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Writing a research paper with no stress

Research paper writing


Congratulations! You have received a special task – to write a research paper. And you have no idea how to do it. Do you feel this little shiver? Are you about to cry? If the answer is yes, here are a few tips that will help you not to lose your mind while writing a research paper. If it is a “no”, come on, who are you lying to, read the previous sentence.

Research papers and other troubles

It all starts when you have to pick a topic. Meditating on the chair will not help you do it, so the right way to make up your mind is going to the library. As you have probably been given a suggested literature list, start out by taking these books, a notebook, and a pencil and let the reading begin. Try to find things that seem more interesting than others, some unsolved problems, and maybe imperfect or raw ideas that you feel you can work on. Note them all down and reread when you are ready to choose. If the topic is too broad, consider narrowing it down to something more specific.

When you know the topic, it is easier to understand what kind of sources you will need. So keep the books and find some necessary information. Don’t forget to write down the materials you use to form a list of sources. Organize the information you get to access it easily any time you need it.

Little tip: Manage your time. Try to calculate how much of it you are going to need to get every part of the research paper done and don’t forget about the deadline.

Draft writing

If it is a draft, you are free to write whatever you want. So don’t be afraid to make mistakes to express your idea in full. The draft will not look even close to the work that you will get at the end, so there is no place for disappointment if you have not highlighted something important or it just looks awful. On this point, you can see what you did wrong and can think of how to change it. It is obviously better than discovering serious defects in the very end.


Writing research papers without knowing how to structure them is impossible, so let’s take a look at this little scheme:

Weird trick to help you in writing a research paper

Talk to yourself. This is not an attempt to make you crazy. But when you are trying to explain things to imaginary someone in the room, you start understanding them better. If you have a friend or even a group of friends who are ready to give you a little research paper help and listen for a while, take the most of it. Try to explain your idea in few different ways to find the most interesting one. Use a notebook or a whiteboard to give examples and see how good they are for understanding. Let your little audience share their thoughts on your idea, criticize or compliment some parts of the explanation. Remember or write down the ones you find the most important for your work and think of the changes to make while writing.

Writing an introduction for a research paper

In every kind of paper, introduction plays an extremely important role in attracting readers and making them interested in the work. So a nice thing to start with is a catch phrase, which will motivate anyone to crave for more. It may be a quote, a very interesting fact or just a question. When you write a research paper, compare it to a candy. What do you see first? Yes, a wrapper. If it is interesting, unusual or even funny, you feel a strong desire to taste the candy, so you will go all the way down unwrapping it. Same thing with your intro – it is a little advertising for your research, so do your best writing it.

When you have all of the attention you need, it is time to present a thesis. The thesis is where you say how tasty your sweet masterpiece is. Be brief and mention the most important things about your idea and the way you will show that it works. Leave the additional details for the body of your paper.

Little tip: You may start writing an intro whenever you want, even leaving it for a dessert. When your work is done and the whole concept is right here in front of you, the intro will not take long to write. Consider forming at least an example of the thesis at the very beginning though, as it will narrow down what you are writing about.

Body of a research paper

There is a little secret that you need to know –the body of every research paper looks like this in general:

  1. The problem:

I have chosen “THIS” problem. It is very interesting, because…Also it is unsolved, or solution of the problem is outdated and here is why…But it is worth solving, as…

  1. Your idea:

Meet my idea. It really works (examples). It is original here and there. Here are the ideas of other people. Comparing to this, mine is better, because…but his is better right here.

  1. Giving credits:

This guy has an awesome idea. I would buy research papers from him just to read them. He inspired me to do or write something.

Make it look official, spice it up with citations, and voila – the reader is ready to swallow your idea. Even if you don’t have much time to do the body, not every research paper service will agree to write the main piece of work for you when the deadline is close, as it is considered the hardest and the longest part of the whole paper. But now, when you know the secret it is not that complicated to do it yourself.

Little tip: Arrange all headings and topics, so both you and the reader will find the needed information faster. Add visual material such as tables and charts, as it makes your work more attractive.

Adding conclusions and references

Before you start writing a conclusion for your research paper, reread the main part. Afterward, just go for it. Remember that conclusion is a summary of the text above, so don’t make it look superfluous and include just key thoughts. Mention that you will continue working on that idea improving it with every step. You may also throw in some additional information that did not fit into the body but not more than a few sentences. Finish your work with a promising and interesting phrase that logically ends the whole paper. You can exhale now as you only need to get your references done. Style them according to standards in alphabetic order and get ready for the next challenge that awaits you.



Even though it feels like you are close to the finish line, there is still a huge pile of work to do. Proofreading and editing your own text is hard (you still need to do it though), so here are a few options you can use:

  1. Online editing. You will get rid of many mistakes, but a lot will remain unnoticed. It is pretty helpful anyway to check your grammar and spelling.
  2. Ask your friends to read your paper not just to find the mistakes, but also to check how understandable your work is. It is important for the paper to give a clear picture of the whole research in the most apprehensible manner possible. So, if your friends get the point of it, your work is one step closer to A+.
  3. Research paper writing services. A perfect option if you are short on time or don’t trust yourself editing your own work. You can have plenty of other things done while professionals polish your paper to make it shine.

How do I write my research paper in 24 hours?

What a procrastinator. But, as everyone has been in such situation before, no one will judge you here. You can try and buy custom research paper at this point, but there is a risk of not meeting your expectations. Luckily for you, it is not the lost case, so use this few special tips to make this day more productive than any other:

  1. Library is still your friend. You don’t have as much time to do the reading, but take a few books to choose the topic and have a list of sources done. Take a lot of notes to help yourself while writing. Better choose a topic that you are familiar with the most, so that you can do research faster.
  2. Making tables and charts take less time writing and are easier to understand than a lot of boring numerical stuff with explanations to them.
  3. The regular scheme for writing the main part still applies here, as it is easy and universal. Your only problem is – you will have to think faster.
  4. Write the intro at the very end. As you will understand what your idea is better when you finish writing, the intro will be much easier to do, but you still need to form a thesis at the beginning to understand which road to go. If you feel like you are not able to do either intro or the conclusion, help yourself by using any of research paper writing services to both edit your work and add some necessary parts.
  5. Don’t forget to use citations and write the references. When people see that you know how to use the sources wisely, they trust your paper more while reading.

Helping hand: research paper writing service

Writing a research paper is a challenging task that takes a lot of time. But there is no sense to be sad and desperate if you can’t or just simply don’t want to write it on your own because you can always custom a research paper! Go to school, play sports, do every important thing you need while your masterpiece is being prepared. And have no trouble worrying about the work, as it comes right when you need it!

Feeling more relaxed now? Then go rock the library!


Research paper writing

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