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The worldwide problem of the excessive use of drugs and its effects is a popular topic for essay writing across multiple specializations of the universities studies. Thus, especially if you are halfway through your freshman year, there is a great possibility that you will receive this academic assignment on your desk, too. As you might have already guessed by now, there is a tremendous amount of information for references about drug abuse and addiction. You might also think that this is exactly what makes it easier to write a drug abuse essay, but many students on the contrary, believe that this fact might make the task more challenging to do than others. Why? Because such a surplus amount of information causes the necessity of performing a much deeper and broader research in order to make your essay original. There are so many students all around the world that have written something like the drug addiction essay, that it becomes especially hard to propose anything new about this topic. However, we are here to help you anytime you need it so all you have to do now is to sit back, relax and read this article that gives you a bunch of priceless insights on how to write an essay about drug abuse.

If you do a little search online, you will find out, though, how many subtopics there are left to discover yet in case if you are looking forward to writing a good academic essay that meets all the scholastic standards for high grades. Starting from the history of the problem of the drug addiction and up until the recent inventions in treatment forms, you can pick any topic that ignites your passion to solve this issue. Thus, whether you care more about the chemistry part of the addiction or you are concerned with the sociology of helping people suffering from the drug abuse, anything of these could be used for writing a good drugs essay. Similarly, you should also remember that the best way to do this is to choose the structure of the essay that you are going to write right from the start. Meaning that, even before you begin shaping your outline, the necessary part here is to decide which type of the academic paper your assignment will be associated with.

Namely, that could be the definition essay, cause and effect, narration, exposition, opinion, for and against, suggestion of solutions, proving the new hypothesis essay and so on. We must here as well mention that your university or college might as well have some types of essays that others haven’t even heard about. For example, this could be a kind of a passing-by classwork paper that is called the expository essay. While you will get desperate trying to find how to write this type of essays on the internet, this could be just a simple and regular five-paragraph essay that you can do in the classroom without performing an extensive research like when writing a serious argumentative essay, which is being a milestone for the whole curriculum. But enough deviating, let’s go back to the discussion of how to make a perfect essay yourself without even thinking about paying to special services to make this job for you while at the same time stay wondering whether your order written will be unique or the similar has been sold to a few of your classmates. Having said that, by the end of this article you will know every little tip and trick to write an original assignment easy and quickly. In a simple step by step process we will cover everything from picking the most trending essay topics on drug addiction to making final touches before you submit that essay to professor.

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Whenever the student is asked to write an essay about drugs abuse, they are wondering how to start the essay in the most effective way. With that being said, the hook phrases that always work their best to introduce your specific thesis statement, whatever that would be, are history, evidence, quote, and question. Now, let’s dive deeper into what are these hooks and how to use them. For example, you are writing the essay on drug addiction among youth. Note that this method could also be applied for a variety of other topic, although, it would be appropriate to logically connect it with your thesis statement. Otherwise, this kind of hook will look to general and obvious, which is the worst nightmare of every professor or teacher revising students’ essays. With the historical approach, you could start the paper by mentioning some historical fact approved by many scholars. For example, this could be the fact that initially drugs that are considered addictive and problematic with overdoses now, even the strictly illegal ones, they initially have been found to cure pain and help people overcome suffering from various diseases including psychological matters like insomnia or depression. Only the extremely high doses were found to give the ecstatic “high” effect and cause chemical and psychological addiction with severe withdrawal and abstinence syndrome. In the next sentence, you will have to mention how this fact corresponds with your claim for the thesis statement. Now, let’s move on to a couple of other ways to effectively start your essay and engage the reader. 

In case if you are working on any of the drug trafficking essay topics, it is absolutely necessary to prove how this question is important for research and consideration. The perfect way to do it is to state either the fact or the statistics data about the amounts of the drug trafficking in a certain region that you have been researching or around the world as a whole. You could also mention the number of people involved in such illegal actions, the number of people being put in prisons, the number of drug dealer cases in courts, the number of people dying each year from the drug addiction. Any piece of data from the credible sources of research is valid for stating why it is so important to investigate this issue as long as these numbers will tell for themselves. The other way to make a great hook for the drug trafficking essay as well as any other one of the drug addiction topic is to begin with the quote from the relevant source of reference. Of course, if you are writing an argumentative essay that is planned by you to be based heavily on graphs and numbers, the quote might be too weak of a hook, but if you are going to focus on persuasive matters, psychological, historical, philosophical, political or sociological issues, the quote from a good source is vital for an engaging introduction for your paper.

