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Production of energy, which is an indispensable means for the existence and development of humanity, has a considerable impact on nature and the environment. On the one hand, the life and production activity of a human is tightly connected with traditional energy sources. People cannot imagine their existence without energy supplies and consume them quite recklessly.

On the other hand, humanity concentrates on the economic aspect rather than on environmentally friendly production methods. Many scientists write their alternative energy articles highlighting the importance of such methods. They claim that there is a need to solve a set of issues, including redistribution of funds to cover the demands of humanity, the practical use of the existing achievements in the national economy, as well as the search and development of new technologies for heating and generation of electricity.

In the second half of the 20th century, people faced a global problem – environmental pollution caused by products of combustion of organic fuel. Even if we consider each branch of this problem separately, the picture turns out to be terrible. For example, let’s take into account the statistics on emissions of harmful substances by cars in the distant 1993: the environment was polluted by 14.7 million tons of carbon monoxide, 3.4 million tons of hydrocarbons, about 1 million tons of nitrogen oxides, and over 5,500 tons of highly toxic lead compounds.

If we also consider the fact that more than 40 million cars are being manufactured every year and the production rates constantly grow, it is possible to say that in ten years, all big cities of the world will get stuck in smog. It is also necessary to remember about products of fuel combustion at thermal power stations, flooding of vast areas with hydroelectric power stations, and constant danger in the areas of nuclear power plants. 

All currently used energy sources are exhaustible resources. Eventually, with such a rate of consumption of coal, oil, and gas, the world’s population will suffer from the energy crisis.

Therefore, nowadays, a significant number of researchers face the problem of finding and developing new energy sources that could be called wasteless and inexhaustible. You may also take a step in this direction writing your own alternative energy essay.

Review of energy problems for go green essay

The modern period of the development of humanity is characterized by progression in many spheres such as energy development, economics, and ecology. In this group, energy development occupies a special place; its meaning is essential for both the economy and the environment. The economic potential of the states and the well-being of people depend critically on it as well. Moreover, energy development has a strong impact on the ecosystems and the biosphere as a whole.

The most critical environmental problems (climate change, acid precipitation, etc.) are directly or indirectly related to the production or use of energy. The activities in this sphere may result in chemical, thermal, aerosol, electromagnetic, and radioactive pollution. Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to say that the solution of the main environmental problems depends on the elimination of energy crisis.

Scholarly articles on renewable energy are highly relevant since, in recent decades, the power industry develops at an unprecedentedly rapid pace. If the population may double in 40-50 years, doubling of the production and consumption of energy may occur in 12-15 years. In such conditions, the use of resources rises with shocking speed not only in total but also in per capita terms.

There is no reason to expect that the pace of production and consumption of energy will significantly change in the short-term perspective. Some slowdown in industrialized states is compensated by an increase in the amount of energy used by Third World countries. While considering alternative energy research paper topics, you should find answers to the following questions:

  • What is the impact of the main types of modern (thermal, water, and nuclear) energy on the biosphere and its elements?
  • How will the ratio of these resources change in the energy balance in the near and distant future?
  • Is it possible to reduce the negative impact on the environment caused by modern (traditional) methods of obtaining and using energy?
  • What are the opportunities for energy production through alternative (non-traditional) resources such as solar, wind, thermal water, and other sources that are considered inexhaustible and environmentally friendly?

At present, energy needs are covered mainly by the following types of resources: organic and nuclear fuels, as well as water. About 1/2 of the world’s energy balance falls on oil, 1/3 – gas and atom (about 1/6 for each), and 1/5 – on coal. All other sources of energy are presented at a low percentage.

The energy of water and atomic power is used after turning them into electricity. A significant amount of energy contained in the organic fuel is used in the form of heat, and only a part of it is converted into electricity. However, in both cases, the release of energy from fossil fuels is associated with its combustion and, consequently, with the emission of contaminants to the environment.

It is evident that humankind can’t survive without the thermal and nuclear power stations at the present stage. However, whenever possible, there is a need to introduce alternative sources to mitigate the inevitable transition from traditional power to “green” energy. In the future, it will be vitally important to find out how many solar cells would enter into operation, how many mini-HPPs and tidal stations would open the way to thousands of others, how many windmill chains would be raised over the mountains, and how many wave buoys would be placed near the coasts.

