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Writing About Income Inequality

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As former students, we know perfectly well that sometimes, you need a gentle push and a little help when it comes to successfully coping with writing tasks. If you need to write a research paper or essay on income inequality, this article is our “gentle push” for you. Here, you will not only find a variety of topics to choose from but also get useful writing tips that will allow you to finish your assignment pretty quickly. Without further ado, let’s dive in! 

Income inequality essay topics

Here is our top pick of ideas for essays on income inequality:

  • Effects of income inequality essay
  • How to solve the problem of income inequality in the country of your choice?
  • Income inequality in the household essay
  • Income inequality is too big to ignore essay
  • Essay on income inequality and happiness
  • The upside of income inequality essay
  • History of income inequality essay
  • Essay on wealth and poverty in the US
  • Effects of income inequality in America essay
  • Income inequality exploratory essay
  • “How income inequality affects the American dream?” Essay
  • My solutions to income inequality
  • Essay on economic growth and income inequality in America in the 90’s vs now
  • Student essay about US income inequality affecting educational opportunities
  • Income inequality and poverty essay
  • Argumentative essay on income inequality is rooted in discrimination
  • “How income inequality is affecting the poor?” essay
  • Income inequality in education essay
  • Poverty vs wealth essay: Why company’s CEOs make so much more than regular workers?
  • Gender income inequality essay
  • Immigration, poverty and inequality essay
  • Health effects of economic inequality essay
  • Global elite and income inequality essay
  • “Cause of income inequality in the United States” essay
  • Political reasons for income inequality essay
  • Essay on inequality in society and how it changed throughout the years
  • Disability and income inequality in America essay
  • Rich vs poor essay: Why is there such a gap?
  • Income inequality cause and effect essay
  • High income inequality essay: The case of South Africa
  • Wealth and income inequality essay
  • No matter how much we try, we cannot fight income inequality argumentative essay
  • Effects of income inequality essay in America vs Canada
  • Essay on economic inequality in developed countries
  • Crime rates and wealth inequality essay

reasons for income inequality essay

Income inequality essay outline

Here is a brief example of a good outline:

  • Introduction.
    • How to start an essay on income inequality? You can write some shocking fact or statistics which will hook your readers and encourage them to keep reading.
    • Next, provide your audience with the necessary background information to understand the topic under review. Make sure it is brief and justifies your choice of the topic.
    • Finish with a thesis statement, which is a sentence that conveys the main idea of the whole paper. It may state what it is in general or include certain points that you are going to discuss in the next sections.
  • Body.

The main section of the essay typically includes 3-5 paragraphs with the arguments and examples supporting the thesis. This is the part where you need to present the results of your research on economic inequality. All the information you find will serve as evidence to your claims, so make sure that it is taken from trustworthy sources.

  • Economic inequality essay conclusion.

In this final section, you have to briefly restate your thesis and main ideas. Make sure to rephrase them instead of just copying them from the previous parts of your work. Your main in your income inequality essay conclusion is not only to synthesize the information but also leave your readers with something to think about further. Therefore, finish with a reinforcing statement, a rhetorical question, or a call to action.

How to write income inequality essay? 

  • Stay original. An original idea is a real key to success. Your professor will read a lot of essays throughout the year, and the easiest way to stand out would be choosing a non-cliché topic and doing a good research on it.
  • Be clear. Your paper should be easy to read. Sentences should be logical and understandable and, of course, spelling and grammar must be impeccable.
  • Do not be afraid to express your opinion. It will show that you are not hiding behind the ideas of other people and have your own point of view that can be supported by information from reputable sources.
  • Show your competence by using citations and references properly. This will demonstrate not only your organization skills but also the number of works that were reviewed when you were working on the assignment.
  • Find some good income inequality essay examples for inspiration. They might give you a few ideas on how to structure the paper, what to discuss, and what kind of arguments to use. For example, a sample cause and effect essay on income inequality will help you understand how to discuss causality, where to use factual information, and when to add your own analysis to it. However, make sure you do not copy anything from an example as it will raise the plagiarism levels in your work.

income inequality in America essay

Income inequality research paper topics

  • What are the ways of measuring income inequality?
  • Which immigrant policies lead to wage disparity?
  • The influence globalization has on income inequality
  • Fiscal policy and inequality
  • What explains the divide between rich and poor?
  • Pros and cons of universal basic income
  • How did Iceland lower the pay gap?
  • How does the wage gap influence homelessness?
  • Income inequality in any country of choice
  • Human capital inequality
  • Affordable housing and income inequality
  • How do employment trends influence wage disparity?
  • What are the causes of discrimination that leads to wage inequality?

Income inequality research paper outline

  • Introduction
    • Introductory (hook) phrase
    • Relevant background
    • Justification of the topic choice
    • Thesis statement
  • Body sections:
    • Methodology
    • Literature review
    • Results and discussion of findings
    • Limitations and ethical considerations if any
  • Conclusion
    • Restated thesis
    • Overview of main points
    • Ideas for further research

How to write income inequality research paper?

  • Choose the topic. The topic that you pick should be relevant to your course and match your academic level. The more advanced you are in your studies, the more complex the issue you are reviewing should be. And, of course, it should be interesting and exciting for you to research.
  • Work in Google Docs. If you do not want to lose your paper due to technical issues with your computer or a failed attempt to save the work, it is best to store it on your Google Disk. Besides, you will be able to see the history of changes and move back if you changed your mind about deleting certain sections.
  • Be clear and precise. Avoid unnecessary explanations, redundant statements, as well as jargon and slang words. While vague statements might help you hit the necessary word count, your work will look unprofessional if you use them.
  • Avoid plagiarism. Research paper writing requires using a lot of sources and referring to the ideas of scholars, but it doesn’t mean that you can just copy the information. Rewrite every fact or idea with your own words, cite them properly, and build your arguments and conclusions on them.
  • Do not forget about formatting. Always carefully read the guidelines for formatting style because the requirements of each style are completely different. Pay special attention to formatting references for journals and books, things that should be capitalized, bolded, italicized, centered, left-aligned, etc.
  • Revise your paper. Reread it several times and, if possible, ask someone else to do it and comments on your text. Once you receive the feedback or review the work yourself, make the necessary corrections and rewrite the parts that you believe do not look good.

Facts for income inequality paper

Income inequality is perhaps one of the most topical issues nowadays. That is why it is important to raise awareness of it, referring to shocking facts and statistics. We have collected the most interesting ones for you to use in your paper;

  • Over the last 30 years, wage inequality in the US has increased dramatically. The rate is the highest since the Great Depression.
  • The presence in the family of at least one person with higher education reduces the risk of poverty by 2.3. However, the problem is that families with low incomes invest less in education, and thus have even fewer chances in the labor market, which requires highly qualified personnel.
  • French economist Tomas Piquetti claims that income inequality has increased in almost all regions of the world in recent decades.
  • The world’s richest 1% have more than twice as much wealth as 6.9 billion people.
  • 1 out 5 children cannot go to school because of low-income level of their families.
  • 735 million people live in extreme poverty.
  • Men own 50% more of the world’s wealth than women.


Academic writing

Essay paper writing

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