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It is a document a student sends to potential employers requesting to pass an internship in their company. It is typical for the university or college students to get a real practice during the last years of education. They send a few papers to the hirers, including a properly constructed application. When it comes to writing, they can choose to either outline the work themselves or look through the online templates. A sample structure of resume for college students looking for internships is the following:

  • Objective statement - briefly describes who you are and what position you would like to apply for.
  • Education - lists the degrees you have obtained and the current place of studying.
  • Skills - include a set of qualifications and abilities.
  • Work experience - presents relevant job positions that you have occupied, and shows responsibilities for each of them.
  • Honors and awards - includes the information about substantial achievements.

Either it is for UK, US, Australia, or any other country, the structure of the resume for internship position does not vary significantly. There can be other sections, which a certain company wants you to include, or you may decide to review a few additional things yourself. These can be relevant research papers that show the depth of your knowledge, or a study abroad experience that demonstrates a desire to get a better education. Also, it is important to include contacts of the people who can provide employers with necessary recommendations. It will help to assure the hirers that you are suitable for a position.


Usually, university students do not have much time to apply their knowledge and practice for real. However, they are given an opportunity to pass internships to get more proficient knowledge in their areas of specialty. Also, it is a chance for a student to experience a job application process and learn to work with documents.

One of the most important among all required papers is a resume. It lets an employer know how suitable you are for a position. The document is only one page long and must be written in a certain format. It should reflect both what you want to learn and what you can give the company. The hirers need to see that you can fit in their working environment and may even bring something new.

Many undergraduates worry that they have no experience to show in their first internship resume. Luckily, you do not necessarily need it while applying for such training. You want to get it while working for the company, so it is important to show this desire. It is crucial to focus on your academic achievements and emphasize skills that make you a good candidate. There must be something that distinguishes you from other students, and you have to use it to get an internship in the best company.


Crafting a decent application is of great importance since it will facilitate obtaining the position you dreamt of significantly. Most students procrastinate the writing as they simply do not have the slightest idea how to get started.

Typically, high school students and those who just enrolled do not know how to fill in the blank space on the applications while seniors bother about presenting the scanty accomplishments at their best. This is challenging indeed, particularly when you are just stepping into the professional world. However, trying to put off the task you will not enhance your chances to be hired.

To help you with tailoring a decent paper, we have listed some recommendations on how to make up a resume for a college student looking for an internship. Generally, in your application you have to:

  • Emphasize your professional objectives. Having highlighted your perspectives on the application, the employer will know better if the position you are applying to is the best option for both you and the company. Moreover, the goals and objectives will show you are a man of purpose.
  • Cover only the relevant and truthful information. Do not try to embellish your work experience or educational achievements as the lie will come to light anyway, and you will be rejected from the list of candidates for sure or even be fired if you are already an intern. Instead, honesty and integrity will show your credibility. For instance, if you actually worked at a shop register, do not say you have been working in cash management.
  • Include references if you are asked to. As a rule, employers will ask to attach the references and/or portfolios if needed. Two to three references from people who know your capabilities will give an employer a better idea of your personality. Certainly, the references from your professors, academic supervisors, or college deans are the best as these people know how you work. Surely you have to get permission from them first as you have to put their names, titles, phone numbers, or email addresses on the application.
  • Use professional language. The professional language, in this case, presupposes the avoidance of clichés, personal pronouns (I, me, they, you), and articles (the, a, an). It is also characterized by a telegraphic style, which implies the usage of incomplete sentences and action verbs at the beginning of each phrase. You should keep in mind that this is a formal document and your language has to be concise and specific.
  • Proofread the paper as many times as possible. There is no need to stress the importance of checking your document for spelling and grammar errors. You may try using various spell checkers or, much better, ask someone to read it. Have not given due attention to such at first sight trifling matter, you most likely fail to create a perfect document although perfection and carefulness to details should be your goals here. Naturally, the employer will think twice whether to hire this candidate and chances he or she prefers a more attentive and meticulous one.

However, at the same time, do not forget that each situation is different, so spare no effort in adjusting each application to the position applied.

If you want to impress your employers and fellow students with the great resume for MBA student internship, order it with a great writing service! The Pro-Papers team works tirelessly to provide you with a 24/7 help and assistance. Trust us to complete your paper and give a boost to your future career!


Graduate student resume for internship is not the easiest kind of paper to write. A good one can help you land a spot in a dream company while another one will keep you unemployed for months. And when it comes to writing the mentioned kind of paper, you need to try even harder to get a position.

The time you spend practicing while studying will bring a difference when you apply for the full-time job. No company desires to take a completely inexperienced post-graduate, so it is better to do as much as possible while you are still in the university. And the only thing that stands between you and this significant experience is a document that tells about your skills and goals. Therefore, you have to take making resume for internship seriously and make the most of the one page you are given.

However, you can face a lot of difficulties preparing the documentation. Luckily, there are ways to overcome them. If you are not sure how to outline the work, you can always look up the templates. There are plenty of them, so it is important to choose a relevant one.

When you need help with the whole paper, it is better to use a professional internship resume help. Many of our experts work in admission committees, so they know exactly how a perfect applicant should look like. We carefully proofread each paper and use special programs to spot even the tiniest mistakes. Our support team is always online and ready to assist. Pro-Papers will help you save a lot of time and provide you with the best resume for internship.


Need some help in making your undergraduate resume for internship look professional? Well, you have just found the right company! Our experts have helped hundreds of students to outrun their rivals in an internship race, and now they are ready to make you a champion.

We know how hard is it to make a catching resume for high school student for internship or any other undergraduate one due to the absence of work experience, insufficient knowledge, and lack of relevant skills. However, we also know exactly what kind of workers big companies are looking for, and we are here to share this information with you. All you need to do is to contact us and say “Write my resume”, and Pro-Papers will take care of your documentation.

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