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A dissertation discussion section is the one that overviews the paper and specifies the reasons and the purposes of the conducted research. It is usually written right before the conclusion and takes a few pages. The main purpose of such part of work is explaining the results, answering the question of a research, justifying the approach taken, and evaluating the study. This is the review of the findings in the context of the knowledge about the subject.

The discussion section is the hardest one to write, but it is extremely important as almost a half of the mark for the whole work depends on it. This part requires you to take a critical look at your entire research in order to understand its uniqueness. This part consists of a few segments:

  • Data interpretation - the opening of the discussion section that overviews the findings and explains their meaning in a narrative way.
  • Comparison - the research that has been carried out can hardly be the first one in the field, so it needs to be compared to the others.
  • Evaluation - this part shows the originality of the work, its importance for the others and the subject, in general.
  • Explanations - if the results differ from the expected ones or from what other researchers usually get, the reason of such findings needs to be clarified.
  • Limitations - as unfortunate as it sounds, every work has its limitations that prevent it from being completely precise with the research and the results, but it is important to admit it.
  • Future of the research - this conclusive part explains that the research, which has been conducted, is not the final one, and there is a perspective for the better quality survey in the future.

The discussion is very cumbersome and may take more time and mental effort to write than any other chapter. It is extremely hard for the students to focus on its writing, especially when the conclusion of a dissertation goes right afterward. However, there is always an easier and more solid way to get closer to the finish line – ordering the paper with a reliable writing service.


Students have to go a long way before actually beginning a dissertation writing. They need to choose the topic, defend their proposal and learn how to work with the advisor. But the hardest part still awaits. And it is not that easy to get to it when you have to work or study at the time. In addition, the subjects for such papers are usually very complex, which makes research a highly troublesome process.

Even if you feel like you know the theme perfectly, the writing process still may seem like torture. Putting your thoughts on the paper is not even a half of it. The paper must not only be done professionally, but you also have to evaluate your own research objectively and try not to exaggerate the results. Also, the paper has to be reader-friendly, which means that all of the complicated terms and numbers need to be explained simply and scientifically at the same time.

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A dissertation is a ticket to receiving a degree, and that means it should look polished. Grammar checkers and special software cannot find all of the mistakes the way a human can. Checking it yourself cannot guarantee a perfect result. That is why it is better to use a real help and get a professional to proofread and edit the work for you. Moreover, the writer can give an important advice for free to make sure your paper stands out.


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