Now when you know how you would start your essay, it’s time to roll up the sleeves and do the research. Without a good research, it is impossible to craft an A+ essay, we all know that. When you know the topic and probably, the thesis statement that you will be defending, you know what information to look for. We recommend you to sort the evidence that you will like by kind and strength right from the start. This approach will save you tons of time and effort when you start writing the essay. Also, it is useful to write down any notes and ideas that come across your mind when you find the quote or fact and decide to keep it for the presumable use in any of the paragraphs of your write-up. As we already mentioned before when talking about the essay about drug trafficking, facts and statistics, especially the recent and the most credible ones make the best ever arc for the whole essay. Hence, it will be a breeze to write it when you are done with all the preparation process. Ordering your notes could actually appear to be quite a fun time because you can easily mix and match them for the possible use in different places of your essay and see how it looks. If it sounds not too appropriate or strong as an argument, you could easily swap it with something else just in a few seconds. Whereas, if you would already spend the time and mental power to write the whole paragraph and then your teacher would strongly advise you to rewrite it all, this would be much more challenging and time-consuming. 

At the point where your research is mostly done and the notes are gathered and carefully ordered for making the first draft, that’s when it comes the time to craft the drug addiction essay outline. There is one simple secret to making the perfect outline for any academic paper and you might already know it better than us. The teachers have been telling you this from the very first year in college or even starting from the high school desk. That is, the critical thinking. the impeccable logic is what makes the perfect essay writing in every aspect. Because, the good plan ensures the appropriate writing that you will be able to finish in the shortest term, even when the deadline for handing in the assignment gets so dangerously close. The main principle that you have got to remember here is watching carefully after the sequence of premises and conclusions that you make. They should be free from the most common logical fallacies, and of course, they should sound not too trivial, while also be clear and concise. Long and complex sentences might only confuse the reader at the same time letting them know that you have quite a mediocre understanding of the issue yourself. When writing papers like the drug legalization essay, the important aspect to keep in mind is keeping clear both the overall structure of the essay as well as the structure of every single paragraph. We will talk about this more in detail a little later. The outline could be made of simple and more general phrases like “the legalization of marijuana in CA, USA” or simply “Introduction”. Similarly, more advances students write annotated outline consisting of the topic sentences.

Traditionally, topic sentences are your leading (and most commonly, the only one) argument for each of the sections that you mention in the outline for your essay on drug abuse and its prevention. Thus, writing an annotated outline is especially beneficial for the quick writing of the whole essay because anytime you start the new one, you will be sure about what to write, while your notes that you have gathered and ordered beforehand, will let you prove this argument right. Each bullet point of the annotated essay outline might also have a brief explanation of its content making it easier and more interesting not only for you at the stage of writing the paper, but also for readers who will scan through it and decide whether to keep reading attentively the write-up by you or move on to some other one seeking an engaging content backed up by the strong and innovative evidence. As you already know from our brief guide through the art of picking the ruling drug addiction essay titles, the best way to write a good name for each bullet point of the outline is to involve a few approaches at once, intertwining them with mastery of a good storyteller. All you have to do is mix your creative mind with the critical thinking. Add here a bit of the approved evidence and you’ve got the ultimate recipe for the best essay outline ever.

Ultimately, lots of students with successful academic record have already used to write something like a popular in the modern curriculum, drug abuse college essay, only after having perfectly shaped their essay outline. On the other hand, a great deal of other students have chosen an opposing approach, which also truly works on every academic level. What they do is they form a brief draft of the outline in a relatively quick manner in order to leave the room for altering it later on. Because, imagine the situation when you have been working a lot of time on crafting the drug addiction recovery essay, after which you handed it for a review and alas! You have been told to change the argument, swap it with another one, or eliminate at all. Or maybe, now you have to seek for some more detailed and to the point evidence. Anyway, all of your previous work on the outline goes straight to the trash can, which cannot be satisfying in any way. Instead, when writing just a simple and brief outline using phrases instead of the whole complex sentences and explanations for them, you have a chance to quickly perfect the outline in case if anything from the essay content changes. Also, by using this approach you can easily change the outline without spending much time and give it a form of topic sentences, if required, on the very last stages of working on your assignment.

