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Reports take a crucial place in lives of many people all over the world. The preparation of such works has accompanied us since the very early age from chemistry laboratories for the high school to workplace reports where a level of responsibility is much higher. In many cases, workplace reports are written for health and safety purposes, but they may also take other forms. To begin with, let us give a definition of the above-mentioned notion and explain how to write a workplace report.

The given kind of report is a type of writing the main purpose of which is to inform readers or employees together with employers about current events, the status of the company, its employees, business standing, and other events that may occur at the enterprise from time to time. Such works can take different forms and types, and each of these types is aimed at different final purposes and written for various categories of people. The main types and forms are provided below.


Depending on an initial event, reports have different final forms; for example, they can be formal or informal, short or long, informative and descriptive, etc. Each company has its own approved form and format for documents of this kind, and usually, such assignments are written on a company's letter headed paper. There are many forms of workplace reports and they are written depending on an event occurred such as:

  • Injury (when a certain employee gets an injury at work);
  • Incident (when an incident took place at work);
  • Accident (when a bad accident occurred at the production site, and it should be reported immediately, especially if an injured person died because of the accident);
  • Investigation (when there is a certain violation of the company's rules, it is being reported – however, only after the investigation is completed).

This is a just a brief list only with main forms, and you can definitely face other ones during your career. Also, in order not to confuse you with some points in the list, let us explain the difference between the incident and accident. An accident is an unintentional bad event that happened to employees or corporate property while an incident can be considered as a good or bad event that should not result in a decline.

It is important to note that here are also business, annual, or monthly balance reports that can be written at the office for the benefit of the company, and some of the engineers or technical professionals have to deal with technical report writing either daily, weekly, monthly, or simply during the implementation of a certain project.


When you are writing a research report or preparing a workplace one, the first thing you need to do is to collect all necessary information and facts. Facts should contain information about a person/persons, place, date and time, job titles, the name of the department, events that caused an incident or accident, types of injuries (if any), and treatment plan. These are basic facts necessary to start writing a lab report too, if any accident/incident occurred in the laboratory, for instance.

After that, you should analyze and describe in details what sequence of events provoked the unlucky situation. Give a list of people involved or list of hazardous equipment if you are composing a hazard report. Then offer recommendations as to what should be done to eliminate the danger or improve the whole situation. Usually, depending on a type of report, a reporter may offer to modernize the production equipment or train employees to improve their knowledge about safety and so forth.

Workplace report example may also be of great help at the planning stage. If you are not the best at outlining, an example can help you understand what sections to put into the paper, and what to write about in general. Also, you will be able to see what kind of language is used, and will be able to use the same formal and professional writing style in your work.


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