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Sacrifice is a phenomenon that is largely lacking in modern society. In the era of consumer philosophy and selfish goals, people began to forget about disinterested motives that bring not material but moral satisfaction.

It is very good that the attention of schoolchildren and students is attracted to sacrifice through writing academic papers. The curriculum of educational institutions includes a wide variety of topics connected with this issue. Young people express their views and share experiences regarding parental disinterested love, spiritual growth through sacrifice, functions of this phenomenon in family and social relations.

If you are on this page, for sure, you also have to perform a similar task. Perhaps, you need to write a “Sacrifice in sport” essay. Pedagogues especially like to assign something like a “Sacrifice of a teacher” essay so that students know what hard work is being done for the sake of their good. There can be many different options.

Whatever the topic is, you do not have to worry. It is quite easy to write a quality essay if you have sufficient information and know the basic rules. In this article, the sacrifice is considered from different angles and points of view, so you will definitely learn a lot of useful information.

The Concept of sacrifice

sacrifice essay 1

Before you'll start writing an informative essay about making sacrifices and describing the nature of this phenomenon, it is necessary to turn to the etymology of the concept of "sacrifice".

Speaking of broad understanding, it should be noted that this term has undergone a number of significant semantic changes in recent years. At present, in the public and individual minds, there are many very different meanings of “sacrifice”, both superficial and relatively deep, close to the original meaning.

  1. Secular psychology endowed the notion of "sacrifice" with the predominantly "passive" character of a victim. It is connected with the damage that arose as a result of an accident, natural disaster, criminal acts, etc.
  2. Jurisprudence links "sacrifice" with appropriate actions, for example, voluntary or forced abandonment of something (property, rights, powers, privileges, etc.) for the sake of achieving certain goals or for obtaining some benefits and advantages in the future. In addition, the "sacrifice" can be understood as a gift, i.e. a donation, as a free renunciation or concession in favor of someone.
  3. Explain to readers of a human sacrifice essay that, in the mythological meaning, this concept is most often understood as an offering of the soul and flesh of a living being that should be killed by higher powers (spirits, deities). In other words, "sacrifice" is an appeal to a powerful force in the hope of its favor.
  4. It should be written in a ritual sacrifice essay that, in the religious sense, "sacrifice" is a symbolic act of restoring the original unity of life with death, a way of bringing all that was scattered by life in the world of separate forms and phenomena to a single measure.
  5. In the spiritual and philosophical sense, "sacrifice" is a sacred act of reconciliation of creation with the Creator (human with God) by recognizing the highest will as the dominant, with the abandonment of private (human) will in the hope of consent and redemption from the highest divine justice.

The most vivid manifestation of sacrifice in all its fullness and depth is, of course, the sacrifice of Christ. It is described as the highest act of a divine love for man and the whole mankind. The author of an Ultimate Sacrifice essay should take into account the global scale of the actions of Christ. They embodied and united both the divine (universal) and the human (private) types of sacrifice. In other words, before Christ, the world did not know sacrifices of such a great and, in fact, universal scale, when the Son of God had to die for the salvation of all mankind.

That is why the true meaning of the sacrifice of Christ is an act of God's supreme love for man, his enlightenment and salvation - not for justice or ransom, as some theories suggest.

Information for a comparative egoism vs sacrifice essay

Writing an essay on sacrifice definition, you should mention that, in essence and nature, the state of sacrifice is fundamentally different from the state of selfishness, practically as white is different from black. That is why it is impossible to immediately understand and accept the concept of sacrifice from a rational point of view because genuine sacrifice is not always a logical, rational quality and state of the cognitive sphere.

If we try to compare egoism and sacrifice through the prism of internal energies feeding each other, the sacrifice will be much higher, purer and lighter than selfishness. The main features of this state lie in the basic attitudes of thinking and the very nature of energy movement in the cognitive sphere.

