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Combination or combined resumes are the kinds of resumes that focus more on specific skills than on the work experience or education of the employee. They are less popular than chronological resumes but more efficient in certain situations.

A combined resume is usually written when a person is taking a radical career change or just entering the job market. It is also useful when a job seeker had a serious gap in an employment history or had been working for the same company for decades. In all of the cases, the previous experience might be insignificant or unrelated to the current position. Therefore, a person tries to emphasize the skills and downplay all other parts.

The structure of a combined resume is not much different from any other type, except for the positioning of certain parts. As the document accentuates employee's abilities, the outline sample usually looks this way:

  • Personal information - includes general information about an applicant such as first and last name, phone number, email, and address.
  • Objective - provides the reasons you are applying for the job.
  • Summary - briefly describes you as a professional worker.
  • Accomplishments - list your achievements on previous positions.
  • Skills - include the set of suitable skills you possess.
  • Employment history - shows the companies you have been working with.
  • Education - presents facilities you have been studying in.

This example will perfectly suit any resume; however, you may think of removing the parts you find redundant. If you are fresh out of the university and have no experience to show at all, you may exclude accomplishments or employment history parts and pay more attention to the skills section. Some of the samples, on the other hand, may include additional sections. The one that is used more frequently informs the hirer that the references are available upon request. However, due to clarity of this statement, it is removed from most of the resumes nowadays, as it only takes free space on the paper without delivering any important information.

It is better to organize the document neatly and use a simple format to make it easier for the hirer to access all of the data he or she is looking for faster. You need to cut down all of the irrelevant information and try to fit everything in a single page. Regardless of the design you have, your personal information should be at the top and written using larger font size. It is crucial to use a valid and proper email address to make yourself look professional enough to take the spot in a serious company. Also, you have to highlight the headings to separate the parts of a document logically and make the beginning of each section more visible.

If you want to use any other structure, you can always search for a template that will be more suitable for your resume. You can also trust our writers to make a combination resume outline for you according to your preferences. Purchase you resumes from Pro-Papers and let the specialists present your skills in the best light.


When you are applying for a new job position, it is important to think about the way hiring managers see and process the documents of potential employees. They may review hundreds of resumes a day looking for someone special who will fulfill their requirements. Therefore, there is no time to read each application carefully, and that means that you have only a few seconds to impress them.

Most of the people send chronological resumes that look typical and resemble each other. There are tons of such employees, and you can outshine most of them in a very simple way - by sending a resume, which will stand out from the first glance. A combined resume is exactly the kind of document that will capture the attention of every hiring manager.

It definitely looks unique and is designed to persuade your employers that your skills and accomplishments make you a perfect candidate.

According to statistics, combination resumes show a better response rate from the employers. And that is a major plus if you are a student. While a chronological format can help you craft a good resume for internship, the combination format will help you to create a winning one. Therefore, if you have an amazing set of accomplishments, do not hide them under the laundry list of jobs and prepare a combined resume that will boost your chances to get a position you are craving for.


Whether you are a greenie or a veteran of a job market, you have thousands of people to compete with applying to a certain company. You may have stellar credentials or amazing skills that are perfect for the position, but even a person who concedes you in every point can be seen as a better candidate if you fail to prepare your resume properly. However, you do not need to worry, as you have the best writing service covering your back.

Pro-Papers is the exact team that can make you the most desirable applicant. Our experts approach the writing professionally, researching company's requirements and history to make your application documents look exceptional. They are familiar with different techniques that will help you become a perfect candidate, regardless of your background.

Even the most successful people use writing services to update and polish their resumes, so there is no need to hesitate when you think about purchasing resume from a writing service. Pro-Papers has been around for years, and we have completed hundreds of admission documents for different kinds of employees from newbies to executives.

Therefore, whether you need a professional or an entry level resume help, Pro-Papers is the place where you can find a quality one. Our support team is always online and ready to answer all of your questions. Order the resumes from us today to get your dream job tomorrow!

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