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Three Circles of Hell: What Matters in a Harvard MBA Application Essay

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Certainly, there is no doubt that essays cannot change lives of people on a global level, unless you are writing to receive a $10,000,000.00 grand or something. However, when it comes to writing an admission essay for Harvard, it turns out that essays can change lives.

Harvard has always been one of the TOP-10 Business Schools of the world and it is completely understandable, as there are lots of people who want to live through this amazing experience to become a part of the HBS. When it is high time to start writing an application essay for Harvard, you should be as prepared as if you are about to fight in the final battle of your life. That’s how it goes, really! And many people will agree with our opinion. We are going to give a bit of Harvard MBA application essay tips. So, let us focus on one simple, but the lives-changing question “What Matters in a Harvard Application Essay?”

Be a Perfect Timer

“Content” would be an obvious choice. In any case, it is true because Admission Committee Officers will, eventually, focus their attention on the content of your essay, but that’s not all that is so important for them. Along with the aforementioned, you will have to prove them why you are so unique, important and irreplaceable for them. Your best prove would be a perfect combination of an essay and speech that reassures these people that you are the best person they need. Initially, you should take time into consideration, because it is another important detail of the admission process. It really matters when you start writing since the earlier you start, the more time you will have for editing and proofreading. This is the place where you have to come up with an idea that will work for you, and this process may take a lot of time, believe us! You can go ahead and visit the HBS website to look it through and decide on what topic you should concentrate on, to mind your strengths and weaknesses and, maybe, some great ideas will pop up in your mind. For example, whether you are good at General Management, or you are better at Consulting and other stuff. That is why you’d better start as early as possible in order not to lose your precious time. As we said above, be a perfect timer!


Turn a Great Idea Into A Great Essay

When you decided upon an appropriate topic for your application essay, all you need to do at this stage is to convert this idea into a great essay that answers questions set for potential applicants. However, you must remember that at various stages of the application process, you may be asked to submit two admission essays instead of one. As a matter of fact, in one essay you answer the set question or questions and develop the topic, and in the other you actually should tell the Admission Committee about yourself, who you are as an applicant, what your passions are.

Try to be honest, since honesty is the virtue that values the most. First and utmost, try to be honest with yourself on the writing stage, as no one else knows you better than you do. The Admission Committee does not know you at all, so they may not notice that you have made something up. However, in the end all of these people – who may well become your lecturers eventually – will understand that you aren’t the person you have pretended to be. And if these people notice that you are lying to them during the interview, consider that you have already failed. As we said before, Admission Committee wants to know the genuine you, not the person you want to become to be accepted. Believe us, these people have seen many applicants and read various essays, so it is next to impossible to surprise them.

Eventually, if you do not possess certain skills, be honest about it. In any case, the main reason for your applying to the HBS is that you are here to learn, progress, and develop as a person.

In the worst case scenario, you may go ahead and search the internet for Harvard MBA essay examples, but remember that each year a topic for a Harvard MBA admission essay is different than in was in 2014 or, on the contrary, this topic may be repeated in 2015, or even in 2017 application process.

Read Through, Proofread, Edit and Proofread Again

Basically, this is how the post-writing process looks like. When you are done with writing, put it aside and forget about it for a week or two, or on the contrary, you can give it to your friend or relative, mom or dad, for instance, to read it through and listen to their feedbacks. Try to gather and listen to as many feedbacks as you can, as you will need them to examine your mistakes and possible drawbacks. Feedbacks and thoughts of others provide an excellent Harvard MBA essay analysis that you can use a base for editing. Principally, you will see what you should eliminate from your essays, what you should add and what you should edit and so on and so forth. Proofread all the work after revision and decide what you think about it. Read it aloud to ensure that no sentence jars on ears or else.

When you've done essay writing for mba application, you need to prepare yourself. Cover yourself from possible stresses and keep calm to be cold-minded, when it comes to the interview stage. In any case, we wish all the best in your HBS essay writing!


Business paper writing

College admission papers

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