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buy functional resume


A functional style resume is the best way to demonstrate strong points of a job applicant to a recruiter; however, it happens in the prejudice of the professional experience chronology. That is why HR representatives go with this type of paper suspiciously. When could it be appropriate in such a case? How can it be composed to help in getting towards the target?

While writing this type of work, it is significant to remember that its main characteristic feature lies in the emphasis on skills, professional experience, and achievements of the applicant. The section with citations is situated in the best place of honor - right away after the standard information about the job applicant. Further, in tabloid form, there is the description of experience andrecitation of workplaces.

Its peculiarity is also represented in not following the chronological order when listing the workplaces and duties of the job applicant; instead, the brief description of the applicant, his/her essential skills, and main achievements are being indicated. Consequently, such resumes for a career change are great for shooting cuffs.


In order to help in creating a functional resume, our team of specialists has prepared a sample structure you can use while writing:

  • an introductory paragraph (2-4 sentences) which sums up your goals and achievements;
  • the second part which is titled as "Strong Points" or "Skills". They may be grouped together in 3-5 separate sections (for example, "Marketing", "Sales" etc.), which will let you show your accomplishments in absolutely different spheres;
  • the characteristic features of your professional biography. In this section, you have to list names of previous employers, joining dates, and quits. Job titles are desirable, but not compulsory. In the end, it is important to put the information concerning the education down.

Aside from these points, think of adding the summary that focuses on your skills relevant to the job you are applying to at the beginning, right after the contact information. In effect, such summary makes the first impression on the employer and helps to decide if a person is suitable for work at first blush.

Also, mention the relevant projects, if there any, that can support your application and demonstrate your ability to cope with position-related tasks. Finally, attach a strong cover letter to back up your skills and abilities once again. Moreover, it will divert an employer’s attention from your work history.

Many students experience difficulties with resume writing for internship, and due to the lack of sufficient work experience, most of them decide upon writing the functional one. However, not all of them are aware of all its pros and cons. Therefore, below we have listed some advantages and disadvantages of this formal document. Look them through to figure out whether you need this very type of document.


Sometimes those who want to compose functional resume with no work experience or the irrelevant one are at stake. The case is that the majority of recruiters do not feel high at the sight of such CVs. For this reason, usually, the functional one is not even considered. In the best case, the job applicant will be asked to send the chronological one. Why so?

Firstly, nearly all companies need responsible employees. In fact, the reliability for HR representatives means the clear chronology of your experience without the long career breaks. In this case, the functional resume does not provide the possibility to retrace the professional path of the job applicant.

Secondly, the recruiter can be suspicious of the fact that the plaintiff suppresses something important. The disadvantage of this type of profile is rather substantial. The employer may think that you, as an applicant, are trying to hide something by not indicating the experience in the chronological order. On the chance of interest, you can be asked to send the simple chronological resume, but also, they may leave the functional one behind.

In such a circumstance, whom this type of document is appropriate for? It can be presented as one of the main advantages for those job applicants who do not give consideration to reliability and loyalty in the capacity of the principal values. It is recommended to compose the given CV if you are a specialist who works on a project(s), as a freelancer on the various levels.

If you aspire to the position where it is essential to demonstrate your achievements, then this type of application will be the best choice for you. For example, in case if you are in charge of IT-projects in a bank or you are an expert in the sphere of accounting, and then the recruiter or hiring manager will be satisfied when you list all your successful projects.

Just to be on the safe side, it will be better not to overuse this type of the application document. HR representatives can indicate the strong points of the job applicant to the employer by themselves. Before presenting the profile to the client, the recruiter, as a rule, makes his instantaneous feedback, which is included in the resume or the cover letter for the employer. The feedback is written after the appraisal of the applicant, and it presents the list of the main skills and achievements.

Chances are you have seen the special programs that help to create functional resume online in approximately 15 minutes. However, such a way to collate the information into a required document, which seems rather convenient first, has some cons. Firstly, you will have to put all the information on the software manually, which will take as much time as you writing it on your own. Secondly, you will be restricted to a particular number of fonts and formats that the program offers.

Besides, you will not always be able to make any changes in a final file as more often than not such programs provide PDF copies only. Therefore, we would not recommend relying heavily on such programs as they have many limitations and there is always a need to check the papers afterward.


We know that at first thought, plenty of details, which you should take into account while creating an application or any other type of formal documents, may seem to be confusing and difficult to be knowledgeable about. It is particularly hard when you have many other things to do and do not have much time to complete your functional CV. Having respect for these reasons, it is not disgraceful to cast about for such options as “buy curriculum vitae online" or try to find the best "functional resume writer".

Pro-Papers is the organization, which will help you bring these opportunities to life. The experienced crew of our writers may complete any types of the written assignment, be that an entry level resume for high school students, cover letter, or CV of the high quality. Just visit our website, and you can easily make sure that we offer a large variety of services concerning written assignments.

All completed orders of our clients undergo a complete checkout for grammar and plagiarism, and that is why Pro-Papers guarantees the high quality and plagiarism-free papers. Do not be afraid to contact us, as our custom writing service is available all over the world and in such countries as Australia, the UK, and Canada. In order to help you create your resume online, we are available 24/7 so do not hesitate to contact us at any time to get the necessary administrative support.

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