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criminal law assignment help

The significance of Criminal Law

Imagine if all rules have suddenly been cancelled. What would the world look like? Many people dream about living in such a place thinking they will have more freedom that will let them go anywhere, do anything, and get the exciting experience they will remember forever. However, what they do not take into account is the fact that every other person will not be obliged to obey any rules too, which means billions of people can be engaged in any activity, good or bad. Thus, if acts that are now considered crimes will not be punished for, and neither victims nor perpetrators will be helped, the world may go to ruins, and survivors in such harsh conditions will have to fight in order to prolong their existence (you can mention it in your criminal law essay!). Without control, the humanity basically cancels the years of evolution, and we will go back to the life our ancestors had thousands of years ago. As people have a natural need to belong, with time, some persons will form communities, choose the smartest and strongest leaders to guide them, and, ironically, establish certain rules to help keep everyone in the group safe.

Therefore, going back to the reality, there are two things that you should be able to see clearly. First, rules and regulations are the products of evolution and their presence in peoples' lives is necessary for the survival. And second, most of the rules do not take the freedom away, but rather give everyone an opportunity to live with each other in peace and harmony.

These are the reasons why every government has a system of principles that keep social relations in order, which is known as the criminal law. It helps to regulate the behavior of people, rehabilitate and educate ones who have problems maintaining proper living in the community, punish those individuals who cause harm to others, and protect everyone from possible danger. The system of criminal law is extremely complex, and its rules keep changing and improving for the good of the society. Thus, studying criminal law and reading criminal law articles, you should understand how hard and, at the same time, significant the discipline you have picked is, and what an important role in the society you will play as a specialist in the sphere. While at the academic facility, you have to learn and analyze a lot of material and challenge yourself to become better and progress every day. However, no matter how complicated years of the studies are now and will be in the future, Pro-Papers is always around to alleviate them. Hence, you can be certain that nothing will stop you on the way to mastering your criminal law thesis paper, as our professional team is here to make sure you succeed.

Best topics for your essay

If you thought your studies would be all about learning laws and looking though criminal law cases articles, the assignment you have now would definitely prove you wrong. Essays are the usual parts of the curriculum, and you need to know how to pick appropriate topics for these tasks in order to prepare good works. Even though there are hundreds of excellent subjects for your criminal law research paper, it is never easy to make the choice when you have to do it on your own. does not want to leave you alone with this complicated decision. Therefore, to provide you with criminal law assignment help, our company has prepared a top pick of issues, which will definitely catch your eye and help to create an exceptional paper.