Nuclear energy plays an exceptional role in the modern world. Nuclear weapons have an impact on politics. A great danger is looming over all living creatures on Earth because radioactive wastes pollute our planet. In the meantime, humanity seeks to satisfy its ever-growing energy needs through the unlimited development of nuclear power.

Life on Earth has always depended on nuclear energy: nuclear synthesis energizes the Sun, while radioactive processes in the bowels of the Earth heat its liquid core and affect the mobility of the continental plates.

The first half of the 20th century was marked by the great victory of science; a technical solution to the problem of using huge reserves of the energy of heavy atomic nuclei (uranium and thorium) was introduced. The reserves of this type of fuel in the Earth’s crust are limited. If all the energy industry is based on the usage of these elements, with the current rates of growth, the energy consumption of uranium and thorium will last only 100-200 years. During the same period, coal and oil reserves will be depleted.

You may convey the following idea in alternative sources of energy essay: it is worth abandoning the heat energy (which should be completely rejected), the nuclear power industry (small share of which still should be left in the world energy balance) and using the alternative technologies based on the renewable energy sources instead. However, it is necessary to take a closer look at alternative energy sources and find out whether it is possible to change the world for the better with their help.

alternative energy essay

Main reasons for the transition to describe in green energy essay

The following factors can become important arguments for your alternative sources of energy essay:

  • Global-ecological: today, the fact of the harmful influence of traditional energy-producing technologies (including nuclear and thermonuclear methods) on the environment is well-known and proven. Experts believe that their further use will inevitably lead to a catastrophic climate change already in the first half of the 21st century.
  • Political: the country that will fully master alternative energy earlier that the rest of the world will get the global leadership and right to dictate prices on the international arena.
  • Economic: the transition to alternative technologies in the energy sector will save the country’s fuel resources, which may be used in the chemical and other industries. Even today, the cost of “green” energy is lower in comparison with the traditional one. The payback period for the construction of alternative power plants is also significantly shorter. The prices for renewable energy constantly reduce, while growing for the traditional one.
  • Social: the density of the population is getting higher every year. At the same time, it is difficult to find areas for the construction of nuclear power plants where energy production would be cost-effective and safe for the environment. The sad statistic of cancer and other serious diseases in the areas of location of nuclear power plants and enterprises of the fuel and energy complex is well-known. The damage caused by the giant hydroelectric stations should not be ignored.
  • Evolutionary-historical: in connection with the limited fuel resources of Earth, the exponential growth of catastrophic changes in the atmosphere and the biosphere of the planet and the existing traditional technologies seem to be a dead-end. Energy issues articles should push the readers to the idea that it is necessary to immediately begin a gradual transition to alternative energy sources for the evolutionary development of society.

Information for solar energy essay

The leading eco-friendly source of energy is the Sun. That’s why solar energy essays are highly valued in the scientific community. Currently, only a negligible part of the solar energy is used because the existing solar panels have relatively low efficiency and are very expensive in production.

However, it’s worth mentioning in the solar panels essay that you should not immediately abandon an almost inexhaustible source of clean energy. According to experts, solar power could cover all conceivable needs of humanity for thousands of years ahead. If scientists manage to increase the efficiency of solar installations several times by placing them on the roofs of houses or next to them, people will be supplied with the energy for household appliances as well as heating of houses and water even in temperate latitudes, not to mention the tropics.

For the needs of the energy-consuming industry, kilometer deserts filled with powerful solar installations can be used. However, there are many difficulties with the construction, placement, and operation of solar power plants on thousands of square kilometers of the Earth’s surface. Therefore, the total share of solar energy has been and will remain rather modest, at least in the foreseeable future. Still, this sphere should be regarded as quite promising in the solar energy research paper.

Currently, solar power is often used in different installations (various types of solar greenhouses, hotbeds, desalination plants, water heaters, and dryers). The sun rays collected in the focus of the concave mirror melt the most refractory metals. People also create power stations to use solar energy for heating homes. Solar semiconductor batteries that can directly convert solar energy into electricity are practically applied.

Material for wind energy essay

It will be interesting for you to write essays on wind energy because the potential of this alternative resource was calculated by scientists more or less accurately. According to the World Meteorological Organization, its reserves are 170 trillion kWh per year. Further developments in this field may make an important contribution to the world energy balance.

