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A cold-contact cover letter is a kind of paper that an employee sends to the hiring manager of the company he or she wants to work for. This is just one of the types of cover letters, which are being written when a company does not have any free spots officially, and an applicant wants to try to pass for possibly available position or to be considered for one in the nearest future.

The writing is usually one page long and may be sent either via email or in a paper format directly to the hirer. It consists of three to four paragraphs and includes the basic data on the employee and employer. The structure may vary depending on diverse factors, but the typical outline of a cold canvas cover letter looks like this:

  • General information on an employee (first and last name, phone number, email).
  • Date
  • General information on a receiver (first and last name of the manager, name of the company and its address).
  • Introduction paragraph (includes the greeting, reason of writing and a brief description of an employee).
  • Body paragraphs (shows credibility, qualifications, and interest in a certain position; explains the reasons employee is suitable for the job).
  • Closing paragraph (points out the enclosed files and kindly requests for the interview).
  • Ending (expresses gratitude, includes the name and the signature).

Sometimes, the name of the receiver is not specified. You can either call a company to find it out or just refer to that person as the hiring manager. Contacts of the applicant are usually placed in the upper right corner of the page or the center while the employer's contacts are shifted to the left side a bit lower. In the email, contacts are presented in the very end before the attached files. The signature there is not necessary, but it is obligatory in a handwritten version.

When it gets hard to structure the letter, our company will gladly send you a template on request, so you can see the way the paper can be outlined. You can also order your work at Pro-Papers to let the experts take care of all the difficulties of a writing process for you.


There are thousands of advertisements on the jobs market. Nowadays, anyone can find a suitable position, regardless of specialization. Some people even have preferred companies they would like to work for. However, some of these companies may not have any positions available, and employees remain idle and wait until the opportunity appears when they actually could have already missed it.

Writing a cold call cover letter is the best thing you can do for your resume to prevent it from being lost in the piles of others. Such letters can open the doors you have never thought even existed. There is a huge hidden market full of jobs, which can be seen only by sending this kind of letters to the possible employers.

Unfortunately, many people have never even heard of it, and some who have are too afraid to seem annoyingly self-assertive. This fear is completely groundless, as the company may look exactly for a specialist like you. Moreover, there is a huge amount of people who have got the position they have wanted by simply sending a cold call cover letter for a job.

Therefore, why not use cold-contact letters? If you like the company and want to be a part of it, there is no need to wait for job openings! The position you wish to secure might actually be available, and the only thing you need to do is to email your employers-to-be to see if you can get it. When you have the necessary skills for taking the desired position and know exactly how you can contribute to the company, the only thing you need to do is to communicate it clearly.

Even if the position is not available yet, you might be offered another one, or your cold-contact application might be considered later when there is an opening. Also, the worst that can happen is the company not contacting you back. While this is unpleasant, you took the risk, and you can be sure that you did what you can to secure the job and there will be nothing to regret about.

If you have no clue how to write the letters to the potential employers, we will provide you with a decent sample to do it yourself. Also, Pro-Papers can make it even easier, and complete everything for you! Purchase your paper right now to receive it as fast as possible!


The secret of success in writing cover letters is tailoring each up to the companies' requirements. It means compiling different letters for different jobs. Unfortunately, an employee has no idea what exactly the company needs, as there is no advertisement for the job. Therefore, a cold contact cover letter has its uniqueness, as an applicant should be creative and show the ingenuity in writing.

Even if you specialize in one field, you have different positions to choose from. All of them have typical requirements that are needed to nail the job. For example, a cold contact cover letter for a dental assistant position will have to show that you are capable of multitasking, helping a dentist with patients, assisting with serious surgeries, managing records, making appointments, etc. This job requires more knowledge and practice than just an ability to handle administrative responsibilities, as you are involved in actual procedures.

However, when writing a cover letter for receptionist in a medical center, you need to inform your employer that you can work under high pressure, handle a few phone lines at once, sort out thousands of papers, and have great communication skills. You need to have theoretical knowledge and be likable, as you will work with different kinds of people all the time.

Therefore, if you send the same letter for both jobs, you may end up with none. Even though they are related to medicine, the requirements are sufficiently different, so you will more likely be accepted using the personal approach for each position. This is the rule we use at Pro-Papers to increase the effectiveness of the letters you send. Our professionals are highly qualified, and some of them have even worked as hiring managers. Therefore, they know exactly how to make your paper appealing. Order your letters with us, and let the experts make them flawless!


Our company has a great experience in writing letters to potential hirers, and we know exactly how important making a good first impression is. Pro-Papers cares of each customer individually, and we want you to succeed in all of your endeavors. Whenever you apply for the job, trust us to make this attempt work for you. We provide professional cover letter writing services, and our expert team is always online and ready to make your life easier. We will make sure your cover letter shines with confidence and enthusiasm!

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