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This is a type of paper, which briefly describes a problem, question or a story. It is hardly different from any work of this type, except for the length.

The structure is slightly modified too:

  • Introduction - is one or two sentences long and shows what the work will be about.
  • Body - usually consists of a single paragraph and talks about a certain event or an issue specified in the topic.
  • Conclusion - summarizes the work in a few sentences and finalizes it.

If you want to succeed in writing a very short essay, you need to organize your thoughts. Firstly, record all the ideas that come to your mind. You can either make a list all the ideas and then leave only the most successful one or try freewriting - write everything you want to tell without editing. Then, of course, the text should be proofread and edited several times. Such approach is especially helpful when you are stuck or need to get the work done as soon as possible.

Before you start writing short essay, it is important to choose a topic properly. This may even affect the way the work will be structured. It needs to be interesting, actual, appropriate and intriguing to look appealing for the reader. If the topic is some sort of a question or a problem, it is necessary to include a thesis statement to the introduction and state the major points in it. The best short essays usually include a contrary paragraph, which states an opposite opinion that needs to be refuted with convincing facts, so think about including one in your paper too. Note that it is important to make sure your work includes evidence from reliable sources for both of the viewpoints if you want your teacher and your other readers find your paper worthy of reading.

When you need a paper to be done as soon as possible, and you cannot manage to complete it, purchase it from our company for a moderate price. If you struggle with a topic choice, our writers will kindly advise you on it and provide you with a few relevant options.


A narrative essay requires you to describe a certain event in a very precise and particular way. Basically, it is a brief story, based on a real-life experience. It has to be both interesting and informative. The description has to be vivid and sensual to make the reader feel like he or she participates and lives everything through with you. When you write short essay, you need to know the purpose of writing and the main point exactly to direct your story.

When it comes to a paper for getting a scholarship, the narrative has to describe a life event that has helped you to become successful in the certain field required to get this scholarship. Also, it may show any situation where you managed to cope with a serious problem and the way you did it, or anything that inspires you.

It is always better to have someone check the short story essay you have prepared before you give it in. Ask your friends or relatives to read and evaluate it for you. Provide them with the copy they can write on and then be sure to consider all their remarks and comments.

When you need help with your academic assignment, the Pro-Papers experts are always ready to provide you with the best writing services. We will gladly send you a few examples of good short essays and give the necessary tips for your paper. You can always count on us when it comes to writing, polishing, and editing the work.


Short essay writing is a typical task every student gets while studying at school, college, or university. That is why it is important to know how to nail it. And if the deadline is near and you cannot manage to complete the task, it is important to know the ways to cope with the assignment differently.

When you have troubles with writing a simple short essay, or you cannot outline your work properly, there are a few ways to deal with it. You can read similar papers other people have written. Just search for a decent sample on the web. It will give you a general understanding of the way such kind of works are usually written. However, the best option is using a help of a reliable writing service. The Pro-Papers team has the best writers with degrees in the variety of fields, who know how to write a short essay for sure. Through the years, our experts have completed thousands of works for the students around the world, and we are proud of having so many loyal customers. Let our experienced writers take care of your paper!


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