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How to write a chemistry paper

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Water drops in a transparent glass material in a chemical laboratory

Chemistry, as one of the most important sciences, is a vital subject in a curriculum of schools and universities over the world. It is no wonder that chemistry writing is a pretty common assignment which you will have to deal with eventually. If you don’t know where to start, how to write, and what topic to choose for your chemistry paper, do not worry as we will cover every aspect of the assignment completion in this article.

Chemistry paper topics

Before moving any further, let’s start by choosing the topic for your paper. Here are a few of the options you may consider:

  • Properties of specific materials
  • Artificial tissues
  • Recent advancements in chemistry
  • Creation of hydrophobic materials
  • Methods of corrosion prevention
  • How to make pesticides less harmful?
  • Toxicology and medical chemistry
  • Using chemicals to fight addiction
  • DNA alterations
  • Food additives and their effects
  • Using chemicals to enhance water/food quality

Chemistry paper format

If you are writing an essay on chemistry, the outline of your paper will likely look as follows:

  • Introduction with some background info, a hook, and a thesis statement.
  • Body that elaborates on the points presented in the thesis statement using factual data and your analysis of it.
  • Conclusion, which summarizes what has been previously said and shows how the purpose of writing the paper has been fulfilled.

Note that a research paper outline will have an intro and a conclusion too. However, the body of the paper will be divided into a few sections, which might be but are not limited to the following options:

  • Experimental details. Provide more info on the experiment you have conducted, including the materials you have used and the reactions you observed.
  • Literature review. Shows the relevant information you have found in the process of research.
  • This section might be a summary and/or analysis of the data you have obtained.
  • Explains what you were limited by in the process of research or when conducting an experiment.
  • Links the results with the information you have found in the sources and elaborates on your findings and analysis.

Tips for writing chemistry essays

  • Pick a narrow topic. As you will likely have to write only 1-3 pages, you will not have a chance to discuss a lot of points. Therefore, choosing something specific to focus on is a must.
  • Do not use fancy words. Keep your vocabulary simple as you will not have any space to provide definitions to the terms.
  • Factual data only. There is no place for opinions in the chemistry essay – only factual information and its analysis.
  • Discuss one point per paragraph. This will allow you to cover all the necessary details without mixing the information up.

Tips for writing a chemistry research paper

How to write a chemistry research paper successfully? Pretty easily if you follow this set of tips:

  • Mind your language. Avoid passive voice constructions as well as slang or jargon. You may have to include a glossary in your paper if there are a lot of terms that might not be known by the general public.
  • Always create an outline. Even if you understand what you will cover in your paper, it will be very easy to lose the track of thoughts when you deal with a lot of information. To avoid writing nonsense, having a specific plan is a must.
  • Be very prudent with the sources. You are writing a research paper, not a narration, so sources have to be credible. Therefore, you might consider searching for the info in Google Scholar.
  • Use past tenses to describe a procedure. However, use present tense when stating a scientific fact.

Last but not least, always proofread your writing. Grammar or spelling mistakes will spoil even the most professional study, and you surely want to submit an A+ work, don’t you?

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