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Writing civics essay


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Illustration of a social group for a civics paper done by Pro-Papers

It goes without saying that every person should be more or less aware of the history of his/her country as well as the powers that take control of the state to govern it. So, where does civics step in? Civics examines rights, responsibilities, and duties of citizens, theory and practice of citizenship, structure, and roles of the government, as well as the historical background and predispositions of such notions as democracy, constitution, confederation, state, law, and the role of citizens in a particular society. Civics is an international field of study, as each country has its own political structure and its own government, as well as years of unique history that had a great impact on a country’s development and current state of affairs.

Therefore, a matter of civic education is extremely important to secondary and higher education, as the base of civic knowledge is formed during the early years of a person’s development. That is the main reason why essays and research papers on the study of civics are so important and extensively practiced at schools, colleges, and universities. These studies are included in the curriculum of International Relations, Business, Management, and Sociology Departments of many universities throughout the world to guarantee that their students are aware of the previous and current state of affairs of a particular country, as well as about strong and weak points of the governmental policy.

Citizenship essay outline

The structure of the essay on citizenship is pretty basic:

  • This part has to be well-structured and written in a really engaging manner so that your audience would like to continue reading. Therefore, include a hook sentence and relevant background information to interest the readers in your topic.
  • Thesis statement. This is a part of the introduction, but it is so important that it requires special attention when outlining. Here, you need to cover the main points you wish to discuss later in the paper very briefly, without going into details at this stage.
  • This section will be fully based on your thesis statement. Take each point you have covered in the thesis, and devote at least a paragraph to the discussion. Be sure to add transitions between the paragraphs and back-up any claims that you make with factual data.
  • The main goal in this paragraph is to restate the thesis statement and give the readers some food for thought. You may briefly overview what has been said in the body and finish with a rhetorical question, call to action, or just an interesting sentence.

Need civics homework help? Check out these top 3 tips!

Civic papers may cover various aspects of the government structure, election procedures, law and legislation proceedings, as well as civic responsibilities and duties. Therefore, the student is expected to be fluent in all of these topics, as such assignment may be necessary to complete in class without preliminary preparation. Hence, there are several important things to bear in mind when it is time to work on this task:

  • If you are relatively free with a topic choice, you should come up with topics that you like or those that you are passionate about. For instance, you are welcome to discuss international relations or international conflicts, how public policy influences citizens, etc. You may start researching the common options to settle on a specific topic that catches your eye.
  • When you come up with a topic, you should do some research, but double-check all facts, dates, and names, as these small things create a detailed picture of your paper. Depending on a topic, you may mention contributions made by such historical figures as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, and others, or how their policies influenced society. Civic essays gravitate toward details, so be sure to provide ones, but check a level of credibility of those details interpreted by you in order not to corrupt well-known facts. This will surely affect your grade.
  • Certainly, awesome essays about citizenship should be grammar- and spelling- mistakes-free. Therefore, it is recommended to check the paper personally or ask a friend. This way, you will make sure that the essay sounds good, the flow is maintained throughout the paper, and your ideas are logically presented before submitting it to your professor.

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