It would be necessary to mention in wind energy research paper that this power source has several significant drawbacks that make its usage rather difficult but still do not downplay the main advantage – environmental cleanliness:

  • The wind is highly dispersed in space. Power plants that can continuously work with high efficiency are needed.
  • The wind is very unpredictable. It often changes direction, suddenly fades away even in the windiest areas of the globe, and sometimes reaches such a force that breaks down the windmills.
  • Wind power stations are not harmless: they interfere with the flight of birds and insects, make noise; their rotating blades reflect radio waves.

However, the readers of your research paper on wind energy have to understand that these shortcomings can be reduced or even eliminated.

At present, wind power plants capable of working efficiently even under the weakest wind have been developed. The parameters of the propeller blade are automatically adjusted so that the maximum possible use of wind energy is always ensured. If the wind speed is too high, the blade moves to such a position so that the accident is excluded.

The so-called cyclone power plants with a capacity of up to one hundred thousand kilowatts have been developed and operate now. Warm air, rising in a special 15-meter tower and mixing with the circulating air stream, creates an artificial ‘cyclone’ that rotates the turbine. It may be noted in a comparative alternative energy research paper that such installations are much more useful than solar batteries and conventional windmills.

Huge ‘wind farms’ are built to compensate for the unpredictability of the wind. Windmills stand in rows at a vast distance not to block each other. Such ‘farms’ are present in the US, France, England, and other countries. In Denmark, the ‘wind farm’ was placed in the shallow coastal waters of the North Sea, where it does not disturb anyone, and the wind is more stable than on land.

A positive example that may be described in wind energy research papers was shown by the Netherlands and Sweden. During the 1990s, 54,000 highly efficient energy installations were built in the most convenient locations. More than 30 thousand wind turbines of different capacities operate in the world now. Germany receives 10% of its electricity from the wind. Moreover, this clean source gives 2500 MW of electricity to the whole of Western Europe.


At the moment, hydrogen is considered ‘the fuel of the future.’ There are several points to mention in an essay on renewable energy: when hydrogen is oxidized, water is formed as a byproduct, and hydrogen can be extracted from it. Taking into account the fact that water covers 73% of the Earth’s surface, we can assume that hydrogen is an inexhaustible fuel. It is also possible to use this element for thermonuclear fusion, which occurred on the Sun for several billion years and provides us with solar energy now.

Controlled thermonuclear fusion

This method involves the usage of nuclear energy released in the result of the fusion of light nuclei of hydrogen or its isotopes deuterium and tritium. Nuclear fusion reactions are widespread as a source of star energy. The closest star to us is the Sun, which is a natural thermonuclear reactor that has been supplying the Earth with energy for billions of years.

Since the 1950s, researches on the development of a controlled thermonuclear reactor have been conducted in various countries around the world. From the very beginning, it became clear that controlled thermonuclear fusion does not have military applications. In 1956, studies were declassified and since then have been carried out in the framework of broad international cooperation.

At that time, it seemed that the goal was close to implementation and that the first large experimental installations built in the late 50s would produce thermonuclear plasma. However, it took more than 40 years of research to create conditions under which the release of thermonuclear energy was comparable to the heating power of the reacting mixture. In 1997, the largest thermonuclear construction Joint European Torus received 16 MW of thermonuclear power. This fact was the evidence that the project was successful. You may mention this fact in your renewable energy speech.

The problem that the researchers encountered at the first steps on the way to thermonuclear fusion is the numerous plasma instabilities leading to plasma turbulence. They shortened the plasma lifetime to a value lower than expected and did not allow the fulfillment of the Lawson criterion. Over 40 years of research, it has been possible to find ways to deal with instabilities and to construct facilities capable of retaining turbulent plasma.

You may inform the reader in the research paper on energy that future thermonuclear reactors will supposedly operate in the regime of successive micro explosions at a frequency of several hertz, and the energy released in the chamber will be removed by the coolant and used to generate electricity.

Over the years, considerable progress has been made in understanding the physical processes of the target occurring during its compression and the interaction with laser and X-ray radiation. Moreover, modern multilayer targets have already been checked with the help of underground nuclear explosions, which make it possible to provide the required power of radioactivity. Ignition and large positive release of thermonuclear energy have been obtained. Therefore, it may be stated in renewable energy sources essay that there is no doubt that this method can be successful. You may tell your readers that the implementation of this method will contribute to the world’s energy production a lot.

Another direction in controlled thermonuclear fusion, which may be described in alternative energy sources research paper is reactors based on magnetic confinement. The magnetic field is used to isolate the hot deuterium-tritium plasma from contact with the inner surface of the capsule. Unlike inertial reactors, magnetic fusion reactors are stationary devices with relatively low volumetric energy release and large dimensions.

