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What is education essay


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Graphics showing the process of education essay writing on a computer keyboard

One of the hottest topics that are being discussed in media, government, and society for years is, for sure, education. People cannot stop emphasizing how important it is to go to school and university, get a degree or even two, but everyone seems to forget that this sphere is not just about attending educational institutions.

The main goals here are to help young people learn, teach them things that will prepare them to adulthood, as well as awake the passion for knowledge and desire to improve their life. However, does the modern education really serve these primary objectives? You can join in on a discussion by writing essays on education, and we will gladly help you do it.

Education essay outline

One of the most important steps of paper preparation is the creation of an outline. It is quite difficult to write a good education essay without a well-planned and organized outline. It helps to plan the writing process, understand what parts your essay will consist of, and what kind of information you will have to cover in each paragraph. As there are dozens of essay types, there is no one-fits-all template that would help structure your work. However, each essay can be divided into four logical sections:

  • Introduction - a paragraph that gives background information on the topic and hooks readers.
  • Thesis statement - a single sentence that describes a question or issue you will discuss and presents supporting arguments.
  • Body - the main part of the paper, which includes no less than three paragraphs that expand on arguments presented in the thesis statement.
  • Conclusion - a section that restates the thesis, overviews body paragraphs, and gives a few suggestions regarding further researches on the topic.

Tips for successful education essay writing

  • Choose an appropriate topic. It has to be a) relevant to your education level b) topical for your country c) interesting for you.
  • Always create an outline. When you have a writing plan to follow, it is very likely that your essay will be easy to read and comprehend.
  • Mind your language and style. Your essay has to be well-structured, clear, and concise. Of course, you don’t have to use formal language here, but note that jargon or slang is also unacceptable in this kind of writing.
  • Be careful with the sources you use. Nowadays, resources like Google Scholar has made student’s life so much easier, so take advantage of it and find credible books and journals for your essay.

Best essay topics on education

Here are a few great ideas for essays about education:

  • Online education vs classroom education
  • What is the best method of measuring student’s achievements?
  • Should gadgets be allowed in schools for studying purposes?
  • How will education change after the pandemic?
  • Main trends in the modern education process (choose any country)
  • Harmful school policies
  • School shooting
  • The gap between rich and poor students
  • The importance of sex education
  • Is homeschooling effective?

Writing a short essay about education fast

If the deadline is near and you do not want to waste time looking through hundreds of topics and sources, here are two awesome areas of research that will provide you with a few excellent options.

Distance education

As we live in times when technology improves every day, providing us with numerous opportunities, we have to use these advantages in all spheres. Even though the learning systems of most countries cannot fully meet the needs of students, governments are trying to make the learning process easier, more interesting, and available for all students, which can be achieved in the best way with the active use of technology. Real-time tutoring, thousands of online courses, and individual mentoring let students learn from home and create their own schedules that allow them to combine extracurricular activities with studies, taking the best advantage of both.

However, for students, the lack of supervision, domestic distractions, and absence of a healthy academic environment may lead to horrible consequences like the dropout rate increase, development of poor time management skills, low quality of knowledge, and inability to maintain real-life relationships with peers. Can education go online completely, and what should be done to reduce possible negative effects it can bring? There are dozens of interesting but complicated questions that arise, and writing about education is the best way to answer them.

Higher education

There are a lot of debates going around the significance of higher education in many countries, especially ones where university fees are sky-high. The first question that usually arises is whether it is important at all. With so much information and different courses available online, people with a strong desire to learn can easily gain the knowledge and skills they need. Also, they do not have to sit through boring lectures, write hundreds of educational research articles, and pay huge loans for half of their lives.

There are numerous examples of successful people who have not graduated from any universities or colleges but focused on self-education, worked hard, and had a plan on their mind, which helped them get to the top. That certainly does not mean that dropouts or people without higher education have a better success rate. The actual situation is rather opposite: people who graduate are more likely to get well-paid jobs or jobs at all and are feeling more confident about their future. Hence, the significance of higher education remains a controversial topic that also touches upon many related issues, and writing a paper about education is your opportunity to join the discussion and bring in some fresh thoughts and solutions.

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