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Writing criminology research paper


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Illustration for a criminology paper

There are thousands of people from many parts of the world who commit crimes. Every minute someone is being robbed, assaulted, or murdered. The statistics show unbelievably high global crime rates, and it is hard to imagine how numbers would actually look like if all crimes were reported and what panic they would cause. That is why criminology papers are always so popular to work on.

Why is it important to write criminology research papers?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to get rid of malfeasance in full and for good, as we do not live in the utopia. However, by studying crimes and understanding everything that stands behind them, we can start taking valid resultative and thought-out actions that will significantly drop crime rates and prevent numerous crimes in the future. The study that can help us understand what is needed to achieve these goals is known as criminology.

Best criminology paper topics

Criminology is a very broad discipline that covers numerous subjects, and, hence, it is often hard to pick a topic to write criminology research papers on. Fortunately, this sphere is also very interesting, so you can easily find something you like in every area of study. However, you will not always stumble upon topics for your criminology research paper that will appeal to you and your teacher. Here, we decided to cover a few common options that you can narrow down to a few interesting topics.


Humanity has been facing the issue of terrorism for centuries, and, as we live in very politically and economically unstable times, terroristic acts keep occurring all over the world, wracking massive havoc, and leading to deaths of thousands of innocent people. With the development of technology and scientific fields, the opportunity to use all substances and devices that were meant to help people has arisen.

Numerous virus strains and dangerous substances, which are hard but possible to get, provide a terrorist with the biological and chemical weapon that can stamp the humanity out of existence. Another form of modern terrorism is cyberterrorism, which involves using computers and other technological devices to access, steal, and change private data of people and companies.


There is always an individual who suffers certain harm in a crime, and that person is called a victim. Victimology studies such people, as well as the ways to help them rehabilitate and survive crimes, and tries to understand their relationships with perpetrators and the criminal justice system.

For years, specialists gathered and analyzed the information about crime victims to define whether they have any similarities and see how they interact with criminals. Hence, now we can divide victims into different classes depending on their behavior, emotional state, and other factors.

When medical and police workers know what kind of victim they are trying to help, they can act in the ways that would be the best for an aggrieved person and investigation of the case. As it is now known that some people are more likely to become victims, there is a need for methods of crime prevention that would consider the information available on this discovery. Also, it is important to find effective ways of working with people who have unhealthy relationships with their offenders like women with abusive husbands or individuals with Stockholm Syndrome.

Human Trafficking

Even though many people think that slavery is in the past, and we live in a more or less humanistic society now, the problem of slavery did not fade away but rather took a different form, which is known as human trafficking. Millions of people, mostly women and children, who disappear every year, become a part of the huge international trade system.

There is a need for better search methods, preventive measures, rehabilitation programs, and penalties for people who neglect others’ rights. Therefore, human trafficking is a topic that has to be studied and discussed in criminology papers more in order to find solutions to numerous existing problems in the area, to raise awareness in the society, and help to stop the modern-world slavery.

Legalization of drugs

Even though the legalization of drugs is one of the most popular topics, it remains hot and actual, as arguments around it never stop. There is a huge group of people who claim that every person should be free to consume whatever he or she wants as long as it does not harm others. And, in most of the cases, by drug legalization, such people mean marijuana legalization, as cannabis is widely used for medical purposes and has a temporary calming effect, so consumers do not show signs of aggression, and, unlike alcoholics, are rather inoffensive.

However, as marijuana is still a drug, it causes addiction, brain damage, panic, anxiety, and has many other destructive effects. Even if its decriminalization lowers the crime rates or boosts the economy, national health will lower drastically, and depression will become a major issue.

Female serial killers

Females are rarely playing the role of perpetrators and are more likely to be victims of different types of crimes. The number of women serving a sentence for homicide is extremely small, and most of the imprisoned individuals are either mentally unstable or were under the strong influence of certain people or circumstances while killing a person. It is hard to study female murderers, as there are too many different reasons why they kill.

However, there are persons who baffle psychologists, sociologists, and criminal experts even more, and these are female serial killers. Female serial killers have complex personalities; they are careful, accurate, methodological, and punctilious when it comes to murder. Therefore, they are way harder to catch than their male counterparts and are often more interesting to research.

No matter which topic you choose, make sure it is narrow enough to cover in your paper. If you are unsure, run a few ideas that you found interesting by your professor before you start writing.

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