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Like many people, students get used to things that are practiced the most in their lives, such as writing formal academic papers, for example. Professors tend to be more interested in the students' academic achievements and scientific progress than in getting acquainted with their personal reflections and thoughts on well-known social, cultural or politic events, happenings, or tragedies. That is a common practice for many higher educational institutions, but there are some exceptions, of course.

A student is almost free when it comes to an informal essay writing, but it doesn't mean that it is an easy task to handle. For many of those who got used to the formal style, it is a mission-impossible assignment, as they have forgotten how to express personal thoughts and opinions in writing or in public.

So what is an informal essay? It is a type of non-fiction writing of non-formal, often conversational tone, written in a way to share personal thoughts, opinions, judgments and reflections on specific subjects or topics. The main objectives of such non-formal tasks are to amuse and entertain readers. On the other hand, teachers or professors give these assignments to their students when there is an uncertainty of any kind with respect to a student's grade, in order to diversify day-to-day academic tasks, or when there is a need to get acquainted with students. In this manner, professors make their final decisions, and it helps them to know their students better from another, personal angle.

While you write informal essay, you should keep in mind that a subject, or rather a topic, is everything, literally, as it defines the entire disposition of the work and the way readers perceive it. However, this is not always an easy-going assignment, as it might seem at first. There are its own pitfalls when it comes to writing.


Informal essays are regularly presented as a mixture of personal thoughts, opinions, and experiences. But, such papers should bring at least a bit of reading pleasure, so students should take it as serious as possible. There are several obligatory points that you need to follow to create a great informal essay:

  • This essay is more personal than other types, so think over an idea carefully in order not to make it dull and boring.
  • Often, these tasks take a form of friendly conversations or argumentations, and their style should differ from formal essays.
  • Try hard to convey your personality in these essays to make them interesting and intriguing to read.

Like any other essay, an informal one also has its format and structure, although there is no certain approved format for it. Basically, if you want to know how to write an informal essay, or at least, structure it, the answer is – the way you want. Usually, a five-paragraph structure is an obvious choice here. Along with that, a student should control the informality level in his/her writing. The style of writing is obviously colloquial, but it should also contain some facts and even experiences, but do not make the work sound overly serious, a mildly humorous tone will be good here.

Of course, do not forget to be honest with your readers and remember that other people, who may be unfamiliar with you, may be reading this. Stick to real events, facts, and experiences, things that show your genuine personality. In a certain way, the manner of writing is very close to fiction stories. Topics of the informal essays may vary immensely = you are welcome to write about friendship, family, love, hate, life, nature, education, music or success (even not your own).

At the planning stage, especially when you are tailoring a draft, it will be useful to use an outline, and when you are through with the final version, do not forget to proofread the paper. When it comes to outline, any good informal essay example can help you see which part goes where in work in general. However, as there are no formalities, try making up your own, unique outline, just make sure it is reader-friendly.

It is important to note that some admission essays are required to be written in a very informal form. Thus, while applying to get into college or university, you may also have to write a few papers of the kind. They will surely be more complex and personal, but that is not a problem. If you are not sure how to write a college essay professionally, our blog is always full of the best tips to guide you through the writing. However, if you feel like you cannot cope with your assignment properly, know that Pro-Papers team is here for you. You can always buy MBA essay from us to boost your chances of getting into the desired facility. So do not hesitate when you need help the most, and feel free to order your paper from us anytime you feel like doing it!


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