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An investigation report is a document written to inform a concerned party about a certain incident that has occurred and the actions that might be taken regarding the situation. Such reports are kept in archives, while not is use, and are retrieved in case some information or clarifications are needed. They can be written by authorized persons within the company or detectives, either private or working for the police and other law-enforcement departments. Here is a basic example of the structure that will help you understand how to write investigation report:

  • General case information - includes the name of the person who reports, case number, and important dates.
  • Brief summary - shortly overviews the incident, involved parties, causes, and outcomes.
  • Recommendations – pieces of advice on the measures that have to be taken.
  • The purpose of investigation - defines the objectives.
  • Incident descriptions - provides a full chronological incident description.
  • Interviews documentation - gives detailed information on the interviews, including notes of the interviewer.
  • Interviews summary - reveals the most important data gathered during interviews.
  • Evidence & other findings - show everything sufficient that has helped to understand the situation and find a necessary solution.
  • Conclusion - presents a final decision on a case, includes summarized information about a certain violation and the policies that will be applied.
  • Appendices - include necessary additional materials.

Most of the people who read such a paper stop on the recommendation section. Therefore, it is important to get straightforward to the main idea at the very beginning. The general case information should be extremely brief and to the point. There is no need for the details here – you simply put the date and tell the reader what happened at that particular time. The summary is basically all of your paper shrunken into one paragraph, in the best case, or a few more, in case you have a lot of data to cover. And recommendations is where you state what should be done further based on the info you have provided.

The work has to be written in a simple language to make it understandable from the first glance. This does not apply to any terms – while you are trying to make what you are writing comprehensible, it does not mean you have to simplify everything. However, pay attention to the jargon. When you are too deep into the certain sphere, you start using words that no adequate vocabulary includes. These words are only used by people in this specific sphere and mean nothing or something completely different to others.

It is better to use active voice when possible to maintain clear connections between objects and people. If certain information cannot be delivered to the readers in one simple sentence, try delivering it in a few brief and clear sentences. This way you will avoid unnecessary misinterpretations and misunderstandings.

When it comes to avoiding misunderstandings, here is where the proper structure of the paper helps a lot. If you want to understand how to outline your paper better, ask the support team to send you an example of investigation report. Also, our writers can work on your paper if you have special requirements or need to follow an unusual structure. Place your order at Pro-Papers, and a team of professionals will start working on it right away!


Incidents happen around the world every day. Some of them are extremely hard or impossible to prevent, however, by reporting such events people can eventually find the ways to avoid them. The word "incident" is sometimes confused with another term "accident". The first one stands for any event, good or bad, that has happened, and requires an investigation. The second one is more precise and stands for a misadventure that has resulted in the injury, damage or even death. However, the accident investigation report writing process has no sufficient differences, and the structure stays the same.

Police departments are not the only places where accidents are investigated. Some companies have their own specialists to resolve internal issues. These may be complaints, minor flabs, and violations. Such problems are solved according to company's policies, and reports help to take preventive measures. Authorities choose these measures themselves unless the infringement breaks the laws of a state or a country.

In such situation, the case goes under the control of law-enforcement agencies, and a criminal investigation report writing takes place. Reports play a great role there, as they may help to solve crimes and put the perpetrators behind the bars. Therefore, it is important to approach the writing of such paper seriously, as poor documentation can ruin the case completely.

When your writing skills are far from good, it is better to trust the experts with the work of such value. Pro-Papers team knows "how to write a investigation report" and is ready to help and make your paper effective. Leave your writing to us, and receive a great document on your case.


Investigators are the people who like to be involved in the real action. And writing reports has nothing to do with that. It is a very important part of the job, but also the most boring and time-consuming one. However, it may be simplified or even avoided.

Some people use templates, which are pretty helpful when it comes to outlining the paper. It saves some time but leaves a great amount of work ahead. Moreover, a template can never be compared to the effectiveness of an online writing service. It is much better when you can give all of the needed materials to a professional who is able to write investigation report of a great quality.

Some of the specialists at Pro-Papers have not only completed such reports but also done a real investigation. Therefore, they are familiar with specifics of the work and a report writing process. Place an investigation or lab report order with us and let the experienced professionals complete the paperwork for you, while you can focus on the other important cases.


As a big company, we understand how crucial it is to keep records and reports of the incidents that have occurred throughout the years. They play a great role in our growth and help to avoid unpleasant situations in future. We know the importance of making these documents clear, objective and precise. And yours can have all of these qualities too if you purchase them from Pro-Papers.

We cooperate with the writers who are experienced in different kinds of papers, and we surely have a perfect school report writer for you. Our credible experts are always ready to deliver perfectly polished papers of the best quality. We offer different deadlines, so you will not be late with the work submission.

If you are a student and have troubles writing a technical report, our team is the one to ask for help. Simply specify your requirements, and we will find the specialist proficient in the required subject. If you have difficulties preparing written research report and need some tips on how to outline and write it, you are always welcome to visit our blog or ask our support team for assistance. The support can guide you through the list of available samples, provide a few recommendations on your paper, and make sure you find the information you need.

We highly value all of our clients and visitors, and thus, we are trying to make sure that by entering Pro-Papers, you will successfully resolve the issues with your writing tasks. Our company works 24/7 to provide professional and affordable services to people of different occupations. Therefore, if you ever need any assignment help, know that we are always here to assist and cover your back.

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