There is also a common situation when your professor considers either the title or the topic for the essay that you have picked, too general. As we all know, professors care much about the originality and innovation in anything that has to do with the academic papers, so we must abide by these scholastic requirements. If you recognize yourself in yet another student that goes all over the place desperate in their attempts to seek for a more specific topic or thesis statement, just relax and think. What you essentially need at this point is to narrow down the existing topic to some sort of a special theme. By doing this, you will keep all the work that you might have already done and easily edit the existing academic essay while effortlessly meeting the strict deadlines that you surely have. It is easy as pie. Just continue the logical sequence from one premise and conclusion to the ones that could come next. for example, you have initially chosen the opioids essay. If you would have to further this line of argument, you would ask yourself something like “what opioids could I focus my write-up on”? The simple answer would be “heroine”. Thus, you already have a premise for more original essay like “the addiction to heroin and its recovery methods”. The essay would now fall into the category of studying one of the most widespread types of opioids, and now you would write a fresh and new essay on heroin quite effortlessly.

Another way to make your essay more original is to form the title and thesis statement like a question. For example, instead of a common drug menace essay that could be copied by any careless student from everywhere over the internet, you would write a more insightful academic assignment seeking for the answers that everyone wants to know and still cannot get completely. A great structure of an essay to admit in this case is the proposal of solutions type where you focus the whole essay on suggesting new and appropriate solutions to tackle the problem of drug addiction, drug dealing, trafficking, recovery, or any other topic like this. For instance, you could write “how to prevent drug abuse” essay. The prevention methods are much easier to talk about when it comes to seeking for the new and formerly not addressed solutions. Even so, if you are passionate about this issue and feel confident about your academic research, you could propose new ways to treat the drug addiction or alternative laws projects to deal with this problem. Such essay, if have strong evidence and reasoning line, would anyway provide a valuable contribution to your overall academic performance record.

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Drug addiction essay outline

It is important to mention the background of your thesis statement issue as well as the materials about latest research findings in the area that you are writing about. For example, it would be too obvious to write an essay on why drugs are bad because initially they were found as treatment for people with mental illnesses and chronic pain syndrome. In order to make your essay balanced with information, you need to have a couple of paragraphs defending some specific point of view described in your thesis statement. But after these paragraphs it is also necessary to include a paragraph that describes an opposing point of view, which is quite different from the one you were claiming. This is a common scientific method that ensures your paper have considered both flips of the coin. Even when writing about such narrowed research topics like the opioid epidemic essay, what you ultimately need to do to prove your statement is to base it on the grounds of common sense. this means that the statement could only be considered true when it cannot be disproved based on the logic and on the validity of your premises and conclusions for the issue.

Overall, drugs abuse is quite a developed topic since there are many types of drugs with different action as well as different methods for rehabilitation. Lots of students also prefer study sociologic premises that lead to understanding and supporting people who do drugs, as well as tackling and preventing its illegal sales. Before sitting down to write a drug abuse among youth essay, you absolutely have to study the wide variety of subtopics that it includes and choose the one that you will be looking at more closely. By doing this, you will ensure that you will keep your argumentation line as close to the point as possible and that after the whole essay is done, you won’t get overwhelmed and lost in all the variety of reasoning from different fields of study. Your evidence line, similarly, needs to be as close to the certain body of knowledge as it is appropriate. For instance, if you are writing an opioid addiction essay, it would be more valid to only include evidence like statistics data, that have been performed with people using or going through the rehabilitation after the use of specifically opioid based drugs. And, as you might have already known, opioid drugs have much difference comparing with stimulating and psychedelic drugs. Even though the intensity of impact and effects vary greatly, certain dosage and conditions might have a therapeutic effect and be harmless for people with medical and psychological tolerance. That’s why, it would be appropriate to include results of studies that prove this point also instead of claiming that drugs are the ultimate evil.