It is important to mention in essays on renewable energy that, at present, the creation of the first experimental thermonuclear reactor ITER is being conducted. The project involves the EU countries, India, China, the Republic of Korea, the United States, Japan, and Kazakhstan.

There are vast reserves of fuel for thermonuclear power. Deuterium is an isotope that is widespread in nature and can be extracted from seawater. Tritium can be produced from lithium in the reactor itself. The reserves of deuterium and lithium are sufficient for the production of energy for many thousands of years, and this fuel, as well as the product of the synthesis reactions helium, is not radioactive. You may focus an essay about sustainable energy on this fact.

In addition to the deuterium-tritium reaction, which is the easiest to implement, other reactions can also be used. However, in this case, Lawson’s condition is stricter and, therefore, the modern thermonuclear program is aimed at using the DT mixture as the first step.

Despite the great success achieved in this direction, it’s worth noting in a green energy research paper that scientists still have a long way to overcome before the first commercial thermonuclear reactor is built. The improvement of thermonuclear energy requires large expenditures for the development of special technologies and materials for physical research. At the current level of financing, thermonuclear power will not be fully explored before 2020-2040.


Hydropower plants which are claimed to be environmentally friendly also should be mentioned in energy sources of the future essay. At the beginning of the 20th century, large rivers attracted lively attention. Eventually, most of them were blocked by cascades of dams giving relatively cheap energy.

However, those barrages led to huge damage to agriculture and nature in general. The land above the dams was flooded; the groundwater level was falling below. Vast areas of land turned into the bottom of the giant reservoirs and were lost for agriculture; the natural flow of rivers was interrupted, water in the reservoirs was full of rotting organic material, and fish stocks were reduced.

These disadvantages were minimized for plants on mountain rivers, but one more issue appeared: in the case of an earthquake capable of damaging a dam, a catastrophe could lead to thousands of human deaths. Therefore, it should be written in renewable energy sources cause-effect essay that large hydropower plants are not environmentally friendly.

Such disadvantages gave birth to the idea of ‘mini-HPP’ that can be located on small rivers or even streams. Their power generators may be driven only by the force of the water flow. The same mini-HPP can be installed on large rivers with relatively fast water flow.

The undoubted advantage is the possibility of installing them even in the most inaccessible corners of the country. All mechanisms can be easily transported, and installation or dismantling takes only a few hours.

Tidal energy

Tides are considered a powerful source of water energy. It is estimated that, potentially, this method can give humanity about 70 million billion kilowatt-hours per year. You can provide comparative analysis in your renewable resources paper: the same amount of energy is obtained from reserves of hard and brown coal; in 1977, the entire US economy was based on the production of 200 billion kilowatt-hours.

The projects of tidal hydroelectric power stations were thoroughly elaborated in engineering conditions and experimentally tested in several countries. Even the strategy of optimal operation of a tidal power plant was thought over. This process includes storing water in a reservoir behind a dam during tides and spending it on electricity production when a ‘consumption peak’ occurs in unified power systems, thereby weakening the load on other power plants.

Today, TPPs are inferior to thermal power as people will not invest billions of dollars in the construction of TPP when oil, gas, and coal are sold by developing countries for much lower costs. At the same time, it should be stressed in research paper on alternative energy that tidal power has all the necessary prerequisites to become the most important component of the world energy industry in the future.

The first tidal power plant with a capacity of 240 MW was launched in 1966 in France at the mouth of the river Rance flowing into the English Channel. The average amplitude of local tides is 8.4 m. Opening the station, French President Charles de Gaulle called it the outstanding construction of the century. Despite the high cost of a project (which is almost 2.5 times higher than the price of building the river hydroelectric power plant of the same capacity), the first experience of operating a tidal station proved to be economically justified. Currently, TPP on the river Rance is part of the energy system of France.

Wave power

Wave power is also among interesting topics on renewable energy for a research paper. It is generally accepted today that the energy of waves should be used in the open sea and not near the shore where it is reduced due to friction and reverse circulation of water. The transformation of the sea waves energy into electricity is accomplished by means of air or hydraulic turbines.

The work of such power stations is based on the effect of waves on working bodies made in the form of bobbers, pendulums, blades, shells, etc. The mechanical energy of their movement is transformed into electric power with the help of electric generators.

