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Conducting research is an important aspect of academic activity, which is inevitable for everyone involved in education. Before everything else, researching enhances your skills and knowledge of a certain subject. When you are seeking out new details of the already known field of study, you may get lost in the various pieces of information. And this is the moment when the research paper outline comes in handy. An outline serves as a basis for the whole research paper as it gives you a direction to move in. If you don’t know how to do a research outline, just read this article, and you will find out all the useful tips and rules of a great outlining.

What makes a good research paper outline?

A well-written academic research paper outline will be your great advantage in the course of writing the actual research paper. Generally, the whole process has to be split into the following steps:

  • Choosing a topic
  • Defining the study objective and the thesis statement
  • Researching and collecting the necessary materials
  • Creating a plan
  • Creating a draft
  • Doing the project
  • Proofreading and revising the final work

It may be alluring to skip the process of compiling a plan for the sake of saving time and move on directly to writing the draft or the paper. However, later, you will realize how much time you manage to save in case you make a plan and follow it precisely. A well-elaborated plan ensures that nothing is left out, and the logical flow of material is preserved.

Importance of writing research paper outlines

First of all, a good outline for research paper will help you to stay motivated. It is much better to spare some time on an outline instead of writing on the spot and having no idea about the structure and main points. Outlining greatly helps to organize ideas and make your work well-structured.

Moreover, it is almost impossible to keep in mind every single figure, formula, or variable that might change over the course of time, especially if a person conducts experiments that affect the primary data. Therefore, you probably should have a piece of paper where you will be able to jot down your thoughts and ideas. As a result, you can get a clear vision of what needs to be edited or deleted in the draft.

So, the primary goal of doing outlines for research papers is to simplify the writing process. Making a list is the most effective tool for organizing your thoughts, which will ensure the logical transition between paragraphs afterward.

Tips from experts

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A research proposal should clearly introduce a research topic and plan that can be completed with your knowledge and the resources available to you.

  • Convince me that you’ve thought carefully about this. Show me what you know by citing research that pioneered your field of interest.
  • Next, it’s time to seal the deal with an explanation of methods. As I’m reviewing your proposed plans, I expect the methods to be clear, concise and realistic.
  • No ‘fluff’ is needed. Maintain credibility in this crucial part of the proposal by continuing to cite relevant research. I know it can seem arduous, but it’s worth the effort to show me why your investigation is a great idea.
Justin Fischer

Teacher, science educator, and lab worker

How to write a college research paper outline?

Irrespective of the purpose of academic writing, you should have a clear understanding of what is expected from you as an author and researcher. Apart from that, creating an outline for a research paper gives you a great opportunity to write down any idea that strikes your mind. The importance of plan lies in organizing these ideas in a logical manner in order not to get lost in them along the way.

No need to say that structure plays a crucial role in any type of writing, so it applies to research papers outline as well. Most learners suppose that a plan is reduced to three main sections, namely the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. However, an informative research paper outline exceeds these basic parts. For example, in the introduction part, you have to list the research question and the thesis statement. In the body, you have to focus on the context and the arguments, and in conclusion, you need to include the summary of the whole work and the evaluation of the investigation done.

Here are the best tips on how to prepare a perfect research paper outline:

  • Think of the points mentioned above and write at least one sentence concerning each of them. Make sure to put enough details so that it would be much easier to find the information you want to use in your paper. For example, it is advisable to put bibliographic information in the plan because in such a way, you will know where your citations or quotes come from.
  • You can also draw some tables or diagrams on a separate piece of paper. It will help to visualize information more effectively.
  • If your topic is rather broad, you have to understand in which direction you want to move with your research.
  • Written ideas should also be organized properly. Divide them into main and supporting ones. Such a division will help to find a relevant place for them later on.
  • Look through the above-given tips before setting down to your research paper outline. Keep in mind that an effective organization of a project enhances a reader’s understanding of the information presented and makes the material easy to remember.

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