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A short report is a formal document written to inform a specific audience about a certain subject that has an impact on their lives. Such type of work is used more in business, journalism, and science rather than as the university assignment. They differ from ordinary ones not only in size but also in the purpose of writing and structure. Short report writing is more focused and, therefore, broken into fewer sections. It is very difficult to find an example of the outline for the given task as the structure depends on the purpose and topic. Hence, it is better to organize each report individually making it as brief and coherent as possible. You may still use the following short report example and alter it accordingly for every occasion.

  • Summary (briefly overviews the research and includes basic information about it).
  • Background (shows the significance of the study and provides readers with more details).
  • Procedure (presents methods that have been used to conduct research).
  • Discussion (reviews and analyzes findings, shows limitations of an investigation).
  • Conclusions (summarizes key points and the main idea of the study).
  • Recommendations (provide guidance for the further research and present writer's interpretation of a problem and its solution).

If you are assigned a short book report, this outline is not applicable to your paper. Such structure is more widespread among business reports, and scientific reports, however, still may not fit some of them. If you try to look up a short report template, you will see that every template looks differently. Some papers will include a title page with general information or attachments with tables, graphs, or sources. However, many parts like glossary or list of references are rarely presented. Therefore, you need to shape your paper according to the data you are including and requirements of your company. If you fail to try to organize the process of writing short report, let our professional team help you with it. Purchase your work here and let experts complete a perfect paper for you.


Throughout school and university years, students deal with writing papers of different kinds on a daily basis. However, the same paperwork remains when they graduate taking other forms like writing short reports. All companies and corporations have their own format and standards for documentation. Employees often come unprepared for writing such works as universities rarely focus on them enough. Despite the fact that long reports may be prepared only once or twice a year, it is important to learn how to write a short report as it is used more frequently.

Before getting to writing, you need to think about the purpose of your future paper, which, in most cases, depends on your job position. Short reports are solely informative but sometimes can ask or warn a certain person or group of people about specific things. If the purpose is clear for you, readers will understand it too and make appropriate conclusions.

It is always important to consider your audience when writing. If you are preparing articles or news for journals and other periodicals, it is better to keep the language simple and, at the same time, professional to deliver the information accurately. When your readers are specialists in the same field, you might want to use terms to present data more precisely. As short reports are more direct and addressed to the specific audience, you have an opportunity to focus your attention only on those things that will be interesting for people.

The main problems that arise when preparing reports are planning and structuring. Business or technical report writing are the hardest to deal with. In technical writing, reports play a lot of different roles. They may present a new design or findings, inform the authority about the status of research, etc. The outline will differ from one case to another, so it is crucial to understand what kind of information you include.

Short reports are used more widely in business writing. They are considered as very functional documents for all companies, and they are way easier to write as there are thousands of helpful samples on the web that might fit your particular paper. Also, it is vital to proofread the work after you finish it and check if you have satisfied the necessary criteria. Writers from Pro-Papers.com will gladly assist and edit the work for you polishing it to perfection. Buy reports for college and work at Pro-Papers and you will never regret your decision!


If you are loaded with paperwork and have no time to take care of everything, do not worry as Pro-Papers.com is always here to ease your burden. We are an experienced team of professionals working 24/7 to help you to write short report together with any other kind of written tasks. Our writers are experts when it comes to reports so that you can be sure about the high quality of your work. The Support Team is always online to make your experience with our writing service pleasant and trouble-free. Order your papers at Pro-Papers to receive flawless works at affordable prices.

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