At present, wave power plants are used for the supply of autonomous buoys, lighthouses, and scientific instruments. For example, for many years, the US coast guard whistles operate with the help of wave fluctuations.

You may state in an essay on the importance of alternative energy sources that industrial use of wave power has already begun. Several hundreds of lighthouses and navigational marks all over the world receive electricity from wave installations.

In India, the floating lighthouse of the port of Madras works owing to wave energy. In Norway, the world’s first industrial wave station with a capacity of 850 kW works since 1985. In 2002, an experimental power plant was commissioned in Portugal. When exposed to waves up to 5 m in height, it produces 6-10 million kWh of electricity per year.

It is believed that wave stations can work effectively when using a power of about 80 kW/m. However, the specific investments in the construction of wave power plants reach $5000/kW, and the electricity they produce is still 2-3 times more expensive than traditional energy. But still, a significant reduction in its cost is expected in the future.

Norwegian industrial wave station

In 1985, an industrial wave station consisting of two units was built in Norway 46 km north-west of the city of Bergen. The first installation on the island of Tofestallen operated on the pneumatic principle. The annual output was 1.2 million kWh. The tower of the station was destroyed during a winter storm in 1988. After that, the development of the project for a new tower made of reinforced concrete began.

The structure of the second installation consists of a cone-shaped channel in a gorge about 170 m long (with concrete walls 15 m high and 55 m wide) in the reservoir between the islands separated from the sea and dam with an energy installation. The station produces up to 2 million kWh of electricity per year.

English station with soft shells

In the UK, the original design of power plant, in which soft shells are used as working bodies, was developed. The experimental floating station consists of 6 chambers placed on a frame 120 m long and 8 m high. The total power is 500 kW. Further developments showed that the greatest effect is provided by the arrangement of the cameras in a circle.

In Scotland, a unit consisting of 12 chambers and 8 turbines installed on a frame with a diameter of 60 m and a height of 7 m was tested on the lake Loch Ness. The power of such a construction is up to 1200 kW.

Salter’s duck

The project known as the ‘Salter’s duck’ is a wave energy converter. The working design is a float (duck) whose profile was constructed according to the laws of hydrodynamics. The project provides for the installation of a large number of floats consistently placed on a common shaft.

In 1978, a 50 m long model consisting of 20 floats with a diameter of 1 m was tested. The power output was 10 kW. A project was also developed for a more powerful installation of 20-30 floats with a diameter of 15 m placed on a shaft with a length of 1200 m. The capacity of the installation was 45 thousand kW. Similar systems are built near the western shores of the British Isles. They can provide the UK’s electricity needs.

Great attention was attracted to the ‘ocean thermal energy conversion’ (OTEC), i.e., the generation of electricity by the temperature difference between the surface and deep ocean waters sucked by pumps, for example, when using such volatile liquids as propane, freon, or ammonium in a closed cycle of a turbine. To some extent, similar prospects of obtaining electric power due to the difference between salty and fresh water (for example, from sea and river) seem to be more distant.

It’s important to mention in alternative energy research papers that a lot of engineering art is already invested in mockups of electricity generators working at the expense of sea waves. The prospects of power stations with capacities of many thousands of kilowatts are being discussed.

Giant turbines in such intense and stable ocean currents as Gulf Stream and Kuroshio which move water mass of 83 and 55 million m3/s respectively and develop speed up to 2 m/s, and the Florida Current (30 million m3/s, speed up to 1.8 m/s) seem to be particularly promising.

Coriolis Program

The Coriolis Program provides for the installation of 242 turbines with two impellers rotating in opposite directions in the Florida Strait 30 km east of the city of Miami. The whole Coriolis system with a total length of 60 km is oriented along the main stream. With the arrangement of turbines in 22 rows (11 turbines in each), the width of construction is 30 km. The units should be towed to the installation site and deepened at 30 m in order not to interfere with the navigation.

The net power of each turbine, taking into account operating costs and transmitting losses, is 43 MW, which allows satisfying the needs of the state of Florida by 10%. The first prototype of a similar turbine with a diameter of 1.5 m was tested in the Florida Strait. A project of a turbine with a working wheel with a diameter of 12 m and a power of 400 kW was also developed. Write in can alternative energy effectively replace fossil fuels essay that some of the proposed ocean power plants can be realized and become profitable in the nearest future.

Information for geothermal energy research paper

Underground heat of the planet is a fairly well-known and already used source of ‘clean energy.