Scientists claim that there is no evidence of potential neurotoxic effects, including risky behavior or enduring psychological distress with the prototypical classical hallucinogens (such as LSD, mescaline and psilocybin) when they are given in laboratory studies to screened, prepared, and supported participants. If your choice is to focus on one type of drugs without performing its contrast and comparison analysis with other types, which is also relevant for academic essays, you could describe special conditions of use and its effects in an assignment like the opioid overdose essay. By writing about the use of these drugs in laboratory conditions and comparing their results with the results of the irresponsible regular use as well as instant overdose, you could trace the specific effects that drugs of this kind have on human’s body. You should also include the information about patient’s age, weight, gender, and their experience with different drugs and medication to stay accurate when making some conclusion out of the research results that you will give as the credible evidence for your arguments. Anyway, the opioid use essay could also be based on the long history of using this drug. It traces back to the history of Opium Wars in mid-19th century involving Anglo-Chinese disputes over British trade in China and China's sovereignty. Then if you research more of the Chinese history, you can find mentions of opium-based medication as well as religious tools since ancient times. It would be relevant to use this history as evidence and make your own conclusion about the influence and the effects of the opioids in different doses and with various conditions.

Then again, if the history of this issue doesn’t bother you much and you don’t like to read long stories with the chronology of events gone a long time ago, you should make another choice as for your drug abuse essay topic. Instead of that history of drugs, you could talk about the real challenges of our times and write a drug rehabilitation essay. This is quite a touchy topic so you should steer clear of your emotions and be ready to talk rationally about tough things. Today’s real facts about the drug rehab centers are not as bright as we want it to be, though. Even if you look at the stories of a number of celebrities who had enough money to recreate in best of the best rehabs for a few times, the results can be sad. Famous people like popular singers die from the drug overdose too often to just close our eyes on the sad consequences of powder and pills that can get you high. But instead of talking only about the sad events in your drug prevention essay, try to think of the new ways to tackle this problem. There should always be a way out and to propose new and effective solutions, you should focus on any positive fact that proves the effectiveness of any technique regarding the full rehabilitation after the continuous drug use. The toughest thing to overcome of course, is the withdrawal symptoms. Learn more about chemical and psychological addiction. You should distinguish these two before proposing any feasible solutions for the recovery from the drugs use. You should also mind the patient’s history about their previous kind and strength of the drugs use, chronic diseases, gender, age, weight, cardiovascular diseases, psychological genetic conditions, and many more. Writing this type of essays is especially challenging because it requires a lot of research.

If you are looking forward to write a drug addiction essay in simple language, instead of the long and overwhelming research efforts in the medicine field, just write a simple and easy to understand academic paper for starters. You can find lots of basic topics about drugs of this kind. This could be something like a drug awareness essay. In this type of an academic essay you should focus on questions that arise in minds of teenagers and people who know little or nothing about different kinds of drugs. In this case it is also appropriate to write about a few kinds of drugs like opioids, psychedelic and stimulating drugs instead of just one of them like you would if you would perform a deep and extensive research about the medical and rehabilitation side of the problem of drugs overdose. Thus, at the very beginning of your paper you could give a brief explanation about the history of drugs written in simple language. Because the history is long make sure that you don’t take up more than half of your essay describing what has happened even before the current generation of teenagers have been born. Then, you should also explain the biological action that these mind altering substances give in general on human’s body if not going deeper into details like the tolerance, originality, gender, weight of the person who either tries or regularly uses this drug, and so on.

For students who don’t want to be just another face in the crowd writing about the bad sides of the severe drug addiction, you could also pick another topic that nevertheless, would stay in the frames of the appropriate topic for your current academic writing assignment. This could be a topic about the acceptance of certain kinds of use of the mind-altering drugs that are proved to be safe and furthermore, useful for human’s health. For example, you could write about the legal acceptance of certain drugs. As you might already know it, there is a wide campaign of making drugs like medical marijuana legal, especially in the USA. In your drug legalization essay outline, it would be appropriate to write about the background of this issue as well as about the modern situation with the marijuana use and its challenges. You could also consider including the scientific research findings that support your thesis statement. Make sure that they are in line with the type of drugs that you are writing about. The example of the credible evidence looks like this: This finding is consistent with a US population (2008–2018 data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health) based study that found no associations between lifetime use of any of the serotonergic drugs and increased rates of mental illness. Meanwhile, if you are working on the drug trafficking essay outline, it would be appropriate to include the legally approved rates of the drug trafficking across either different countries or the certain region that you have decided to examine in your current academic essay writing.

While the drug trafficking essay thesis might sound like a relatively easy assignment to do, some of the drug abuse themes are considered to be more challenging to write about. For example, as we have already mentioned before, if you have decided to talk about the chemical addiction and about the methods of the effective rehabilitation after the drugs misuse, you would have to perform an extensive research on this topic. This field of study would rather be interesting to more advanced academic level students, especially the ones that study medicine, psychology, and other medical related studies. If you don’t consider yourself a person who is interested much in chemistry and medicine, this task may appear too challenging for you but it is never too late to pick the topic that would satisfy your passion for the truth among the many themes that are widely discussed across the academic studies having to do with the drugs abuse and addiction.