If in the case of pronounced egoism, a personality acts primarily as an invader, accumulator of all material goods and resources, focuses all energies purely on his own ego, then in case of sacrifice, a person acts primarily as a donor of the same material wealth and resources. This dominant, with a shift of emphasis to the surrounding world and its problems, encourages the individual not to accumulate but to voluntarily share all the energies that are available to him.

In a state of sacrifice, all the powers of the human soul (mind, feelings, and will) work in a completely different way than a state of selfishness. To prove this statement, make the following comparisons in an informative essay on sacrifice:

  • In the system of egoism, the main task of the mind is the capture of any resources and personal self-affirmation in life. The main task of sacrifice is the use of the mind for opposite purposes - to help others and to establish the principle of justice, even if such a philosophy can harm a person himself.
  • In the system of egoism, the sensuality is predominantly a means of reaching personal pleasure and satisfaction. In the system of sacrifice, sensuality is directed towards compassion, empathy and willingness to voluntarily serve one’s neighbor, to share one’s sufferings without fear of experiencing pain and difficulties.
  • In the system of egoism, the will is the power of a person’s movement to enrichment, success, fame, and power. In the system of sacrifice, the will is the strength of a individual's aspiration to serve his neighbor, surrounding world and virtue.
  • In the system of egoism, justice and love matter and are directed only at the ego. In the system of sacrifice, they are directed primarily at others and sometimes can harm the “donor”.

It should be mentioned in a “What is sacrifice?” essay that, in the collective sphere, selfishness and sacrifice show themselves in completely different ways. If the peculiarity of egoism is the increase of instability in any social system due to rivalry and inequality, then the peculiarity of sacrifice is its ability to improve the level of stability and order through cohesion, mutual assistance, and support.

The sacrifice activates primarily the qualities of collectivism when the global goals and interests of the neighbor prevail over private and personal interests. At the same time, the opposite ability of egoism to increase inequality, instability, alienation and chaos is connected with the dominance of personal interests over collective ones.

This is especially noticeable in critical situations, for example, during military operations when real heroes think about global values, while deserters are driven by purely selfish motives. Describe this example in a soldiers’ sacrifice essay.

Thus, the state of sacrifice is more harmonious, higher and easier in terms of spiritual and moral quality compared to egoism. Speaking about the relationship between selfishness and sacrifice, it's worth saying that, in most cases, a sacrifice is not completely comprehended by egoists. They can't understand the true nature of a sacrifice and perceive it as something meaningless, irrational and ineffective, which is devoid of benefits.

The acquisition of sacrifice consciousness can be considered as an invaluable experience in the service to order and virtue, its qualities (unselfishness, righteousness, simplicity, sincerity, gentleness, humility, love, etc.) as energies of a higher level in comparison with the qualities and energies of selfishness (cunning, wickedness, envy, jealousy, hypocrisy, rivalry, vanity, pride, etc.)

Explain in a “What does sacrifice mean?” essay that acquisition of such consciousness can be considered as an expansion of the cognitive sphere and breadth of a soul, the ability to perceive not only personal nuances but also problems of others, issues of global importance. Thus, it is reasonable to consider sacrifice as the highest stage in the development of a human personality which passes from self-affirmation to the sacrificial service to the neighbor and virtue.

This phenomenon can be found even in inanimate nature. To some extent, the Sun may be considered a symbol of total sacrifice, since its thermal and light energy is given to all living creatures completely free of charge. Stress in a “Sacrifice and bliss” essay that the model of the Sun finds an analogy in God. In the Christian tradition, the Almighty acts as the image of the inner "Light" and divine love, constantly radiating energy for all living creatures.

In this regard, it is obvious that sacrifice is a kind of global quality that embodies the principle of sharing, whether it is the light and energy of the Sun or the light of Divine knowledge and love. Thus, unconditional love has a sacrificial character.

