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education essay writing

Modern education and role of a student

One of the hottest topics that is being discussed in media, government, and society for years is, for sure, education. People cannot stop emphasizing how important it is to go to school and university, get a degree or even two, but everyone seems to forget that this sphere is not just about attending academic facilities. The main goals here are to help people learn, teach them things that will prepare them to the adulthood, awake the passion for knowledge and desire to improve one's life. However, does the modern education really serve these primary objectives? The answer is very unfortunate.

There is no way to know how exactly the future will look like in ten years. Nevertheless, modern learning systems claim to prepare students for the successful life in that unclear future. The knowledge of history, literature, and math is certainly necessary for people, and it is hard to deny that most of academic facilities offer to make students more intelligent. The main problem is that none of these disciplines prepares children for the reality they will face after the graduation. They may know how to solve integral equations and what the capital of Brazil is; however, they have no idea how to pay taxes or deal with money properly, how the economy works, and how they can make a good living. Nobody teaches the importance of spending time alone, reducing the anxiety, exercising, having a balanced diet, maintaining healthy relationships with friends and family, or understanding and accepting oneself. Learning facilities establish a studying routine with an unchangeable selection of subjects and tell unique, creative, and talented kids to calm down and follow the system that teaches them the "right" education critical thinking. Students should not be forced to meet system requirements - the system itself has to be changed to meet students' needs. Analyzing problems in the sphere, people can come up with the ways to resolve them and form new creative learning environments where youth will gain applicable knowledge and skills. As a student, you are a great source of ideas for improvement as you have been in the system for years and know what kind of changes should be made. Hence, studying this discipline, you can not only learn more about the existing issues but also offer some effective solutions in education research paper. If you have a few thoughts on the matter but cannot express them in the written form, our team of experts will gladly help you do it. specialists are at your service whenever you require professional education homework help.

Top 3 topics for a great Education essay

It is impossible to imagine how many unresolved problems and controversial questions you have to choose from when writing an education dissertation. You have to consider the type of the paper, course requirements, and teacher's instructions. At the same time, try to find something you like and will be able to manage. If the deadline is near and you do not want to waste time looking through hundreds of topics, here are three awesome areas that will provide you with a few excellent options.

  1. Distance education.
    As we live in times when technology improves every day providing us with numerous different opportunities, it would be illogical not to use them in the given sphere. Modern kids are representatives of a new digitalized generation that knows how to use computers, phones, tablets, and other devices before even gaining the ability to speak or walk. Growing up, they spend half of their free time online playing games, watching videos, and interacting with each other in social networks. And where some people see the bad or even harmful gadget addiction, others find an opportunity to move the education from boring classrooms to the online world. Even though learning systems of most countries cannot fully meet needs of students, governments are trying to make the learning process easier, more interesting, and available for more people, which can be achieved in the best way with the active use of technology that introduces students to the possibility of distance learning. Real-time tutoring, thousands of online courses, and individual mentoring let children learn from home and create own schedules that allow them to combine extracurricular activities with studies, taking best advantages of both. However, for students, the lack of supervision, domestic distractions, and absence of healthy academic environment may lead to horrible consequences like the dropout rate increase, development of poor time management skills, low quality of knowledge, and inability to maintain real-life relationships with people of relatively same age. Can education go online completely, and what should be done to reduce possible negative effects it can bring? There are dozens of interesting but complicated questions that arise, and education essay writing is the best way to answer them.
  2. Co-education.
    It has been argued for ages whether students of different genders should be educated together or separately. The experience of last few decades has shown that there are numerous advantages and disadvantages in both same-sex and mixed-sex academic facilities. However, more and more countries are adopting the co-education system. As the principles of gender equality were accepted not long ago, and women in many regions have received an opportunity to be educated just recently; many countries, especially Islamic ones, still have separate schools for girls and boys, and western countries have numerous private same-sex colleges, mainly for the males. Since we now live in the world where tolerance, equality, freedom, and human rights are valued the most, though in words not often in deeds, mixed-sex schools are becoming more popular as they allow people of different genders, races, and social statuses study together, learn to understand each other, and coexist peacefully. Children who study in such schools are more prepared to real-life settings and tend to be less anxious. They study in the most competitive environment, which boosts their desire to learn better and, at the same time, helps to develop self- and mutual respect. However, at some ages, children and teenagers can feel extremely nervous around students of another gender or strongly attracted to some of them. Such conditions and various hormonal changes in both sexes do not let students focus on the learning process, and can result in depression and poor academic performance. Thus, it is still questionable whether co-education is the best option for students, as it has some serious disadvantages, but an essay about education can help get some clear answers.
  3. Higher education.
    There are a lot of debates going around the significance of higher education in many countries, especially ones where university fees are sky high. The first question that usually arises is whether it is important at all. With so much information and different courses available online, persons with a strong desire to learn can easily gain the knowledge they need and find valuable. Also, they do not have to sit through boring lectures, write hundreds of educational research articles, and pay huge loans for half of their lives. There are numerous examples of successful people who have not graduated from any universities or colleges, but focused on self-education, worked hard, and had a plan on their mind, which helped them get to the top. That certainly does not mean that dropouts or people without higher education have a better success rate. The actual situation is rather opposite: people who graduate are more likely to get well-paid jobs or jobs at all and are feeling more confident about own future. However, a degree does not provide a person with an employment guarantee, as there are dozens of specialties that have extremely low value on a job market. Women and gender studies, film or theater studies, arts, drama, literature, and similar degrees often leave their holders unemployed for years, and available positions in the spheres require workers to labor without stint for minimum wages. Hence, the significance of higher education remains a controversial topic that also touches upon many related issues, and writing a term paper about education is your opportunity to join the discussion and bring in some fresh thoughts and solutions.

