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How to write an economics research paper?

Economics and Finance

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Illustration of a tree diagram for a paper written by an economics writing service

Writing an economics paper is something you will eventually face when taking a Finance or Economics class. While you might have previously written research works, paper writing in economics has its peculiarities that you have likely never dealt with before. Therefore, let us walk you through the preparation and writing processes step-by-step to help you learn how to create a perfect economics paper.

Economics writing tips

  • First, choose a topic. It should be adequate and have practical importance for economic science. Moreover, make sure it is narrow enough so that you will manage to cover it within the word limit that was set for your assignment.
  • Choose the sources of information. Those may be business economics articles, works of scientists concerning the topic of research, online publications and periodicals, different reviews, etc. The best option is to use peer-reviewed articles, preferably those published within the last 5 years.
  • Compare the main ideas regarding your topic. Write down different points of view of scientists and researchers regarding the selected topic, check if there are any major differences, and find out why there might be disagreements on the matter.
  • Review and analyze. Do not just quote the ideas and statements of experts, but also express your attitude and analyze what they have said based on other information you have learned or already know.
  • Make an outline. Check out the one we have prepared for you below and add relevant sections and points to it in order to make it more detailed and customized.
  • Write the draft version. Do not focus on the flow at this point – just write down everything you believe should be included in the paper along with your thoughts and analysis. However, do not forget that you still need to follow the outline or your work will be an absolute mess.
  • Once you’re done with the draft, polish it. Remove, replace, and rewrite the sentences, add more information, whether factual or analytical, and include transitions between the paragraphs and sections.
  • When you believe the paper is ready for submission, proofread it. This step is an absolute must-do, as there are no perfect writers and you have likely missed some typos and mistakes when working on the paper. They are easy to edit if you notice them right away, and it can make a difference between a B and an A+.

Economics research paper outline

As a rule, most of research papers have the following sections:

  • A brief and succinct economics research paper introduction. It should include a thesis statement that discloses the main ideas, which you are going to elaborate on further, as well as some background info on the topic.
  • A methodology section. Here, it’s necessary to show your research criteria and justify your choice of sources.
  • A literature review. This section requires you to demonstrate your work with the chosen sources and present your findings.
  • Results and Discussion. These may be either two separate sections or the one reviewing your findings and analyzing them .
  • A conclusion that is a brief summary of the whole study and a brief overview of the work’s contribution to economics and further research on the matter.
  • A list of references, which are the sources used in your paper. Be sure to format them according to the formatting style assigned by your professor.
  • This section is optional and it might include some charts, graphs, tables, and other data that is too bulky to include in the body of the paper. Whatever you put here, refer to it in the text.

As we have previously mentioned, there may be additional sections depending on your topic, the purpose of your research, and the methodology you choose to use.

Economics research paper format

The formatting style you need to use will mostly depend on your professor’s preferences. Therefore, before you start writing, check the rubric carefully to familiarize yourself with the basic formatting requirements.

As your economics paper will likely include calculations, you’ll need to know the formatting style that needs to be used in order to present the equations, tables, and graphs with data properly, cite them correctly, and know where it would be best to put them – in the body of the work or in the appendices.

If the formatting style seems confusing to you and there are no clear guidelines on the Web, it would be best to visit the writing center of your academic institution. Alternatively, you can check if the librarian can help you with some tips or provide you with a writing guide.

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