Many academic professionals also mention that in the introduction for your essay. as well as supporting body paragraphs for your thesis statement and the opposing view paragraph are designed for the deep and rational analysis of the issue that you are addressing at the very beginning of your assignment paper. Meanwhile, the conclusion for a drug essay is one special place where you are absolutely allowed to speak your mind whatever that is. The thing here is that the vast variety of students think that the conclusion for the essay on any topic is the most boring part where you have to rewrite anything that you have been writing about, let’s say. for the last fifteen pages for some reason, tighten up on a few pages of the conclusion. But this notion is not completely true. Of course, you have to briefly restate all the arguments that you have previously been talking about throughout the essay. But afterwards, it is valid to make a conclusion that you see when looking back at all the reasoning line that you have just proposed in the defence for your thesis statement. However, this conclusion should also meet some basic standards of the university writing and formatting norms. For example, the conclusion for papers with drug trafficking essay titles, even if you speak your personal point of view, should be absolutely logical due to the premises and the arguments that you have just stated. Why professors watch especially strictly after this requirement? This happens simply because by doing so they test your ability for critical and logical thinking, which might serve you well in your further career and studies aspirations. Proposing solutions is also a useful ability for anyone who is going to be working for a large company, or performing their own business. Afterwards, it is also important to be able to speak your mind as well as have your own opinion about anything that you have been previously studying. This ability shows that you have really deeply studied this issue instead of copying or rewriting someone else’s works.

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Drug legalization essay

If you go online in search of ideas and happen to come across the various drug awareness essay examples, you will surely notice that there are quite a few types of papers to deal with. In this regard, the first thing that you need to do in this situation is ask your professor or classmates which kind of the academic assignment format is the most appropriate for the current task and your academic level. With that said, many students find those types either simple or more challenging depending on the tasks that they are used to deal with for the most of their academic curriculum. When you will be looking for the best titles for a drug essay, you will be able to recognize the types of papers that we are talking about right from the title. For example, if the title says about the difference between drug addiction and drug abuse, we are talking here about the contrast and comparison essay. This type is one of the most popular among the modern academic disciplines because it gives the most straightforward understanding as well as the training of critical thinking. Otherwise, there also could be essays like “What is the drug abuse?”. In this case, you would be working on a definition essay, the ultimate goal of which is to give the detailed explanation about the subject. Usually this type of essay serves rather as an introduction for the academic course and a task like this is more likely to be given at the high school or the first year at the university. It is designed for you to get used to the academic formatting and later to be more confident while writing more complicated analytical papers.

When looking at any of the example of a drug essay available online you should understand that it is not appropriate to just copy the full drug addiction essay body. The reason for not doing this is quite simple. You do want to maintain the originality most of all and the style, in which the paper that you can meet all over the internet is written might be done by an experienced person writing hundreds of academic papers throughout their career. As a result, this paper might sound too professional for a student like you and most likely, you might be suspected in plagiarism. In order to avoid that, students usually look at the essay examples online for looking at the structure that they possess as well as the bibliography source that they use. This information might be useful for performing your own research. Likewise, a good annotated outline of the drug essay of the other person might give you a clearer understanding of what structure of the paper is the most effective and also what ways of reasoning line are considered to be valid for your kind of topic in the respectable field of study. You can look at three or four outline examples and create your own by having the basic idea of what they are all about and what are the most successfully persuasive turning points, claims, arguments you might use harmlessly for your own essay without copying someone else’s paper and without being suspected in plagiarism. Looking at the best practise never hurts but be aware of the popular topics that possibly might be developed the same among your classmates as a result of using the same internet sources.