Material for an essay about making sacrifices and transforming the soul

sacrifice essay 2

It should be emphasized in essays on sacrifice that, at the very beginning of the service of virtue, a sacrificial personality is, as a rule, inexperienced and not mature, and therefore, cognitively weak, mentally "blind". Due to excessive altruism, a kind individual may look like a "white crow" against the background of the majority of most rational and pragmatically minded people. The reason for this, on the one hand, is a loss of the former rational orientations of the ego, and on the other hand, is the lack of appropriate knowledge and practical experience.

Sacrifice is a fundamental cognitive category, a necessary stage in the development of consciousness. Therefore, the formation of a sacrificial philosophy can be due to a variety of factors and causes not always related to religion.

Regardless of the path of sacrificial consciousness, at the initial stage of its development, it is always somewhat reckless, blind and imprudent, and therefore, very vulnerable, not always ready to cope with the internal and external problems that surround an individual.

In the current conditions of total uniformity and rationalism, the first stage is especially difficult for anyone who challenges the world of selfishness. It may be mentioned in an essay about sacrifice that, at the later stages, consciousness will also face many difficulties and trials. But the primary "immunity" developed at the very beginning is the most important and determining.

Exactly at the first stage, numerous problems can simply destroy the sacrificial personality from within with bouts of sadness, despair, despondency and even loss of the meaning of life. In most cases, the problems of the initial stage are complicated by the fact that an individual does not know the real causes of sacrifice and does not have sufficient potential for faith in virtue.

Very often, mental disorders and a loss of clarity of thought are caused not by the hostility of the world but by the restructuring of the ego which changes its vector orientation.

It’s important to stress the following fact in a self-sacrifice essay: a person should be aware that the transition of the cognitive sphere from the dominant ego to dominant sacrifice can’t occur painlessly. The discomfort of the initial stage should be simply endured without losing dignity, perceived as a test experienced during ascension to perfection. Subsequently, the cognitive sphere will restore its integrity in a renewed quality and state.

And although this process will flow very slowly, at one fine moment, the qualities of virtue will be grouped to achieve the victory over selfishness. The clearness of the triumphant spiritual and moral consciousness will reign.

Nevertheless, the individual should know that this state does not guarantee a complete and final victory over selfishness. If the virtue has achieved dominance once, it does not yet gain the final power over egoism but simply acquires a number of fundamentally new qualities and skills. A person reaches a higher level of the essential understanding of the surrounding world, reveals a new horizon of life's meanings and perspectives.

The philosophy of kindness is a favorite target for frank egoism, pragmatism and rationalism which cynically and mercilessly test pure people for strength, tease, call them "losers" and even "psychopaths". At first, a person suffers greatly from these attacks of selfishness. But he does not need to be afraid. Such influence forms stability and willpower on the principle "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger".

It may be mentioned in an essay on importance of self-sacrifice that the key quality of the virtue, which most favorably distinguishes it from egoism, is sincerity. At the first stage, many difficulties and problems are connected with it. Unlike egoism, genuine sacrifice does not need external shine and effect - only an inner sense of belonging to the highest justice and moral law, which provides the joy of service incomprehensible for selfishness.

That is why kind persons do not play on someone else’s feelings. They really want to help other people in solving their life problems. This peculiarity explains not a passive but active social position of sacrifice in maintaining justice and protecting moral values.

Information for a “Relationships and sacrifice” research paper

sacrifice essay 3

The unique protective tool of sacrifice that best distinguishes it from selfishness is unshakable faith in love, which helps a person not to break, not to take offense, not to give up, not to lose heart or to feel anger, even in the most critical situations in life. It's possible to use the instruments of forgiveness and love to solve seemingly insoluble contradictions, to find a way out when it seems that it does not exist from a rational point of view.

Peacefulness and positivity of a sacrificial personality in everyday life always cause respect from others, which is mostly hidden and not always manifested in the form of open sympathy.

True sacrifice is characterized by an amazing ability to change the nature of relationships between individuals, resulting in a very healthy moral and emotional environment that attracts surrounding people. This transformative effect maintains the collective spirit of decency. High moral characteristics and qualities have a beneficial and ennobling influence on members of society.

