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Writing an ecology research paper

Human and Nature

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Illustration of a plant for a paper written by an ecology homework help service

Ernst Haeckel is thought out to be a founder of the science, who, in 1866, used the term “ecology” for the first time. Initially, this science has been a part of biology that studied effective breeding populations of animals and plants in their habitat. While writing an ecology research paper, a student has to know that this science examines the following:

  • composite - the group of organisms that belong to one or similar species and take the peculiar territory;
  • ecosystem, including biotic community (complex of composites at the observed territory) and habitat;
  • bio-environment - a sphere of life expansion on Earth.

Why is it important to work on ecology research papers

It’s a fact that all living organisms are closely interconnected with each other. In order not to destroy this harmony, it is important to live in accordance with the laws of nature to fit into the course of its life. Our planet is unique, and we should do everything possible to preserve its prosperity.

However, due to the increasing production and growing population of the Earth, it is difficult to keep preserve the natural resources. More and more species of animals and plants are becoming endangered or extinct. The resources are depleting, and environmental situation is close to disastrous.

Our generation must find a reasonable solution to all the issues stated above by conducting research and raising awareness of the importance of saving the natural resources of our planet. You are definitely wondering how can a student like you help in this situation. The answer is simple – writing ecology research papers, you have an opportunity to raise eco-awareness among your teachers, coursemates, and even friends, neighbors, and family.

Ecology research paper outline

Every student who has to write an academic paper should remember that making an approximate outline of the paper is the very first thing to do. Therefore, let’s review the sections which your paper is going to include:

  • Introduction, which covers the background info on the topic, and presents the points you are going to discuss in a form of a short thesis.
  • Body is where you show what methods you have used to gather the info, review the sources you have chosen, and analyze the findings.
  • Conclusion is where you restate your thesis statement and show how you have managed to cover the topic.

Ecology paper writing tips

Many people may think that it is quite an easy thing to write such a paper as there is tons of information available online. However, in some cases, it is not the case, and one should keep many details in mind when working on an ecology paper:

  • Choose a good topic. The variety of options is indeed amazing; however, you will need to pick the one that is both interesting and relevant to your field. You may do it in the process of preliminary research as it’s rather hard to think up something on the spot, or choose one of the topics from the list in the section below.
  • Brainstorm the topic you have chosen. It is not recommended to start writing as soon as possible. First of all, sit down, read some articles on the issue, and jot down some ideas. It will help you to outline your work and eventually write a well-organized ecology paper.
  • Research carefully. Any environmental topic is a burning one nowadays, so you will find loads of information on the Web. However, be very prudent with any source you find. We are living in the age of fake news, so the ability to critically assess the information is vital.
  • Proofread. While writing any of your ecology research papers, concentrate on your ideas and leave the corrections for the very end of the process. Editing and proofreading should be left for the day after you finish writing, so that you can spot more mistakes with a fresh eye. If the deadline is pressing, have an at least 1-2 hours’ rest between writing and editing.

Ecology research paper topics

  • Invasive plants and pests
  • Major changes in the ecosystem of my area
  • The impact of fast fashion on the environment
  • The harmful effects of fertilizers
  • The future of sustainable housing
  • Why are eco-friendly products so expensive nowadays?
  • The reasons for the emergence of dead zones
  • Why there are so many viruses nowadays?
  • The dangers of plastic
  • The causes and effects of acid rain

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