Each drug addiction essay paragraph should have its own structure, just like an argumentative essay, persuasive essay, or research paper in general. Having said that, this structure is much more simple than the overall structure of the essay, which in its turn, could vary greatly depending on the style and the type of information that you decide to describe in your drug abuse essay. For example, opinion essays and for and against essays have different structure whereas if you look at each one of their paragraphs, they look relatively the same. Each body paragraph should necessarily have one ultimate feature. And that is, clear and concise reasoning line. When you write down bullet points for each of your statements, those sections of the essay should have this statement at the very beginning. By doing this you ensure that your essay maintains a clear and logical structure while also it keeps being easily understandable and traceable by its sense for a common reader. For instance, when writing a drug trafficking research essay, you will have to include much statistical and factual data along the way of your arguments chain. You should also mind that your passing-by arguments should eventually revolve around the initial thesis statement written in the introduction section of the academic paper in a form of a hypothesis that needs to be proved in order to become true. However, if we come back to each body paragraph structure, it remains quite simple. Just write the statement at the very beginning, then support it with credible evidence and your own comments on this topic.

Overall, we can confidently say that any drug essay writing has similar features and hence, likewise evidence that could work well with various themes. Thus, you might take the supporting evidence from the essay about drugs, which has different title and topic from the one that you have already chosen and began to work with. This way you will ensure the originality of your academic assignment as well as the credibility, currency and reliability of the sources for reference that you use along the way. The only thing that you need to distinguish here at all times is which field of study does this evidence belong to. Thus, if you are looking at the information about illnesses caused by withdrawal symptoms or excessive drug use or the statistic data of lethal results from the overly drug consumption, then we are talking about the medical type of information and it would be inappropriate to use this evidence at certain parts of your essay. For example, at those ones where you talk about the legal issues of the drug trafficking, selling, or possessing. Meanwhile, in general, you could also use drug addiction essay quotations along with the statistical data but at the same time, you should be careful not to overuse it. Every quote could be considered valid in cases where it includes not only the opinion statement even if we are talking about the industry professional, a person who suffered from drug use, or politician. It is especially important to have certain information in this quote that would make you own statement or conclusion coming after it practically impossible to disprove.

Anyway, each part of the academic essay is ultimately important for the eventual grade that you get after you submit your paper to the professor. Lots of students pay a special attention for the outline, introduction, and each argument along with each evidence source that they happen to use to support their position. Even so, if you are looking for the honest tips and tricks about how to craft the best drug essay that you could possibly make by yourself, look no longer. Many seasoned students believe that the key secret to the successful essay about drugs whatever is the specific topic of it that you choose, is writing an appropriate drug trafficking essay conclusion. As you might already know, any person remembers the most what he or she have read at the very beginning and the very end. This is just the algorithm of how our brains and nervous system function. That being said, any professor is more likely to remember what you have written in the introduction for your essay as well as what you have written in its conclusion. You probably know all the rules of how a good conclusion for the academic essay is made so we are not going to repeat them all here. Instead, we just need to mention that the way that you restate all the reasoning line at the end of your paper is crucially important. The main rule here to remember is that you don’t have to simply repeat everything that you have written before. Instead, try to rethink it from the point of view of someone who already knows that your thesis statement is a proven fact rather than just a simple opinion judgement.

Writing an essay about narcotic is popular at all times, especially among young students who live in the college atmosphere. You know how it all happens, right? You are so excited after the prom night that you finally finish your childish life under the strict parents’ control and that you are finally heading towards the adult life with no limits. Usually, excessive amounts of alcohol and drugs are easily accessible in the circles of college and university students, especially when those have their own infrastructure. With that said, you should understand your responsibility during the development of your generation, that you have regarding increasing the understanding and the most recent approaches for the problems of drugs use. If you think about this for a moment, it will soon become clear about the main turning points and statements that you need to include in your academic paper when writing a drug addiction essay for students. It is easy to understand in this regard, that your message should be designed both for students wanting to know more information about the probable effects from the drugs consumption as well as the further research targeted at parents and random people who don’t ever want to take drugs. It is important to develop tolerance and understanding between all parties. Otherwise, the lack of knowledge about the issue and compassion for each other could cause severe consequences of the problems untold and misunderstood.

Narcotic drugs may be commonly perceived as the ultimate evil, and it is easy to go by this path and create an old-fashioned essay about how drugs are bad. But for modern students, this approach is a little bit too dated. You don’t want to sound like an old person denying all the challenges of the young life. Instead, you might want to consider making a list of the drug abuse essay questions in order to better understand this topic. You could ask yourself: why do people take drugs? Why do they take a risk to sell it? The answers revealed may unleash a number of serious issues from various fields of study. For example, the drugs business bases on the poverty, the lack of education and social protection for the young families of certain regions. People just don’t see another alternatives how to make money for their kids to survive. Drugs could be taken both by poor and by wealthy people. It is important too, to trace the factors that cause drug addiction in such various cases. In most cases however, you would be talking about psychological issues. Try to go deeper and see causes for those issues, too.