Unlike an egoist, a sacrificial personality does not need to make inadequate efforts to assert his own authority or to organize "performances" to demonstrate exclusivity and significance against the background of others. That is why such human qualities as honesty, dignity, loyalty, responsibility, openness, unselfishness, and simplicity are not false for a sacrificial person. These are genuine qualities of his nature.

It should be written in a friendship sacrifice essay introduction that, thanks to these natural human qualities, virtue is available for real and strong friendship not burdened by any selfish motivations, obligations and interests. Due to this reason, a sacrificial individual, with his openness and simplicity, always has true and devoted friends, even if egoists have more people around them.

In the system of sacrifice, friendship always has an unselfish and pure foundation, in which the main principle sounds as "How can I help you?" For comparison, in the system of selfishness, the main principle of friendship is "What can I get from you in exchange for my help?"

Marriage ensures an incomparable joy of family happiness and the possibility of complete self-realization in the system of sacrifice. Such unions create a unique opportunity for showing all best personal qualities in the family relations: responsibility, devotion, care, attention, faith, hope and, of course, love.

You may state in an essay about love and sacrifice that conjugal affection finds its true foundation, mutual service, only in an atmosphere of virtue. Two people are not focused on themselves (as in the system of selfishness) but become one soul and one flesh.

Many social stereotypes and prejudices are associated with sacrifice. One of them is excessive softness, suppleness and "lack of will" of a sacrificial person in close relations. Supposedly, he can't have his own dignity and a "face", resembling a "rag". The sacrificial man is most often associated with "henpecked" in the eyes of other men, and the sacrificial woman - with "slave of Isaura" in the eyes of other women. In reality, genuine sacrifice, with its external weakness, has a clear idea of true masculinity and femininity.

It is important to stress in an essay about family sacrifice that "sacrificial masculinity" never loses its male dignity, and "sacrificial femininity" never loses its femininity and feminine dignity. Against the background of true sacrifice, male and female dignity is associated with a unique manifestation of the strength of the spirit. It is determined in the system of moral law. That is why, in any life situation (in grief or joy), sacrificial masculinity and femininity always remain themselves. This is one of the characteristic qualities of true sacrifice.

In a family, the sacrifice plays the role of a universal glue that connects, unites and harmonizes people despite any problems and troubles. In real life, there can be situations when, for different reasons, the sacrifice changes usual social status of some actions, for example, when a husband loses his job and is forced to exist at the expense of wife for some time.

Emphasize in an essay about sacrifice in love that, for a sacrificial personality, this situation is not such a serious problem as for an egoist. In conditions of true sacrifice, all relations between spouses are built on the basis of mutual trust and love - not on external values and social stereotypes.

That is why, in the conditions of truly sacrificial relations between spouses, the material superiority and position of one party is never an excuse and a reason for infringing the dignity of the other party. It can be said that, in matrimony, the true sacrifice always remains unchanged. Genuine masculinity and femininity do not compromise with external principles. Simply put, true sacrifice never sells its conscience and heart for thirty pieces of silver.

In any social role, in wealth or poverty, until her death, a sacrificial woman continues to be feminine for her husband, respects him as the father of her children. A sacrificial man continues to be courageous, maintains a strong spirit. Till the last breath, he is always ready to defend the honor and dignity of his wife, the mother of his children.

Use the following thesis in an essay on whether or not you need to sacrifice for love: only in the system of sacrificial relations, love between spouses reaches its natural form - a selfless sacrifice made from the heart. In such conditions, the intimate relationship between partners is not just a way to get maximum pleasure and satisfaction from strong feelings. Love is a completely natural form of expressing of donor essence and nature of the sacrifice.

It is important that spouses are completely free from any forms of ownership, that is, selfishness and the desire to own the partner completely, without the right for personal space. That is why sacrificial person led by faith and hope, unlike egoist, is always calm when it comes to his lover.

