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This is a type of writing assignment that requires a person to describe and analyze a past event or an experience he or she was involved in. It is a common task in schools and universities, which helps students learn from difficulties they have faced in their lives or studies, and think of the ways to avoid or cope with them in the future. The essay consists of at least five paragraphs, where each one has a different purpose. The way the academic reflective essay is written is unusual and has its specifics, but the outline is rather typical:

  • Introduction - sets the scene and tells a reader what is going to be reviewed and why.
  • Body paragraphs - describe an experience and analyze it.
  • Conclusion - summarizes the problem, reiterates the purpose and suggests the further actions.

As evident from the example, the paper does not have a thesis statement, unlike other works of this type. However, it still gives a focus to the reader in an introductory paragraph. The body of the paper has to cover three main questions: what has happened, what are the results, and what can or will be done in the nearest time. Answering the question clearly will help in writing a good reflective essay. Note that it is important to separate the answers and create nice transitions to make the work coherent. This part needs to flow into the conclusion, where the reader has to see the whole picture and understand the way a writer has developed through the process.

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The history shows that even the most obvious mistakes tend to be repeated. This statement applies not only to the famous leaders but also to every person who has ever lived. However, if we were not capable of remembering and analyzing our own experience, we would have been extinct as species a long time ago. Hence, it is vital to think through the complicated and unusual situations and make proper conclusions since juvenescence. And that is exactly the reason why writing a reflective essay is important. It helps students of different ages to evolve, learn from their mistakes, and apply the obtained knowledge later in life. Reflective essays are written at least once a year and cover diverse parts of students' lives. Therefore, it is crucial to understand how to write a reflective essay qualitatively and present personal growth in it properly.

Work on every paper starts with a choice of the topic. Teachers usually provide students with prompts, some of which remain the same each year. The most common task for the scholars is writing a good reflective essay on writing process. This assignment requires you to think about all of the papers that have been completed through the semester or a whole year and write about the issues you have faced. It is important not only to describe past events vividly but also to show how you have overcome the problems and what this experience has given you.

You can mention advice your teachers and classmates have given on peer reviews and the way you have used them. Also, you can speak of any style, formatting or grammar difficulties you overcame to present the improvement of your skills. In the end, the best reflective essays on writing process leave an impression that any complications the student faced have been approached seriously, and he or she realized how to benefit from the experience, either good or bad.

In high school and university, such papers are usually written to review situations, which are more intricate and harder to examine. Students get to decide what kind of event to reflect and, therefore, have to put more creativity into writing. If you have chosen the topic, you need to show why it is significant and what is the purpose of returning to a certain situation.

It is important to tell about the event in details mentioning what, where and why have the things happened and the way you could have changed the situation. Your analysis has to present the outcomes and tell how they have influenced your life. It is crucial to show that you have learned your lesson and will be able to make the right decisions if the similar situation occurs in future.

If you want to know how to make a reflective essay perfect, here is a rule to follow: devote 10% to the description of a certain experience, 65% to a thorough analysis, and other 25% to a projection of the things you have learned on your future. Your work has to do more than just tell how you have matured since the event; it has to show this in examples to make any reader believe it.

It may be hard to see your own progress sometimes, so if you feel stuck, try asking your peers for help with writing reflective essay. Close friends, family members, and the classmates you interact with the most are likely to be the most helpful in the case. You will be pleasantly surprised to hear some of the things they have to say, and you will surely have a lot more info to include into your paper when you receive the feedbacks.

Reflective essay on research paper is another type of task you may be asked to work on at the university. And either it is your own paper or the one of your fellow student, you need to make sure you remain objective and unbiased while making an assessment. Keeping a balance between the praise and the critique is the key, so while pointing out the mistakes, do not forget to mention the parts where the researcher did a good job.

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