The lack of socialization and friends, loneliness and family problems are the most common reasons for starting to take drugs among youth. In many cases, the attempt to socialize in front of their friends and to stay in the company of certain people is what drives students to try out different mind-altering substances. Or else, it could be just the common curiosity about how does it feel to experience the “trip” as this culture remains popular among a lot of generations already since the hippie times. By the way, you could also focus your attention on the drug discovery and development essay. If you look at the history of these issues, drugs with narcotic effects initially were found as medicine for curing such problems as severe pain, chronic pain, mental illnesses. It is a good idea to study the information about the safe consumption of drugs in laboratory conditions with the evidence about the results of experimentation like this instead of the blind denying of everything about the drugs use, which leads to even more curiosity among young people as to try these substances.

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Essay topics on drug addiction

Another popular structure model for the academic essay would be the contrast and comparison essay. Some students call them “for and against” essays depending on the university. But nevertheless, the meaning of this model stays the same. For example, when writing a drug abuse and illicit trafficking essay, you would apply a chain of cause and effect essay type meaning that you use drug trafficking conditions as the premise for the drug abuse actions. This logical chain is necessary to maintain whatever is the argument that you are talking about, in any of the following essay types. Even though, the contrast and comparison essay has something more to it. When writing an academic assignment like this, you simply need to operate with two opposing opinions or phenomenons. Having said that, while in real life such opposition means serious argument where no one wants to take a step towards each other and reach consensus and such situation of conflict is highly unwanted by everyone, for the essay this is the recipe for the highest grade. As ancient Greeks said, in conflict the truth is being born. So in academic circles, by talking about two polarized issues you develop your abilities for critical thinking while also searching for the ultimate truth for the current subject. In the drug abuse essay body, step by step, and argument by argument, you separate the seeds of truth from the chaff of misconceptions, conflict, and rejection between the commonly contradictory questions. It is important though, to carefully discuss both issues before comparing them. Thus, in the first place, you would necessarily have to give a background or explanations for one argument line, and then - for the opposing one. After you do this, it would be relevant to start comparing them by contrast and detailed analysis of the evidence.

In general, the essay on narcotic drugs follows the mission of not only teaching you how to apply critical thinking, search relevant sources, and prove your point of view, as every of the academic paper assignments is supposed to be designed for. Meanwhile, the drug abuse essay writing is also designed for students of the widest variety of disciplines no matter the field of study. As you have probably guessed it, the reason for giving such assignments is simple. Teachers want to increase awareness about this controversial issue among the new generations of students. They don’t want to teach you about which position they consider to be right, they don’t want to moralize this issue. Instead, they take a modern approach for letting you have your own opinion about this important subject by carefully examining all sides to this problem and hearing different opinions about it. This method lets you be free in your opinion judgment, while also not make them as a result of the lack of knowledge, which of course, typically leads to highly biased opinions leading to severe consequences in real life. Instead, by knowing by yourself all sides to this problem, you have an opportunity to shape your honest opinion and make an adult decision of what is your own point of view on narcotic drugs. If you want to know more about the consequences of the drugs consumption, you may want to focus on the topic that describes either laboratory experiments with drugs or rehabilitation issues of people suffering the drug addiction or withdrawal symptoms.

For reaching the maximum validity for an assignment including one of the most important parts of it, the drug testing essay conclusion, you need to perform an extensive research for this subject in order to shape the most relevant evidence to support every statement of yours. Having said that, the essay evidence may vary greatly. For example, this could be opinion quotations, statistics data, historical facts, and in this case, one of the most important evidence types would be, medical information. This could be the results of drug testing, medical experiments in laboratory conditions, information about the symptoms that occurred among drug addictive patients, methods of treatment used, as well as carefully documented results of it.  With the help of this information, you can make you own conclusions about the effectiveness of treatment, and if you study to be a pharmacologist or a doctor, maybe you even will be able to propose the newest solutions for tackling this problem. Whereas, if you need a more simple, passing-by assignment about drugs, there also can’t be anything impossible regarding this theme. Just pick a more straightforward topic, like the effects of drug usage essay. Just remember, that the research is the most important part of an essay like this, because without relevant and most recent information from credible sources about the real patients that went through the addiction as well as the rehabilitation process, you won’t be able to map a valid reasoning line and to prove your point described in the thesis statement.