11 geothermal power plants with a total capacity of 384 MW work in Italy. Geothermal power plants also operate in the USA (California, Valley of Geysers), Iceland (near Lake Myvatn), New Zealand, Mexico, and Japan. The capital of Iceland Reykjavik receives heat exclusively from hot underground sources. It is worth stressing in alternative fuels essay that the potential of geothermal energy is much higher.  

Geologists have discovered that hot masses up to 180-200°C at a depth of 4-6 km are quite a frequent phenomenon that is met in various parts of the planet. It is even easier to find sources with temperatures up to 100-150°C. In addition, on several million square kilometers, there are hot underground rivers and seas with a depth of up to 3.5 km and a water temperature of up to 200°C (naturally, under pressure). So, having drilled a canal, it is possible to get a fountain of steam and hot water without any electric heating plant.

Hydrothermal energy

In summer, water heats up to 25°C. It’s a good idea to use this advantage. An installation that operates on the principle of reverse refrigerator is needed for this purpose. It is known that the standard refrigerator pumps out heat from its closed chamber and releases it into the environment. If to pass water through the refrigerator, the heat also could be collected.

The hot steam formed as a result of heat exchange condenses. Its temperature rises to 110°C. Then it can be transmitted into turbines of power plants or used for heating of water in central heating batteries to 60-65°C. You can justify the advisability of this method in your renewable resources essay by the fact that each expended kilowatt-hour will bring 3 kilowatt-hours as the present from nature. By the same principle, it is possible to obtain energy for air conditioning in hot weather. Such installations are most effective in the cases of large temperature differences, for example, in the seas.

Push the reader of your research paper on renewable energy to the idea that the time has come when humanity should be engaged in the preservation of its habitat. Both scientific and practical efforts are needed to protect nature so that the human race will be able not only to survive but also to continue its development. The natural way to reach this goal is to maximize the thrift strategy in contact with the outside world and to provide integrity of the cycle of all substances involved in the sphere of human life.

However, it is easy to formulate these principles theoretically in essays on alternative energy, but it is challenging to implement them. All members of the world community, from international organizations to separate citizens, should participate in this complex process.

energy crisis essay

Useful tips for writing quality renewable energy essay

Essay is one of the most difficult but, at the same time, the most interesting tasks of the school and university curriculum, and it is not so easy to get a high mark for this type of writing. To obtain the best result, you need to prepare thoroughly and to understand how to write such academic papers correctly and what criteria to follow. You will learn all the tips from the material below. Read the pieces of advice that will help to write a quality essay on renewable and nonrenewable sources of energy.

1. Study the renewable energy thesis topics and try to understand what should be written in your essay

Focus on the title if the teacher provided it. Otherwise, pay special attention to the choice of headline. Correctly composed renewable energy research topics allow the examiners to determine the main idea of ​​the material presented. It is also vital to give your comment on the title.

If you can’t come up with a heading but only have some general ideas, do not worry. You can choose the title for the essay on energy crisis at the very end of the work when the text will be ready and thoroughly checked.

2. Tell the readers about your thoughts on the raised issue

It’s not enough to briefly express your attitude to the renewable energy essay topics by just noting consent or disagreement with a certain thesis. It is important to cite your own arguments, which may be based on statistics, examples from the media, and scientific literature.

If you do not share the idea reflected by the provided topic, try to formulate objections in a soft form. Do not be afraid to have a personal opinion, because the score for writing such papers as the importance of solar energy essay is determined according to specific criteria – disclosure of own reasoning.

3. Students often make mistakes when writing essays

Among them, the most common are:

  • Narrative instead of an essay. Do not write a retelling of science articles on energy. You must interpret their main ideas and make your own conclusion.
  • No room for creativity. Many young people resort to strict analysis in their renewable energy research papers, which is not worth doing. The essay is a fairly free genre, so you can relax and just be creative. Solve the main problem, express your own attitude towards it, but not only analyze the collected information. This approach is used in more scientific and voluminous academic papers (coursework, diploma, dissertation, etc.)

4. Coherence

It is important to take into account that all sections of the research paper on solar energy, wind and water power should be closely interrelated. If you make a mistake in determining the problem of the article, the whole paper may be spoiled. Be sure to reread the essay you wrote and correlate its theses with the main issue. If you find inconsistencies, correct all mistakes.

5. Usage of examples

Your argumentation should not be speculative but based on facts and supported by reliable material. The more scientific details illustrating the successful use of the potential of the Sun are presented in the persuasive speech on solar energy, the better your paper is.

