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Report writing


Reports are bulk assignments that need collecting extensive data, and they should be very precise in terms of a topic of your writing. Reports differ in topics, formats, purposes and lots and lots more, but before you proceed to writing a report itself, there are several steps that need to be completed to receive a well-structured, readable and precise report. Eventually, we all had to face this task and pass this test on workplace report writing with diligence and effectively.

In our today’s article, the main focus is given to the details of writing a report of any kind.

Let us start by giving a definition of the report. A report is a type of custom assignment that is given to review, research, analyze and summarize a particular question, problem, fact, or information, and this task can be given at any stage of an educational or professional activity.

There are various types of reports, and they differ in structure, purpose, organization and formats.

Reports can be:

  • Informational Report (where you inform readers of something or someone);
  • Research Report (where you conduct research on a given topic and present what you have found);
  • Analytical Report (where you focus on a certain case, study this case, analyze the collected data, discuss findings and present conclusions);

Of course, every report differs from another mainly because reports may be written for different disciplines and various purposes. For example, an academic report will differ greatly from a professional business report, where you present a result of commercial department operation. First of all, you should understand the purpose of writing a report, and what type of report you need. This will eliminate all possible problems related to the report writing process.

As a rule, the general content of a report looks like this:

  • Title Page;
  • Abstract / Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Discussion
  • Conclusions
  • Recommendations

However, please note that this structure can change from one type of the report to the other because these assignments are written practically in every discipline and sphere. Sometimes, reports can include a table of contents, bibliography, appendices, glossary, etc. You are welcome to add as many paragraphs as you need to make the report interesting and extensive (if you are allowed to do that, of course). Be sure to consult with your tutor or supervisor for general requirements of the report writing task not to get into troubles because of non-observance with these requirements. As a rule, reports require APA formatting style, but every assignment differs immensely from another, and you need to make sure that your formatting style fits the general requirements.

When you are through with these introductory stages and you know a topic of your report, you are allowed to proceed to collecting information and data to cope with this “Write a report for me!” tricky assignment. Data can be collected from various resources – from books and specialized journals to interviews with a company’s employees. For example, if you are an MBA student, you will likely have to choose a certain company, research its business style and possible problem(s) and interview its employees to find information you need. Always keep in mind the purpose and a report topic to collect 100% precise information. Do not forget to make notes at every stage of data collecting and interviewing people not to lose a thought or two.

Writing an introduction should be your next stage. Here you give a brief description of what this report is about, describe a problem, give key points of this problem and provide recommendations for its solution, for instance. The introduction shouldn’t be overlong, as the main information and arguments you write in the discussion paragraph.

Later on, you have to analyze the collected information and structure possible available numbers (if any) into understandable figures and diagrams to support your point. Analysis of received information can take a while, depending on a discipline and topic. When analyzing what you have, be precise as to what arguments you can use to support or disapprove a theory or point.

The discussion paragraph is the largest part of the report where you represent the main subject-matter of the report and discuss your findings. In the report, you move from general to more precise as to continue writing your assignment. Start the discussion paragraph with the clear statement and move on to support, or controvert points. Try to use motive words that turn readers to your argumentations.

The conclusion paragraph is an integral part of this work where you gather and summarize results of your research and discussed material. Here you present the results and their applicability, you should structure your results according to questions and goals set out in the work. You can also include how you managed to come up with these results and discuss how they may be applied in real-life contexts (provided that the topic and thesis of your report is focused on some real-life problems or questions). Be sure to structure your findings for readers to be able to understand your findings and results. Support your point of view with appropriate evidence and examples to make this chapter even more credible.

In the next paragraph provide some recommendations. Just keep in mind that recommendations are focused on the future, for instance, your findings may be helpful for possible future research, and they may also help future researchers not to make the same mistakes and avoid possible negative results of the work. Your work may also contain a limitations paragraph that discusses the limitations of the report and how they influenced your work. In addition, you can also mention what caused these limitations and possible ways of overcoming them. The references section gives a detailed insight of the literature you used during research. To write a report for you and me successfully, be sure to follow formatting requirements set out to structuring, citing and quoting literature sources in the report.

Finally, we’d like to remind all of you once again, if you are overwhelmed with this “Write a report for me!” assignments, you are more than welcome to order this custom assignment, as well as all of your essays, with diverse custom writing services. It’s quite understandable that you are worried about the credibility and reliability of the report, and you are welcome to ask for the plagiarism report and make sure that it is 100% plagiarism free. So, do not waste your time anymore, and buy your report and essay from custom writing services! Or write it yourself, using our tips!


Report writing

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