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A cover letter for online internship application or other purposes usually seems as a non-obligatory annex to the resume or CV, and applicants often tend to pay no attention to it. But these people make a huge mistake, as a thoughtful letter, tailored to support a resume or CV, especially if a person applies to accounting, finance, marketing, or engineering position may substantially increase his or her chances of getting a dreamed job or internship.

If a resume or CV is aimed at communicating with an employer and assist in getting to know an applicant, a letter, especially for the internship, is tailored to match your skills and experience with visions and missions of a particular company.

Such kind of paper is usually written as a supplementary document that is sent in accompaniment to the resume or CV to assure an employer that an applicant is a perfect fit for this or that position, and a company may significantly succeed if it takes the candidate. This is a general definition of a cover letter for college student seeking internship, but it fits most of the purposes it may serve.

Such papers can be of the diverse types, and each of them defines the content. As a rule, employers and employees distinguish three main types:

  • Invited C.L.
  • Referral C.L.
  • Job Application C.L.

Therefore, to tailor a good graduate or undergraduate internship cover letter, you need to know and decide for yourself what type you need. Another important aspect of is to understand how to structure, and what to include in it.


If a CV or resume is the main part of your application story, then a cover letter is a swan song of the overall application process. It is deemed as the last effort of a candidate, especially for a student who wants to take an internship, to be accepted to a chosen position. Passing an internship is a unique possibility to acquire knowledge, improve it, and get new skills, and be hired by the company if you proved to be a perspective professional.

The CL is important because in most cases, it comes together with a resume and they are the only documents needed for the employer. Other documents are requested later if they are needed. So this is the chance to make the first impression, and you need to do your best to make it positive.

If you decide to apply for MBA program, you need to create a winning cover letter for MBA internship. The main thing that you, as an applicant and author of the paper, must remember is that each work must be tailored to the needs and purposes of a particular company or HR specialist. Therefore, there are no two identical documents, as each of them must be different and must contain different objectives. So make sure that the hiring manager sees that you possess the skills relevant to the position the company offers.

For preparing a winning cover letter for graduate internship, you need to get to know your employer, for example, visit the company's website and read the enterprise info, history, mission, vision, and values, try to find out more about a person who may interview you. Demonstrate commitment to the position and make this person (or a group of people) understand that you are a reliable and diligent employee.

Make sure to follow an appropriate format and style of the document. Usually, such papers stick to the formal style of writing, so knowing the name of whom you are addressing your resume, CV, or cover letter to is a great plus.

A winning work contains a catching opening sentence. When a hiring manager, for instance, opens your CL and reads the first sentence, his or her opinion about your application is already being formed. Hence, it is immensely recommended to tailor a catching opening sentence to make a reader want to finish reading the paper. This may save your application from being rejected.

Check the work upon completion. It is recommended to let the eyes rest for a while and return to the paper in a while to be able to track obvious mistakes and drawbacks individually. However, you can always use a helping hand.


Depending on the nature of the work you are applying to, your application will require different content. For example, if you want to write a cover letter for research internship, you first should figure out what type of research internship it will be: a research itself, a teaching assistance or an apprenticeship. After that, you have to focus on what you hope to achieve, why you have chosen this very professor, what experience, particularly research ones you have in the area and, of course, your incentive to pursue the research.

According to the statistics, those applicants who include the correct addressee’s name are 15% more likely to get a letter of acknowledgment or an appointment to the interview. When it comes to writing graduate/undergraduate, or high school internship cover letter, it is important to keep in mind that, first of all, one needs to include his and employer’s personal information at the beginning.

Note, that it is a bad idea to begin the paper with the words “Dear Sir/Madam”, “To whom it may concern”, etc. If you do not know the name of the person, try to search for the information on the company’s website or use social networks. For instance, if you are writing a cover letter for internship in university, try to find out the name of the person who will be reviewing the submitted documents as such approach will enhance your chances to be accepted. Do not be afraid to do anything to find out the person’s name, and do your best to avoid not addressing the person in charge of hiring by name.

It is also important to remember about a business tone. If you wish to demonstrate your creativity, you can do it in your portfolio or writing samples. Therefore, you need to keep in mind that business tone will be one of the factors influencing the impression about you.

Such official documents presuppose the thorough selectiveness of the points to include. Do not give too broad, generalized sentences and at the same time, try to avoid giving too many details that cannot show why are you the most suitable person among all the competitors.

Sometimes, it happens that the student has no required skills and has to create a cover letter for internship position with no experience. While composing such a paper, it is important to show the desire to learn. The employers should understand that you are interested and motivated enough. Mention that you are attentive and are able to follow the given instructions.

In addition, to prove that you are able to follow the instructions, you need to stick to the required word limit and format. It is natural that you may want to write a lot about your strong sides, but it is vital to include only the most significant information. The hiring manager will see that you are able to follow the demands and it would be a good chance to make the first impression.

The strong conclusion is also extremely important. You need to remind why you are the best candidate. It was already mentioned that one need to remember about business tone, however, the conclusion should not be too formal. In the conclusion, it is important to state that you are looking forward to hearing from the hiring manager.

Do your best to let the manager know that you are the best fit for the company. Make your work personalized and original. The managers receive hundreds of papers and only a few of them draw attention and meet the needs of the company, university, or college.

In order to create the best application, one needs to remind himself the purpose of writing it. This will prevent from composing similar papers. Maybe it is not so easy to write great letters consisting of one page but following the tips will help to make them perfect.

Also, do not send the same applications to all the employers since such “cut and paste” approach will definitely not favor you. First, you need to learn as much as possible about the company to show why you are interested in it and how you can contribute to it. Only after that, start crafting your application taking into account the information you gathered.

To make up a decent cover letter for foreign internship or any other internships, you have to both follow the strict rules regarding formatting of letters and at the same time demonstrate your distinguishing characteristics through the content.


If you are looking for internship cover letter help, Pro-Papers is here for you. We can be your helping hand if you need to proofread, edit or write your work from scratch. If you want to purchase this type of writing online, take into account our service as we create papers for many spheres and purposes: for bank workers, informational technology specialists, social workers, law students, human resource managers, etc.

We cooperate with the writers who have knowledge in different fields, so you do not need to worry if you think that your subject is difficult for us. You can be sure that the assigned writer has deep knowledge in the field he is proficient in and the paper will be of a high quality. Additionally, you do not need to ponder how your work will look like, once it is done. Go ahead and ask the Support Team to send you a work sample and you will receive it via chat or e-mail.

Our writers are well initiated with all the requirements for writing an academic cover letter what will enthrall any employer and help you to get the wishful position faster. Therefore, place your order now and have confidence in the future!

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