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Curriculum Vitae is an indispensable part of the documentation package to enter the graduate school or to get the doctoral degree. Its primary task lies in the short description of your main achievements in the chosen sphere.

Attention: the Curriculum Vitae does not present the summary of your biography, but rather those stages of the development, which make you the desirable member of the student community in the university. While writing a CV for academic positions, one should remember that the length does not have to exceed two pages. Even if you are a very successful candidate, try not to go beyond this volume, and point out only key aspects. To demonstrate all your other achievements, you have the remaining part of the documentation package.


The first thing you indicate in the application is your name. The applicant does not need to write "Resume" or "CV" - it is already clear from the structure of the document. There is no necessity to mention common things for the executive summary, such as age, sex, nationality, etc. Remember, we live in the world where science is above everything, so all people appreciate achievements, and the focus on the personal data will only highlight your conservatism, just as the motto of the academic world is the aspiration for diversity and equality. It is acceptable to designate the contact details, for example, such as e-mail address after the name or the business address.

CV writing supposes the expression of your intentions - indicate the aim of matriculation directly after the name. You do not need to describe the intentions for the half of a page, just point out the general plans and tasks, which you are expecting to accomplish during your activity in the university.

The next thing you have to mention is the education in the reverse chronological order. Here are mentioned the received degree and the entitlement of the educational establishment. If you have already finished the master's program, it is worthy to note your scientific supervisor and the topic of the thesis paper. In this section you can also mention all completed courses and obtained certificates; their presence should correspond to the specialization that you have chosen. All this will make your academic Curriculum Vitae for graduate school winning.

Going forward, indicate the educational establishments. The similar credits are highly appreciated by the universities. Make reference to the research experience in your resume if any: the duration of research, the organization where they were held, and the main objects.

If you have the employment history by occupation, it will be the huge advantage for your CV. In the case, you cannot boast of such working experience, or you possess the irrelevant experience, it is possible to describe it in a few sentences. Although, pay attention to the time when your work duties, in some moments, have coincided with the requirements demanded from the applicants (for instance, the leadership or information analysis). This way the indication of such experience would not go amiss.

If the applicant has the official publications, their presence will also play the significant role. The official publications are formatted following the form of footnotes: author, paper title, publisher and year of publication (as usual, in the reverse chronological order). When you do not have any publications, you can mention the speeches at the scientific meetings or educational conferences. At the same time, here you can include the topic of the graduate qualification work.

If you are proficient in foreign languages, point it out in your academic CV for PhD application. Remember, your task is to present those skills, which will become helpful in the course of studying.

In the "Skills" section mention everything that you have obtained due to the educational or professional activities; and it does not mean the ability to communicate, to be stress-resistant or to know how MS Office works - these skills are required a priori; but, for example, the knowledge of narrowly-specialized programs or pre-feasibility study. The skills should correspond to your current experience.

The last section is the list of recommendations. Here, everything is rather simple: you just have to include recommendations, and indicate its authors with the designation of their concernment to your activity (the scientific supervisor, professor, enrollment board member), and their contact details.


Writing academic CV for Masters application or a PhD one can unexpectedly turn out to be a complicated task to perform. When one has to do a lot of other things and think of them on a constant basis, it is hard to concentrate on your Curriculum Vitae, which has to be well-structured and thought-out. Naturally, you are free to use the sample or template, but would it be effective for you?

In the modern world, where there is no time for anything, do not hesitate and ask Pro-Papers to write academic CV for you. Our company guarantees the high-quality of every paper and, at the same time, the absence of plagiarism and grammatical mistakes. Your purchase at Pro-Papers will definitely be appropriate as we have the team of the highly sophisticated professional CV writers from all over the world, for instance from the US, Australia, and the UK.

If you have doubts concerning anything connected with our services, we are always ready to help you. Just visit our website where you can find the diverse information regarding the academic CV writing services. In case you still have any questions, feel free to let us know, and we will be glad to help 24/7.

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