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A chronological resume depicts all your professional experience and educational achievements in reverse chronological order starting with the last place of employment. The given format of application is suitable in the case of fixed development of your career when you are permanently climbing the career ladder of your specialization.

The chronological format is the most widespread and basks in popularity among employers and recruiters. Bank officials, accountants, educational sphere members and state agents can use this format with the biggest efficiency. In the case when the titles of your positions and duties differentiate greatly, or you had some intervals in the working practice, then the chronological format will not be able to demonstrate all your advantages as an applicant.


Working on chronological resumes, job applicants often wonder how they could name all companies where they worked and put all this information staying within one or two pages. The big fact is that one should not copy all present records from the employment history booklet, but he/she should show work experience bringing into focus own skills and achievements. Your writing will also attain success if you name all places of employment without indicating those that are not connected with the chosen vacant position.

To turn your resume into the powerful personal tool of the marketing promotion on the labor market and to be able to face the competition, it is worthy to accomplish the following several easy steps:

  • Indicate your contact information. It can be last name, first name, date of birth and age, contact address, and phone numbers. Do not forget to indicate the e-mail address that you regularly check. The possibility to react to incoming vacancies quickly and effectively is the great virtue.
  • Indicate the title of the expected vacancy. It may be the specific vacancy in the company or job in a certain sphere. Some job applicants, instead of the expected vacancy, write: "I would like to get a job which corresponds to the level of my education and work experience." If you do not want your message to end up in the bin, it is better to avoid such phrases.
  • In the "Education" section, point out when, where, and which higher educational establishment you graduated from. In case you have a degree with honors, do not forget to mention it in. At the same time, a job applicant can include the information about courses of advanced studies, periods of probation, and skills development workshops even if they took you one day.
  • The next and most influential section is work experience, where, as a rule, you need to describe your employment history of about 10 years according to the following outline. For example - the title of the company; activity area of the company; length of experience; positions held; official duties; and professional achievements. However, if you are writing a student chronological resume, and have nothing to show in this section, mention the volunteer work you did or any part-time job you had if it is anyhow related to the position you are applying to.
  • In the "Skills" section, give your level of foreign language(s) proficiency, a level of your computer skills and special programs, knowledge of office machines, ownership of driving license and driving experience (if present). Try not to overstate your level of foreign language. Usually, employers and recruiting agencies check it during the first job interview. In case your level of foreign language does not correspond to the indicated one, you can give the negative impression to your potential employer.
  • In the "Additional Information" section, you can briefly point out the most relevant personal qualities and achievements. Do not forget to adapt your resume taking into account the vacancy you are qualified for. Such information as personal interests, religious confession, social status, zodiacal sign, height, and weight, should not be included.
  • A job applicant may or may not indicate the level of the expected income. If you decide to do this, then, in some ways, it can save your time: you will not be invited for the job interview if the salary for the probable vacancy is deliberately lower than that indicated by you. It is not worthy to overrate your salary expectations. Recruiting agency analysts are perfectly oriented at the labor market and understand how much the specialist of your level "costs." The good option is to indicate specific limits.
  • Think about the people who can provide you with recommendations. It can be your previous employer, scientific supervisor, or your university professor. Also, unless your employer is a very old-school person, avoid stating that references can be provided upon request.


Every day, dozens of people are actively targeted at the job search. They compose a lot of resumes and send them to their potential employers. Although, not all job applicants know how to write the chronological resume correctly or how to write it at all. Here rather than elsewhere, a professional chronological resume writer can offer you the invaluable help.

Even if you are a recent graduate with nothing significant to show to your future employer, Pro-Papers will help you outshine more experienced candidates with a perfectly crafted application. The professionals who provide entry resume writing services at our company know how to turn all the skills and abilities the newbies on the job market have, into the eye candy for the hirers. Therefore, if you want to outshine all of the competitors, Pro-Papers will gladly show you how to do it with class.


Trying to compose the best resume for internship, but have hard times presenting your skills? Cannot find any samples and templates to fill in the necessary information? Thinking about getting a professional resume writing assistance? If so, then do not hesitate anymore and get the required help at Pro-Papers! In this case, the idea to buy resumes will be your winning lottery ticket. By the way, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us, and we will gladly offer you consultation a 24/7 online consultation.

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