The partner may enjoy a freedom in expressing of own emotions. The sacrificial individual not only feels with his heart but almost certainly knows that, wherever and with whomsoever the object of his deep feelings is, his heart always belongs to spouse and remains with him, despite any circumstances. This attitude, for which there are no barriers, no distances, no conditions, is the main and only guarantee of fidelity and devotion.

Even in the case when the object of sacrificial love falls into the field of external attention with the corresponding claims for reciprocity, a sacrificial person does not panic, does not lose self-control. He remains calm and believes in love.

Sacrifice has such internal configuration that the impulse of jealousy is simply not activated. Even if this happens, jealousy does not turn into fear of loss, annoyance, resentment, anger. By the power of sacrificial love, it is transformed into patience or grief with the preservation of dignity.

Another amazing quality of sacrifice, which distinguishes it from egoism, is its ability to forgive and let go, no matter how painful it may be. After some time, this advantage makes the person unimaginably resistant to any losses.

For sacrificial love, sexual relationships are an area of ​​particularly subtle, deep and strong feelings, where the sacrifice is manifested to the maximum extent: true love never seeks pleasure for itself - rather for the partner.

Sex is not a source of refined pleasure and satisfaction, as in the system of ego relationships. It is a mutual exchange of the purest, subtle and sublime energies of deep feelings. The maximum sensual rapprochement and unity of spouses, a mutual experience of joy are possible owing to sacrifice.

The sacrificial love, equally felt by each of the spouses at the moment of maximum closeness, does not belong to anyone separately. It is an amazing "glue" that connects burning hearts. It is obvious that no pleasure or frivolous relationship may be compared with the strength of this "glue" of sacrificial love.

Surprisingly, there are almost no sexual difficulties in the system of sacrifice, as there is no shame and falsehood. Love itself determines the forms and ways of intimate relationships that are always mutually acceptable for two hearts "glued" by sacrificial feelings.

True sacrificial love breaks down many human stereotypes about the "seasonality", short-term nature of intimacy in marital life and the inevitability of withering of feelings. We can agree with this, but only partially, because with due purity of sacrificial love, intimate relations between loving spouses remain possible up to the deep old age.

This is the inconceivable nature of power and energy of sacrificial love in which primary respect for the feelings of the partner, the ability to share the resources disinterestedly are the most important aspects of relationships. Those couples which were able to touch the power of sacrificial love and feel it achieved almost the maximum fullness of human happiness on earth.

How to write on sacrifice essay topics?

sacrifice essay 4

In the life of modern people, there are many situations when it is necessary to write an essay. Do not be afraid of such an assignment. The main thing is not just to disclose the topic but also to make it interesting, to attract the attention of your reader starting from the first sentence. It is crucial to choose interesting definition essay topics.

Definition of an essay

Before you’ll start working on your own “Importance of sacrifice” essay, it is necessary to understand the peculiarities of a genre, to consider its principal differences from other types of creative writing. Let's start with the definition.

The term "essay" comes from the French "essai" (trial, attempt). It is a genre of literary prose which is distinguished by small volume and free composition. An individual impression or opinion of the author concerning a particular topic is conveyed in such text.

Types of essays

Depending on the content, form and style of the presentation, theorists of literary criticism distinguish various types of essays:

  • artistic, historical, spiritual and religious;
  • stories, letters, diaries, reviews, notes, miniatures;
  • descriptive, narrative, critical, analytical;
  • subjective, objective.

The boundaries of the essay as a genre are conditional. Therefore, the author can use a free style of presentation for the disclosure of the topic, sharing impressions and judgments about a particular phenomenon, subject or global trends, large-scale events.