Same goes for the introduction for a drug essay. Typically, introduction counts as one of the most important paragraphs of the whole essay for one simple reason. Because, introduction is the place where you will present your thesis statement. All of the arguments presented in following paragraphs will be designed for supporting this claim. To make this process even easier for you, you simply need to think carefully what your thesis statement will sound like. The first thing that you need to know is that it shouldn’t be too long. Focus on delivering your idea in one or two sentences. This main idea of your paper should not only reflect the topic that you will be discussing on the pages of your essay but also present your comment with your own opinion about the subject presented. By shaping a clear and concise thesis statement for the essay for drug abuse, you will ensure that the argument will remain focused on each and every page of your essay and that you won’t get lost in thoughts regarding this issue. Since there is much to say about this popular topic, having an appropriate thesis statement is absolutely necessary to keep your writing guided by a certain idea. You can ask yourself dome questions to create a valid thesis keeping in line with the newest university formatting and style requirements.The first thing to take care of is the placement of the thesis. Make sure that it doesn’t appear somewhere in the middle of the paragraph. It should be presented early in the introduction section.

You can find some great topic sentence for drug trafficking essay that sounds appealing for the current audience and make your own thesis statement out of it. That’s when you realize how important it is to perform a critical analysis of the sources that you read for reference and also how crucial it is to perform an extensive research searching for the most recent and relevant evidence for your essay. Even a simple sentence that is engaging and challenging for stereotypes thinking could serve you as a great thesis statement for the whole essay to base the further research on one great idea. Getting the whole idea of the main thesis statement is pretty easy. For example, the drug trafficking essay thesis surely focuses on the issue of the illegal drug trafficking across the border of one country to another in order to sell it in mass amounts. When you get this main idea, the next thing to do is narrow down your topic to some specific point that will be described in your essay. Remember that this thesis statement should be only your own and among the thousands of other topic sentences it should be absolutely recognizable. It should sound professional and to the point. avoid vague words as well as using too obvious and overly simple structures like “the point of my paper is...”. even though, you have to make sure that this main thesis statement gives an idea of the paper before you start getting deeper into details. Furthermore, seasoned students mention that it is relevant to place your thesis statement closer towards the second paragraph in cases when you write really long essays in order to establish your position and give your reader a sense of direction.

You should also remember that the standard rules of formatting give you the whole idea of how the thesis statement could be appropriately shaped as well as when talking about the whole direction of the paper. For instance, if you are writing a drug trafficking argumentative essay, your research would have to have lots of detailed analysis and totally rational thinking approach. You should operate with facts, statistics and use the rules of common sense as well as logical constructions all along the way. Whereas, if you are given more general rules of formatting and this paper is not designed to influence much all of your academic performance regarding the current discipline, you could have more freedom with your assumptions. That said, when writing an assignment like how to stop drug trafficking essay, you only know that you are allowed to focus on this question, unfolding all of the various inflections of the issue of proposing the new and effective ways to stop the drug trafficking. In this case, you are also allowed to share your opinion along the way. Thus, every consequent argument is relevant to follow up not only with the evidence from the credible source for reference but also with your own comment on this issue. Nevertheless, at all times you should be aware of bias and logical fallacies and keep your arguments clear for your reader possibly without making illogical and inappropriate assumptions. In persuasive essays your ultimate goal is to let people know your point and encourage them thinking the same way as you do. Hence, in this case you are allowed to use moral and emotional arguments.

Lots of students also consider writing the most important parts of their essays like the drug trafficking essay introduction, right after they write the whole body for how to prevent drug trafficking essay. They do it for one simple reason. After you have got familiar with all of the arguments and evidence, as well as your own comments that you present all over the academic paper that you are currently working on, you know for sure how to create the clear and concise thesis statement as well as the introduction or the conclusion section in general. When doing this, you should also avoid complex statements connected by a coordinating conjunction. Instead, consider subordinate conjunctions like the words because, since, therefore, although, to signal the connections between two statements that follow one after another. and remember to limit your thesis statement to something that you are able to explain on a few pages of your essay writing. Consider up to three revisions of the initial thesis statement to make it crisp, clear and narrow before submitting the paper. You should get straight into the meaning of the topic that you’ve chosen without skimming on the surface for a few pages. The more specific your essay is, the higher grade it will eventually get.


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