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How to write a discussion in a dissertation?


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Writing a dissertation discussion by hand

A dissertation discussion section is the one that overviews the paper and specifies the reasons and the purposes of the conducted research. It is usually written right before the conclusion and takes up a few pages. The main purposes of this chapter are:

  • explaining the results;
  • answering the main research question;
  • justifying the approach taken;
  • evaluating the study.

This is the review of your research findings and their role in the context of the whole knowledge base about the subject. The discussion part of dissertation is the hardest one to write, but it is extremely important. This part requires you to take a critical look at your entire research in order to understand its uniqueness.

How long should the discussion section be in a dissertation?

When the time to write the discussion section comes, the research is usually complete, the results are systematized and described in detail, and the conclusions are drawn. So, it seems that there is nothing left to review and explain. Yet, the discussion part is still there for the scientist to write. And it is not always clear how long it should be and, generally, what to write in the discussion section of a dissertation. In most cases, this part consists of several subsections that we are going to outline later and takes up several pages (up to 10, usually). That depends on the research itself, on the discipline, and the existence of prospects for the future scientific investigation.

Tips from experts

Meet our advisors
  1. Expect everything to take longer than you thought.
  2. Write a catchy title in 10-15 words. Do this last.
  3. Use primary sources (e.g. peer-reviewed journals, books, etc.).
  4. Important information goes at the beginning of each paragraph in the sections.
  5. Don’t use jargon or cliches. Use industry words sparingly.
  6. Follow the assigned formatting style.
  7. Make an outline with the number of chapters/sections.
  8. Write First, Support Later. Anytime you feel that a pesky reader will say, “What’s your support for this?”, CITE it.
  9. Use a Speech Dictation application.
  10. Mix figures, charts, graphs in with text. This both gives clarification to the reader and a chance to get a break from reading your text.
  11. Find a proofer who is neurotic about your dissertation’s weaknesses.
  12. Use an editor – pay someone.
Penny J. Larsen

College professor with 30 years of teaching experience

What to include in a dissertation discussion?

Writing a discussion section of a dissertation is a process that requires maximal concentration, implementation of analytical and critical thinking skills, as well as generalizing and evaluating your own research, which isn’t easy. But if you know exactly what structural elements this chapter should include, it becomes much easier to cope with the task.

So, this is how to structure discussion in dissertation:

  • Data interpretation. This is the opening part of the discussion section that overviews the findings and explains their meaning in a narrative way.
  • Comparison. The research that has been carried out can hardly be the first one in the field, so it needs to be compared to the others.
  • Evaluation. This part shows the originality of the work as well as its importance for the field of study and science in general.
  • Explanations. If the results differ from the expected ones or from what other researchers usually get, the reason for such findings needs to be clarified.
  • Limitations. As unfortunate as it sounds, every work has its limitations that prevent it from being absolutely precise with the research and the results, but it is important to admit it and to name those limitations for future researchers to try and overcome them.
  • Research prospects and perspectives. This conclusive part explains that the research, which has been conducted, is not final yet, and there is a need to continue it in the future.

This is an exemplary dissertation discussion structure and it can be altered, reduced, or extended according to the needs of the researcher. But you should know that this part is very cumbersome and be ready that it may take more time and mental effort to write than any other chapter. It is extremely hard to focus on its writing, especially when all that is left after finishing this chapter is a conclusive part and the job is done. However, there is always an easier and more convenient way to get closer to the finish line – ordering this section from a reliable writing service.

Things to remember when writing the discussion section of a dissertation

A scientist has to go a long way before actually beginning a dissertation writing. They need to choose the topic, defend their research proposal and conduct an original experiment or a survey to base their future research on. But the hardest part still awaits. And it is not that easy to get to it when you have to work full time. Even if you feel like you know the topic perfectly and you have completed most of the paper, knowing how to write the discussion section of a dissertation is the key to successful defense. Putting your thoughts together is not even a half of it. This section must be written professionally, but you also have to:

  • evaluate your own research objectively;
  • try not to overestimate the importance of your findings;
  • make the chapter reader-friendly, which means that all of the complicated terms and numbers need to be explained simple enough for a novice to understand but from a scientific point of view, at the same time.

It is understandable that it takes years for some people to finish their dissertations. Therefore, getting a Ph.D. looks like a goal that can never be reached. One thing that can solve all your problems is using a professional dissertation discussion help.

Writing a dissertation discussion section with a professional help

A dissertation is a ticket to receiving a Ph.D. and that means it should be flawless. Grammar checkers and special software cannot find all of the mistakes the way a human eye can. Checking it on your own cannot guarantee a perfect result. That is why it is better to use a real help and get a professional to proofread and edit the work for you. Moreover, the writer can give an important advice for free because they are the ones who know exactly how to write a dissertation discussion.

Our team of writers has the necessary academic and analytical skills to deliver the papers of the highest quality. No matter whether you are completely stuck with preparing a discussion in dissertation or want to have it proofread and edited, we are always here for you. Professional writers at Pro-Papers have been writing high-quality papers for years so you can rely on their experience and lay the tedious tasks off your back.

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