Characteristic features of the genre

The following details should be taken into account while writing a research on sacrifice:

  • The acute topicality. The issues raised should be relevant here and now.
  • Subjectivity of judgments. Through attitude towards the problem and individualized assessments, the author's point of view must be clearly expressed in the work.
  • The transition from the particular to the general concept. Often the role of a starting point is played by a quotation that can be presented as an epigraph. The author may gradually proceed from an isolated case to generalized analytical or philosophical reasoning about the problem posed in the sacrifice essay introduction. Due to the lack of writing standards, the composition can also have an inverse form, when the author moves from global conclusions to their confirmation by proverbs, wise quotations and indisputable facts in the finale.
  • Small volume. There are no strict boundaries, but usually 2-10 pages of printed text are used in an essay.
  • Narrow focus. Only one issue may be considered within the framework of the essay. There can't be many topics or ideas.
  • Free composition. This kind of academic paper does not tolerate any formal framework. Often the presentation is illogical, subjected to random associations. Semantic connections are thought out by the author independently.
  • Propensity to paradoxes. One of the tasks of the essay genre is to surprise, amaze the reader. Quite often the starting point is a vivid, harsh statement or polemic definition that sets the tone for further reflection. Similar rules are applied when the author decides how to wrap up an essay about sacrifice. You can surprise the reader with a completely unexpected conclusion that will leave an indelible impression.
  • Ease of narration. There should be no incomprehensible terms and unnecessarily complex constructions in the text. It's worth using simple and capacious phrases and sentences to win the trust and sympathy of the reader.
  • Dialogic phrases. The conversation with the reader does not imply the writing of an argumentative essay in the form of replicas (like in the play). To achieve the effect of a polemic conversation, it’s worth using rhetorical questions requiring a mental response (which not always coincides with the opinion proposed by the author).
  • Semantic unity. Each self-sacrifice essay thesis or argument should be coordinated and not contradict the judgments that express the author's personal position.
  • Despite the ease of narration, the language of the essay should be taken seriously. Avoid the use of slang and abbreviations.


The structure of the paper fully depends on the writer’s imagination, standards put forward by teacher and university rules. The only formal requirement that you will have to adhere to is the presence of a good title for sacrifice essay. But there are two features that must be taken into account when writing such a work.

Firstly, the author's idea should be stated in the form of small intertwined statements. Secondly, each statement must have a justification. So there will be a clear idea of ​​what the author is talking about. It is best to use the following approach: one statement and three justifications. Thus, the essay will receive a certain circular structure. In the end, it will look like this:

  1. Introduction. This part should set the emotional mood, bring the reader's attention to the issue under consideration, interest and prompt him to read the text to the end.
  2. The main part. At this stage, the author puts forward the theses, presents justifications, thereby proving his own point of view.
  3. Summarizing what has been said in the main part, you’ll have to draw a general sacrifice essay conclusion. If the goal of the introduction is to attract attention, then the conclusion ensures integrity to the overall picture and encourages readers to reflection or, conversely, leaves no doubt about the legitimacy or viability of the ideas expressed by the author.

This is paradoxical, but you can write the introduction after the main part and conclusions. Similarly, sacrifice essay titles can be compiled after the final check. The following logic works here: first of all, a reader pays attention to a title and introduction, therefore, they should be thought out especially carefully when the rest of the text is ready.

How to write a sacrifice essay with the elements of narration?

A narrative essay about sacrifice is a story about some event experienced by an author or another person, a sequence of developing actions, a change of states and phenomena. The described atmosphere should contribute to the substantiation of the main idea of the essay.

At first glance, a narrative is an elementary form of speech, because every day we mainly narrate - do not describe and reflect. We tell close people how the day passed, about the events that took place. However, when oral speech should be fixed on paper, we sometimes get lost, because, in order to tell in detail about such a simple event as going to the store, it is necessary to use a lot of verbs, epithets, to figure out the sequence of events, to make the text understandable, readable and interesting.

Narrative essay is usually written in the artistic style of speech. This means that it is possible and necessary to use all the diversity of English vocabulary. You can add conversational elements (to convey the features of the speech of characters), description or even reasoning. The description will help to depict heroes of the story and the scene of action. Reasoning, as a type of speech, will help to emphasize the author's attitude to the situation.

In the narrative text, the main role is played by verbs. They ensure the dynamics and visual presentation of successive actions, the course of events in time and space.