If you are looking for something more specific or just having hard times making the final decision, our professional team is always here to help you out. Whether you want to examine education from political, economic, or psychological viewpoints, we have specialists in numerous spheres who can suggest a few unique and interesting titles. Order your essay at and let professionals make all complicated decisions for you and craft a topnotch education business plan.

How to outline an Education essay

One of the most important steps of the paper preparation is creation of an outline. The outline helps to plan writing education articles, understand what parts your essay will consist of, and what kind of information you will have to cover in each paragraph. As there are dozens of essay types, there is no one-fits-all template that would help structure your work. However, each essay, as well as thesis about education, can be divided into four logical sections:

  1. Introduction - a paragraph that gives a background information on topic and hooks readers.
  2. Thesis statement - a single sentence that describes a question or issue you will discuss, and presents supporting arguments.
  3. Body - main part of the paper, which includes not less than three paragraphs that expand on arguments presented in the thesis statement.
  4. Conclusion - a section that restates the thesis, overviews body paragraphs, and gives a few suggestions regarding further researches on the topic.

If you have to include your opinion about the main problem discussed in the essay, you can do it either in body of the paper or conclusion. It is better to ask the teacher beforehand whether your opinion will be relevant for this type of work and topic, or you should stick to facts you can derive logical illations from. If your education review promises to be lengthy, it is necessary to divide the main part into a few sections and mark them with corresponding headings, which will guide your teacher when reviewing the paper. In case you are not sure that your outline is suitable for your work, or you simply do not know the best way to structure your education CV, it is recommended to ask for a professional assistance. Pass all paper requirements about the chosen topic to our experts and receive a perfect outline that will significantly facilitate writing education resume.

Buy Education essay for an affordable price

If you are not satisfied with the curriculum and cannot manage the workload, feel like most of subjects do not give you any substantial knowledge and, ironically, have to write an essay, there is certainly no need to force yourself into it as there is a team of specialists that can easily take care of the paperwork for you. If you have any doubts concerning the whole process, you are free to google term paper writing service reviews. is one of the best homework educational services that perfectly understands students' homework struggles. Therefore, we have designed a system that now helps thousands of schoolers, college and university students get their assignments done qualitatively, promptly, and affordably. Our writers are highly qualified specialists with degrees in numerous fields and years of experience in writing essays, education cover letter, etc. Hence, you can trust them with any kinds of tasks and be sure they will deliver brilliant papers. We know how to write an educational case study for sure!

We are online 24/7 and ready to help with your assignments, even if there is not much time left before the submission. Order your essay at and receive an efficient custom coursework help. When doing this, you will understand that our company can offer not only essays but other types of paper. For instance, may be considered as one of the best education resume writing services. It means that if you are going to become a teacher in any establishment of the country, you will have to prepare a pile of documents. These documents may include an educational assistant cover letter.

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