips: From a Fresher to the Federal Officer

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When you are in the search of a new job, it is always difficult to tailor your resume according to the specific position. A good resume (or a C.V.) is another big chance to win over many other candidates, but a powerful resume is a golden key to your success.

Many applicants make these foolish mistakes because they submit generally written resumes for specialized positions in the government, in a hospital, or to any other specifically oriented sphere. Resumes written to get a job of a federal officer, a doctor, or a nurse, requires using many so-called interview-winning words as leadership skills, problem-solving, stress resistant, team-worker, etc. that are attractive for every potential employer.

The main purpose of every C.V. is to unlock new job opportunities and offers, to demonstrate a talent, skills and an experience of a potential employee. In this article, you are going to read several writing tips that work for each group of people. For example, those willing to apply for federal jobs, nurses, jobs for veterans, graduate students, etc. The main point of this article is to tell briefly about what a certain person should do, and what this person should mention in a resume, how he or she should structure his or her C.V. when applying for a particular specialized position.

Resume Writing Tips for Veterans

This is a unique category of people who know so much, but at the same time know almost nothing about civilian life when it comes to go back to the lifestyle that the most civilian people lead. When such people decide to find a certain job, these people face with yet another serious challenge on their way. First, target a position you want to get and shape your C.V. and write in the language understandable for everyone. For example, instead of jargon or complex abbreviations and acronyms, use longer, but understandable for a civilian reader words.

Define your strongest skills and major achievements and state them, according to the appropriate category. Be sure to use some of the interview-winning words mentioned above (leadership skills, problem-solving, stress resistant, team-worker, etc.). They show what else you are capable of doing. You can also mention some of the most significant achievements of your military service. Finally, it is essential for every type of resume to make sure that you eliminated grammar and punctual mistakes from the document.

Resume Writing Tips for Nurses

Nurses are another special category of people whose resumes should be written in a special way. A C.V. of this type also differs from other resumes because it contains jargon, professionalisms, and abbreviations. Medicine is difficult as it is, and when the time comes to submit a resume, you need to know for sure where you’d like to work, and what kind of a nurse you wanna be. In the same way as for veterans, you need to state your objective on the top of a page. After that, you need to indicate skills, knowledge and experience that fit a particular position. Keywords also work well here because they make it easier to look for a specific skill, or experience, or something else. Don’t underestimate the importance of quotes, and by quotes we mean thoughts of other people about how proficient you were at your previous positions. You can use a quote of your chief or your colleague. What’s important is to show a potential employer your professionalism from hearsay of other people. Don’t forget about appropriate formatting. Highlight the most important details for an employer to see it at once. Adapted from this video:


Resume Writing Tips for Federal and Government Jobs

This category requires high-quality resumes. Once you decide to work for the government, you are not allowed to make any kind of grammar, punctual or any other mistakes in a resume. Many professional resume writers recommend using templates that are written for the federal and government positions. At this point, you need to learn how to advertise yourself to federal recruiters. Often, many candidates apply for the same position as you do, so make a C.V. that will stand out. The first thing that you are to focus on is your objective. State your objective and tell recruiters what you expect from this position or what you want to achieve.
Many recruiting coaches say that the federal resume looks like a legal document, they say that it is a documented proof of your professionalism. It means that you have to prove why you are so important for the government, why they have to approve you for this job. When applying for the federal job, it is better to use figures and numbers. Just use real figures and not words. Words won’t stand out in the plain text, but the figures will. Government recruiters read resumes very quickly and can miss some essential information in the straight text. Another important tip in this category is that you have to state pure facts, no novel writing is allowed here. Unlike generally-written resumes, you shouldn’t create an overwhelming story of your life, but rather a facts-telling story that is filled with your strengths, skills, and experiences. Professional resumes writers recommend using capital letters to highlight important information and do not recommend using any other formatting whatsoever. Group your work experience, according to the sphere where you have been working for some time. For example, if you have four years of work experience in the marketing sphere at various companies, group these work experiences accordingly. It will be easier to understand in which sphere you are more experienced. Adapted from video below


Resume Writing Tips for Grad School

Writing a powerful resume for a graduate is as important as writing a federal resume. Here, you need to state not only your professional achievements and skills, but also academic achievements. Once again, you should state your objective, just after the contact information. After that, state your professional and academic achievements, work experience in chronological order. You should also include any published works, awards, participation in various conferences, etc. Another important detail is to eliminate all the unnecessary phrases. Include the most important and vital information. You may also include some volunteer work that you’ve been into for a certain period of time. This shows you as a person who cares about something else, except career. It is also very important because recruiters pay attention to all aspects of life of a potential employee. Remember, you have to create a resume that corresponds to specific requirements of an employer.

Resume Writing Tips for Students

Students form another category of people who need to pay attention to every possible detail when writing their CVs. It is understandable that students look for seasonal or temporary job because most of the time they are focused on studies. When you are a student, it is understandable that you are unaware who you want to be when you complete studies. That is why when writing a good college student resume for any kind of job, it is better to state qualifications on the top of a page. Add your work experience; you are welcome to include all temporary and seasonal jobs that you’ve ever applied for. It is essential to mention every single position that you’ve ever worked at because it is another proof of your commitment to the service that you’ve chosen. You should also mention some volunteer and out-of-class activities – this shows how active you are and what you can do except studying. You are welcome to include your hobbies and interests as well.

resu,e writing tips for students

Graduates are people who have already graduated from educational institutions, but have no work experience according in the field of their specialization. Their resumes should be as interesting as possible. There, graduates have to state their qualifications, work experience received at part-time or seasonal jobs, you should also state internships or fellowships (if any). All of these things are essential for you, and they increase chances of getting a job of your dreams.

However, in both cases, when you completed writing a C.V., you should definitely give it to somebody for proofreading. Maybe, you’ll need to make some changes, add some information or, vice versa, remove something from the document. Ideally, your resume shouldn’t contain any grammar or punctuation mistakes because they ruin all positive impression about you as a professional. So, do not ignore this step and listen what you friend has to say to you about your work.

It is always hard to prove yourself as a professional in the eyes of other people. Nonetheless, no matter how difficult it may be, remember, that the final result is worth the efforts.


Business paper writing

  1. Thanks for posting writing tips for veterans. Nice of you. These guys are facing problems when applying for a job. We should appreciate people who are fighting literally for our peace and freedom.

  2. Sam, I agree with you. They deserve the highest respect. The society often forgets about them, unfortunately.

  3. Can anyone remmcoend the best free online classifieds sites besides Craigslist?I am looking for some pretty good online classifieds sites that offer free posting. I already use Craigslist, but am looking for something similar. I do searches, but always come up with sites that it looks like no one ever goes to. Any suggestions with links would be great.

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