At the same time, you should not overload the paper with examples. One or two interesting facts confirming the main idea are usually enough. Do not try to put too much information into the limited text of the solar power research paper: it’s better to clearly argue three or four theses than to name ten of them.

6. Think through the algorithm of writing

Be sure to think beforehand how to start the paper, what to write about in its main part, and what alternative sources of energy essay conclusion should be presented in the end.

7. Multiple checks

First, write the draft, check it for errors, and correct them. Then rewrite the essay on a blank sheet. Rewriting energy crisis essay for a clean copy, be sure to check it again for grammatical, lexical, and punctuation mistakes.

Plan of renewable energy paper

To fully prepare yourself for writing solar/water/wind power essays, you need to understand the plan of future work clearly.

1. Renewable energy essay introduction

You can start the essay with a quote that is appropriate for the main idea. It can be taken from a scientific text or other sources (newspapers, magazines, etc.) Instead of quoting, it is permissible to use a rhetorical question that reflects the essence of the problem raised. In the introduction, you can also write general information on the topic or refer to authoritative opinion.

Remember that water/wind/solar energy research paper outline requires a short introduction consisting of 3-4 sentences. It should have a strong connection with the main part and the conclusion of the paper.

2. Statement of the main problem of the research paper on renewable energy resources

It is crucial to correctly understand the main theme of the text: having made a mistake here, you will jeopardize all the renewable energy resources paper presentation. Do not confuse the concepts ‘the problem of the text’ and ‘the author’s attitude to the problem.’ Remember that the authors of scientific articles consider specific cases. Your task is to shift the described issue to global scale to make it important for the whole world. If you can formulate the problem in one rhetorical question, it will be great for your paper. To clearly structure thoughts and correctly convey them to the reader, use the speech clichés:

  • Scientists around the world are focused on the problem...
  • It is difficult not to agree with the relevance of the problem...
  • What life will mankind have tomorrow without alternative energy sources?

3. Your comment on the topic

In this part of the work, you need to explain the problem of the essay on alternative energy sources. A simple statement or citation of the text is not allowed. It is necessary to reflect on the relevance of the main idea. You can refer to the ideas of other authoritative personalities who have already expressed their views on the question asked. It is worth noting the details to which the authors of scientific literature paid special attention as well as giving your own commentary to the expressed theses.

The primary purpose of this part of the wind/water/solar power essay is to reflect the ideas of scientists working in the field of alternative energy in your own interpretation. Of course, you can cite suitable quotes from the books, but do not overdo with them.

4. Conclusion

The final part of the energy crisis essay outline should have a logical connection with the main section and contain a generalized conclusion. You can use the following techniques:

  • Summing up the main ideas of the paper.
  • The rhetorical question that embodies the essence of conclusion.
  • An appeal to the reader aimed at provoking an action or reassessment of the attitude towards the topic.

Evaluation of the essay

Criteria for assessing the essay can differ depending on the specific form of academic paper, educational institution, teacher’s demands, etc. In any way, the general requirements for the quality of the text correspond to the criteria below.

Knowledge and understanding of theoretical material:

  • the student defines the concepts in question clearly and fully and gives relevant examples;
  • the concepts described strictly correspond to the topic.

Building judgments:

  • clarity of presentation, presence of strict wind/water/solar energy essay outline;
  • the logic of structuring evidence;
  • the theses put forward are accompanied by strong arguments.

Formatting of work:

  • the essay meets the basic formatting requirements;
  • compliance with the lexical, phraseological, grammatical, and stylistic norms of the English language;
  • full compliance with rules of spelling and punctuation.

We hope that this article has been useful, and it will be easy for you to write a quality research paper on renewable energy sources. Good luck!


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There are a lot of great stories about superheroes such as Batman or Superman, but when it comes to real life, we can say for sure that our real heroes are blood donors. Unfortunately, some people…

8th Jul 2020


Academic writing

Essay paper writing

Writing about the American Dream 

American culture is hard to imagine outside the context of the American Dream. Tommy Hilfiger, a renowned designer, once said ‘The road to success is not easy to navigate, but with hard work,…

17th Jul 2020


Academic writing

Essay paper writing

How Long is a 1000 Word Essay?

Many students receive a task to write a 1000-word essay. The matter is that it is a common word count for this type of academic paper. If it is your first experience of working on such an assignment,…

26th Nov 2019



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