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Writing a botany paper

Human and Nature

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Photo of yellow flowers for a botany paper

As biology is an extremely broad subject, it has once been divided into fields, which focus on species that are much easier to study separately. All disciplines that study plants, as well as their growth and development, have been combined to form the science called botany.

Botany is one of the oldest studies known to humanity. People started examining different kinds of plants thousands of years ago in order to differentiate edible and poisonous ones, and, later, use various herbs for medical purposes. Afterward, people learned to cultivate some plants and produce more food, which made it possible to nourish more people and resulted in population growth.

Thanks to the discoveries that were made, and further study of flora, humankind was able to survive and evolve, using the obtained knowledge in different fields and improving the quality of life. Therefore, now, you have a variety of aspects to study if you are taking a botany course, and a myriad of topics to choose from if you are working on the botany research paper or an essay for the class.

The importance of writing a botany essay

Plants are the main source of food and oxygen on our planet, and they only need water, sunlight, and minerals to provide us with these two main things we need to survive. Hence, it is crucial to keep studying plants’ life and all processes they are involved in to create an environment they can flourish in, thus preventing plants from going extinct and ensuring the survival of all species.

Luckily, botany helps us to learn more about plants and their significance, as it covers all parts of plants’ lives in detail. As botany is closely related to many other fields, scientific achievements in this sphere lead to the development and breakthroughs in genetics, chemistry, physics, math, biology, and even architecture.

Therefore, if you study botany in school or university, you should understand how necessary it is to take as much as you can from this course, as no matter what kind of specialist you are going to be in the future, the knowledge of plants will help you in your work, studies, and everyday life. And, if you were assigned a botany essay, it’s a great chance to share this knowledge with the others and learn more yourself.

Botany Research Topics List

  • Endangered plants of your country
  • Adaptation of carnivorous plants
  • Massive plant extinction
  • Top deadly plants
  • Pollen genetics
  • Is homeopathy a credible science?
  • Arctic plant species: how do they survive?

How to choose a topic for a botany research paper

If you have decided to conduct research on botany, you have to pick a good topic and examine it properly in order to create a good botany paper. As botany consists of various disciplines, the process of choosing the topic may not be as smooth as most students expect it to be. Therefore, we have decided to save you some time and suggest a few spheres worthy of focusing on in your research paper of botany.


This is an extremely broad field of study, and there are thousands of available topics to choose from. Biotechnology became an inevitable part of humans’ lives not that long time ago, and it keeps improving every single day. As the world population constantly increases, we need more food and oxygen to survive.

However, pollution, radiation, and cataclysms seriously decrease our chances of doing it successfully. Luckily, biotechnology allows us to grow more nutritious crops, which are highly resistant to diseases and can survive harsh environmental conditions.

There are numerous techniques and methods that can be applied for this purpose, and there are various factors that should be considered. Hence, there are a lot of things that can be researched, analyzed, or even proposed, as hundreds of issues in the field are still waiting to be studied and resolved.

Usage of pesticides and fertilizers

This is an extremely controversial topic, and we witness thousands of discussions and debates going over the usage of pesticides and fertilizers for the proper growth of plants.


  • The correct combination of chemicals and natural substances can saturate any kind of soil and allow farmers to grow food even under the most unsuitable conditions.
  • Pesticides protect the crops from insects and animals, securing the harvest.
  • There are plenty of natural fertilizers that have been used for ages and have proven not to harm humans.


  • Pesticides might drain the ground coat with time and poison the food in cases when chemicals used are dangerous for health or mixed improperly.
  • Also, pesticides affect the population of bees, which pollinate a lot of types of plants and are a crucial part of their cultivation and reproduction.
  • As plants absorb some substances around them, we eventually get to eat chemicals they were in contact with, and there is no guarantee they will not harm us.

Therefore, it is questionable whether the food we consume is safe and if there are any other ways to ensure good growth and protection of crops except for using pesticides and fertilizers. This area of studies lacks useful proposals and experiments, which would provide exact answers and solutions to problems caused by the usage of these compounds.

Plant pathology

The same as humans and animals, plants are prone to having different kinds of diseases. As fungi, viruses, and other pests that threaten the health of plants evolve and change, there is a huge need in research that covers the menace plants are exposed to.

Plants are the base of the food chain, as they are consumed by herbivores and omnivores, and, eventually, get to carnivores, which feed on the above-mentioned species. Therefore, if the eaten herbs are affected and pass toxins or cause any other harm to the feeders, all species, including people, are in danger, which makes plants’ diseases a major issue that has to be studied in order to secure both flora and fauna on the planet.

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