  1. Insanity defense
    Can mentally ill people be held liable for crimes they have committed? This question has bothered the society for ages, as nobody knows for sure what kind of punishment is appropriate for such persons or if it is appropriate at all. Some members of the society think that ones with disorders are "getting away" with crimes when they are assigned a course of treatment that is brief and rather pleasant comparing to the imprisonment, and are released shortly afterwards. There is a decent possibility they will commit a crime once again, in case the treatment was ineffective or there is nothing that can actually help, which brings up another question - why not put them behind bars or, if they are out of control and reached the point of no return, sentence them to death? While numerous mentally ill individuals can live and function normally without harming themselves and people around them, although occasionally experiencing certain issues, others can be threatening health and lives of surrounding persons. Thus, while the former are mostly capable of distinguishing right from wrong, the latter are not as their diseases do not let them percept the reality adequately. Being delusional, they can steal, injure, or even kill, sometimes repeatedly, not being acutely conscious of their own actions. However, members of the first "sane" group can do all the same while being completely conscious, but still be seen in the court as victims of the mental illness, which does save them from serving the sentence. There are hundreds of tests that can help determine whether the person is that sick, he/she cannot be responsible for any of his actions, but it is questionable whether the results can be fully trusted during the adjudication. The situation is utterly confusing, but it is crucial to define clearly when mentally ill criminals should be treated, sentenced, or both, or if there are other options. There is a need for laws that would make it easier to help and punish such people appropriately. Also, as there are too many unanswered questions in the area, it is ideal for those looking for a criminal law coursework topic.
  2. Identity theft
    One of the most common modern-day crimes, which "popularity" grows way too fast, is, for sure, the identity theft. It is extremely difficult to track and sometimes, even hard, to spot at all, as victims often have no idea that some of their personal information has been stolen or used inappropriately. Such thefts are almost impossible to prevent, as the availability of data in our days is very high. Profiles on websites, social networks, public databases, and numerous other places store the information that is not so hard to obtain if you have enough knowledge and needed skills. People get thousands of scams and fake web pages by means of willingly or foolish mistakes; such people make swindlers' lives even easier, as victims basically help them commit the crime faster and with less effort. Identity thefts usually happen on a financial basis, as offenders aim to steal money from peoples' credit cards or use goods and services available to them. There were criminal law case articles, in which felons had been serving the sentence under fake names, and the real "name owners" had major troubles dealing with police records of crimes never committed by them. Criminals ruin lives of thousands of people, making them lose their jobs, savings, and go through serious health problems. Money, when stolen from businesses, ruins whole companies, bringing massive changes to the market and economy. However, there are scenarios that have far worse outcomes. When stealing identities of people who have access to classified information or dangerous things like chemicals and weapons, perpetrators gain the certain level of power and become a threat to the national security. Such cases of theft can lead to acts of terrorism, multiple murders, and bring a lot of damage to people, cities, or even countries. Therefore, it is crucial to start dealing with the issue of identity theft as soon as possible, think what kind of laws contribute to it, and which ones should be taken to prevent it. However, at first, it is necessary to study this question thoroughly, look through criminal law review articles, and think of the real severity of this offense.
  3. Hate crime
    Even though history shows that hate and pride have not brought anyone happiness and peace ever before, everyone knows that history repeats itself anyway with the help of some special individuals who are being blinded by their alleged superiority. No matter how much politicians and governments scream about "equality" when it comes to criminal law review online, and how major religious teachings claim that everyone's life is worthy, there are still people that have diametrically opposite opinions. Millions of people of "non-Arian race" have been murdered and tortured during the WWII; numerous non-white people died from hard labor and were killed during the 19th and 20th centuries. Thousands of other similar cases took lives of the innocent throughout the history and should have become answers to the question why there is no point in hating each other for differences, and fighting over them. Unfortunately, tolerance and peace are not the words that describe the current world situation, as if they were, we would not have such term as "hate crime." Guided by prejudice or influence of masses, people commit violent acts against others of different sex, race, nationality, appearance, religion, and orientation, assaulting them physically and verbally, damaging their property, and sometimes even killing them out of the hate. Usually, perpetrators are immature, badly educated, and those who have a community that supports them - a family or religious group. Due to the lack of knowledge, verdancy, and suggestibility, such persons are extremely easy to persuade, but in many cases very hard to control. When they take part in hate crimes, it is not enough to simply put them behind bars, as prison will less likely be the place where they will change, and more likely be the place where they will die, murdered by their cellmates. Convicted of hate crime should be educated and rehabilitated, as they are rarely sentenced to life, which means they will have to become part of the society once again, and they better be mature enough to realize how stupid their actions were before they have a chance to repeat them. World countries have different laws that address hate crimes, while some do not have at all, and it would be interesting to compare crime rates, types of victims, and effectivity of laws while preparing your criminal law case study.
  4. Juvenile offenders
    If you are looking for a controversial topic, this area will certainly give you what you need. Juveniles in the system are one of the hottest out of current topics in the criminal law sphere that can be reviewed in a criminal law dissertation, as the cases that involve youngsters are extremely hard to work on. While healthy adults are fully mentally developed, and thus, have the ability to make thought-out decisions and face the consequences afterwards, it is opposite for children. Kids, even those who knew it was bad to do what they did, may have not understood what kind of troubles they got themselves in, or done certain things being under the influence of their family, friends, or gangs. Teens have issues dealing with hormonal changes, and thus, in some cases, cannot be fully in charge of their actions. Many articles on criminal law cases state that children need love, attention, and something to occupy their time with, so when those needs are not satisfied, there come problems with the law. Luckily, a light penalty and rehabilitation course can change lives of adolescents for the better and save them from the criminal future. There are special prisons or prison-like facilities where youngsters can get education and counselling they need while serving the sentence. It helps them realize that law works for everyone, and every person should take responsibility for outcomes of own actions. Juvenile crime rates in the USA, UK, and even Canada are rising every year; such penitentiaries become overcrowded, which gives judges no choice but to send some of the accused children to regular prisons, where they rarely learn anything good. The recidivism rate in juvenile offenders is also getting ski high, which leads to the conclusions that the punishment/rehabilitation system for children does not really work and has to be changed as soon as possible. It is crucial to study the issues related to immature criminals thoroughly in order to understand how to help them from the side of the law. Making someone write some articles on criminal law is perfect for examining some of the well-known juvenile offenses, discussing variants of resolving problems in the area, or making suggestions regarding actions that have to be taken in the given sphere.

The choice of the topic is surely not the only thing you may have troubles with while composing criminal law term paper assignment. The research, outline building, writing, and editing may become the stages where your work will slow down significantly, which is inadmissible when every minute counts. In such case, do not waste time you can put to the better use and let specialists take care of parts of the working process that cause the major problems. Do not hesitate to request an expert assistance or help. College coursework will be completed flawlessly by Pro-Papers whenever you feel stuck, and our team will gladly help you finish your assignment qualitatively and in a timely manner.

Buy Criminal Law paper from an expert writing service

Most of those people who decide to study criminal law understand that they will have to deal with a lot of documentation and paperwork, for example, such as criminal law cover letter. However, greenies rarely anticipate a number of essays and research papers they will have to write during their university years, so these works come crashing on them as a big and not-so-pleasant surprise. Being assigned to one of such papers, they clutch their heads, having no clue how to write a criminal law essay, and finally, decide to resolve the problem as during good old school days - to look for samples to see how someone else has coped with the similar task. That is not the worst idea, as even teachers recommend to do it occasionally. However, some students go further and use these examples as the basis for their paper paraphrasing sentences, putting a few synonyms in, and thinking their job is done. Does that work well for them? Certainly not. The plagiarism checking software has seriously advanced in the recent years, and as universities use the best one, paraphrasing does not work on papers anymore. Therefore, if you do not know what to do with your assignment or you have no idea how to write criminal law resume, do not make foolish mistakes you will regret and use the help of professionals. Otherwise, you will just waste a lot of time and will get a poor grade for your paper.

If you are looking for the criminal law expert in the sphere of criminal law reports online, this is your lucky day, as is the best one. As a criminal law paper writing service that has been working in the niche for quite a while, we understand what kind of works our customers need and what are the standards for the criminal law review. UK and US-based writers will gladly help you with your papers. Therefore, our writing specialists create original and professional papers of high quality ensuring that each work is delivered on time, and every client is 100% satisfied. services are available online 24/7, so no matter when you decide you need a homework help, our team will always be here to assist and support you. We definitely know how to write a criminal law assignment! Order a criminal law paper from our expert crew and get a top-notch work that will make your professor proud.

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