Increased attention should be paid to the structure of the narrative text, which is dynamic and must fix changes in the surrounding world rather than describe a static picture. Here is the standard plan:

  1. Introduction (place, time of action).
  2. Beginning of the action, its development.
  3. Climax (the most intense moment of the plot).
  4. Completion of action.
  5. Conclusion.

How to work on a narrative essay? You need to implement the following steps:

  1. Select the event about which you will write.
  2. Formulate the theme and the main idea of ​​the future story.
  3. Select the necessary material from your memories or collect it from other sources.
  4. Compile a sacrifice essay outline. Indicate introduction, culmination and conclusion.
  5. Use the dialogue (or separate replicas), elements of description and reasoning which will help to present the course of events and the characters more fully.

A student should know how to write a narrative essay on personal sacrifice (the narrator is designated by the pronouns "I", "we") or story from the third person (the image of the narrator is absent).

A first-person essay should be extremely honest. If there has been some memorable event in your life, describe it in the brightest colors, tell about the smallest details, since even the most minor of them can be important. The lessons you learned from the described experience should be indicated in the conclusion of a “My sacrifice” essay.

If there were no bright cases of manifestation of sacrificial features in your life, it is advisable to use historical incidents or situations described in the media.

Sample idea for a narrative essay

sacrifice essay 5

Looking for samples of a narrative essay about a family member sacrifice, you can find texts not only about people but also about animals. Such plots have a particularly strong effect on the feelings of the reader. In particular, you may describe the history of the cat Scarlett, which, undoubtedly, deserves the title of hero.

On the morning of March 30, 1996, an empty New York warehouse caught fire. Firefighters who arrived at the place of incident saw that a cat, which by that time was in a rather bad condition, repeatedly returned to the burning building with insane persistence. The eyes of the unfortunate animal were damaged. The ears were half burnt. Almost nothing remained of the fur.

A terrible picture could not leave David Giannelli indifferent. He repeatedly saved animals from death in burning houses. After inspecting the territory, David found five small kittens. Until the mother pulled them all out of the fire, it was impossible to stop her. An exhausted animal (in which it was already difficult to recognize a former grace) lost consciousness only after its kids were safe. This is a perfect illustration for an essay about mothers’ sacrifice.

The cat was named Scarlett in honor of the heroine of the novel "Gone with the Wind". Scarlett O'Hara is a symbol of bright temperament, perseverance, ability to survive in any conditions.

David drove the kittens and their mother to the veterinary hospital. Unfortunately, one of the kids died, but four others quickly recovered. A month later, the kittens were divided into pairs and found loving families.

Cat Scarlett struggled for a few weeks: the doctors put it in an oxygen chamber and conducted an intensive care course. Only three months later, the mother-heroine restored the health so that it became possible to take the animal from the clinic. By that time, history had become known to the public.

Touched by maternal selflessness, thousands of people from all over the world called to the hospital. Some offered financial support. Others simply were interested in the condition of the animal. On Mother's Day, veterinarians received a huge number of postcards. More than seven thousand people have expressed a desire to become owners of a cat.

The victim of the fire did not require the material aid: the leaders of the North Shore Animal League covered all costs associated with treatment. In addition, the organization provided free lifelong veterinary services to Scarlett.

Books were written, documentaries and programs were filmed about the maternal love and devotion of Scarlett. One episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show was dedicated to the fluffy heroine. Scarlett "visited" Animal Planet. CNN created the story about her fate and the happy end of a sad story. In 1996, the Scarlett Award for Animal Heroism has been established. It is given to animals that save other animals or people.

It should be written in a parents’ sacrifice essay that Scarlett is not just a cat. It has become a symbol of self-sacrifice, maternal love and incredible courage. It was a real feat when small animal managed to overcome the instinct of self-preservation, to ignore the fear of an open flame, to rush into the fire again and again forgetting about pain!

Now you know how to write your own academic paper. We hope that the information above was useful and you will get a high mark. Good luck!


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