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Writing About Drug Abuse

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Drug abuse essay writing is perhaps one of the most important tasks that you may get in university or college. The global problem of the excessive use of narcotics and its effects is a popular topic for essays and research papers in any country.

Of course, there is a tremendous amount of information about drug abuse and addiction. You may think that this is exactly what makes it easier to write a drug abuse essay, but many students believe that this fact makes the task more challenging to cope with. Why? Because such a surplus of information requires performing much deeper and broader research in order to make your essay original.

Finally, there are so many students all around the world that have written drug addiction essays throughout the years that it is especially hard to add anything to topic. Don’t worry though as Pro-Papers is here to help you anytime you need it! So just relax and read this article with a bunch of priceless insights on how to write an original essay about drug abuse and trafficking.

drug essay writing

How to choose the best topic?

Starting from the history of the problem of the addiction and up until the recent inventions in treatment forms, you can pick any topic that ignites a desire for deeper research. Thus, whether you care more about the chemical nature of addiction or are concerned with the ways of helping people suffering from drug abuse, any of these topics can be used for writing a good drugs essay. So the most important thing in this case is that the topic you choose has to be really interesting for you to research and write on.

Essay topics on drug addiction

Finally, get acquainted with some best drug essay topics that you can do a research on pretty quickly:

  • Effects of drug usage essay
  • Essay on narcotic drugs
  • Drug abuse and illicit trafficking essay
  • Drug discovery and development essay
  • Drug awareness essay
  • Essay on why drugs are bad
  • Essay on drug abuse and governmental regulations
  • Essay on drug addiction among youth
  • Opioid epidemic essay
  • Essay on drug abuse and its prevention
  • Drug legalization essay
  • Essay on heroin and its usage in medicine
  • Drug menace essay
  • How to prevent drug abuse essay
  • Drug abuse among youth essay: Causes and effects
  • Opioid addiction essay
  • Opioid overdose essay
  • Opioid use essay: Why do people become addicted?
  • Drug rehabilitation essay: Programs available to addicted individuals
  • Drug prevention essay
  • Opioids essay: Addiction to prescription medication
  • Drug addiction recovery essay

If you don’t feel like writing on any of these topics, do not worry! There are a lot of essay topics on drug addiction on the Web, and you will definitely find the one that works for you.

drug trafficking essay conclusion

Writing a drug abuse essay

When you are asked to write an essay about drugs abuse, you have to take certain aspects into consideration.

Creating a drug addiction essay outline

Drug addiction essay outline is among the most important aspects you need to consider in the drug essay writing process. Let’s review the basic essay structure that you will likely have to stick to:

  • Introduction. Here, you need to present a hook sentence with an interesting fact or statistics and develop a strong thesis statement. The latter needs to cover the drug abuse essay questions that you will focus on in the paper.
  • Drug abuse essay body. A regular essay is usually 3-5 paragraphs long. In these paragraphs, you need to elaborate on the statements you make in your thesis and reinforce all your arguments with evidence and facts.
  • Conclusion for a drug essay. In this final part, you have to restate the thesis statement and summarize all the essential points made in the body of the paragraph.

We strongly recommend working on a drug abuse college essay only after having perfectly shaped an essay outline. The more details you add to it before you start writing, the easier it will be to create your first draft. For example, you may indicate what kind of information you will cover in each drug addiction essay paragraph and even the sources you will use to support certain statements. Having such an elaborate plan, it would be rather hard to create anything short of an A+ paper.

Choosing drug addiction essay titles

Creating a title is also an important part of your working process. It’s advisable to work on titles for an essay after you finish your paper and have a clear understanding of everything you have covered in it. You can think about some catchy title before you start writing and revise it in the end. However, coming up with one once you are done with your paper would be just fine.

Writing clearly

You need to make sure that you are writing your drug addiction essay in simple language. It’s not a good idea to write long and vague sentences and use a lot of terminology. Your essay has to be crystal-clear for any person that may read it and should not be too extensive. You may find some examples of a drug essay on the Web to see how the ideas are presented in those papers.

drug abuse essay questions

Writing a drug trafficking essay

Narcotics trafficking is perhaps the most topical problem that is considered by drug opponents nowadays, which is why it requires special consideration. Working on a drug trafficking research essay is always a good idea as there is a variety of available information and a lot of topics you may choose from. Let’s review the main things you need to know to write a good drug trafficking essay.

Drug trafficking essay outline

  • Drug trafficking essay introduction. Typically, introduction for a drug essay counts as one of the most important paragraphs of the whole paper for one simple reason – it presents the issue you are going to discuss and emphasizes its topicality and importance. The first thing you have to take care of in this part is the topic sentence for your drug trafficking essay, which presents the issues you are going to consider in your paper. So, make sure you hooked your readers with some interesting facts or statistics so that they would like to continue reading your text.
  • Drug trafficking essay thesis statement. Remember that a good thesis statement has to be clear, strong, and unique. Your reader has to have an understanding of the issue you are going to consider in your essay.
  • Main paragraphs. This is the part where you should present all the points and arguments. Remember that the research is the most important aspect in this section because without relevant and most recent information from credible sources, you won’t be able to prove your point described in the thesis statement.
  • Drug trafficking essay conclusion. This is the section in which you need to restate your thesis and summarize all the arguments mentioned previously. Also, you have to summarize all the important points made in your paper and 2-3 sentences will be more than enough. Here, you are just wrapping up the discussion that you have presented in the body of the paper, so you cannot add any new information.

Drug trafficking essay topics

Before presenting you with the topics, we would like to recommend working on drug trafficking argumentative essay instead of a regular one if possible, as this essay type is perfect for such a topic.

And now, here is top 10 topic for an argumentative essay about drug trafficking.  Maybe some of them may serve your as good drug trafficking essay titles:

  • Why should drug trafficking be stopped?
  • How to tackle drug trafficking in the US?
  • How to prevent drug trafficking essay
  • Effects of international drug trafficking
  • Should drug traffickers serve life sentences?
  • How to stop drug trafficking essay
  • Are drug crimes the worst?
  • Is drug trafficking depiction in the films and TV series harmful?
  • Should drug traffickers be sentenced to death?
  • The best and the worst drug enforcement strategies

essay on narcotic drugs

The importance of writing essays on drug abuse for students

Writing an essay about narcotics is popular at all times, especially among students who study in colleges and live on campus. Usually, excessive amounts of alcohol and narcotics are easily accessible in the circles of college and university students. That is why it is really important to discuss all the dangers of substance abuse in essays and research papers.

With that said, you should understand that spreading drug abuse awareness is crucial. If you think about this for a moment, you will realize what the most important statements that you need to include in your drug addiction essay for students are. Read some scientific literature, drug awareness essay examples, stories of former drug addicts, and various drug addiction essay quotations – and you will definitely understand how important the message you will convey in your paper is.




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