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The traditional education concerning English in schools does not mean the full immersion of children in the proper atmosphere and culture. That is why children often need help with English homework. As a rule, the basis of learning English consists of the curriculum, the requirements of which should be met, and examinations, which should be passed. All these factors result in the absence of fidelity and disengagement - the principal constituents of the foreign language learning. That is why both teachers and parents need to encourage the interest of the schoolchild to learn the language and to do English homework assignments.

The first steps of studying have to be bright and emotional: it will enhance the positive motivation to put more efforts to the learning process. Sincerely concern yourself with everything that was turned out to be known for your child during the class, listen to him and share his success.

From the very first English classes, the student experiences joy and delight; he likes to pronounce words, listen how unusually they sound, participate in various games. Although, in the course of time, unfortunately, this interest starts to decrease gradually; the reason for such problem lies in the fact that it becomes difficult for the kid to cope with the steadily growing number of unknown words and rules. In these cases, children badly need an English homework helper – a parent or a teacher. While helping your kid with the assignment, you should follow several simple recommendations.


  • What to do if children need help with English homework?

Here, it is worth to remind that the schoolkid himself has to make all home assignments. Thus, the parents' help should be in the implementation of control together with the actual assistance. You do not need to tire your schoolchild with the enormous workload, let him do only what has been given at school. Try to create the calm atmosphere for his work.

Begin to fulfill the task with easy exercises, smoothly moving to the more complicated material. Do not forget to speak highly of your kid when everything goes correctly and do not scold him if there are some failures; your help has to be undemonstrative, patient and persistent. Do not get irritated when the child cannot do the assignment correctly from the first try, and moreover, do not try to do most of the assignment yourself. Your kid may take advantage of the situation, and just pretend not to understand how to complete a certain task or even ask you directly “can you do my English homework for me?" as you have actually already done it before.

Do not go overboard - the obtrusiveness is improper, and it can provoke the disgust to the academic subject. Also, do not forget to organize breaks. It is better to start with the repetition and reinforcement of newly learned words, and then, move to the accomplishment of the written and oral assignments.

  • How should the written assignments for the language class be done correctly?

In the first place, it is entirely necessary to read the task carefully to comprehend it. Then, it would be useful to repeat the required rule from the textbook regarding the topic of the assignment, thinking out own examples. After this part, you may proceed with the written task.

Some teachers consider that preparation of the home assignment on the scratch paper, as the initial stage, can become the particular helper. Although, it is more efficient to accomplish the task in the exercise book at once, to check it afterward and correct mistakes if needed. If a lot of mistakes were made, it is necessary to let the kid find them on his/her own first, and then, point out the ones that were not spotted, explaining why exactly the part you point on is incorrect.

  • How can I help my child improve his academic progress?

The high probability of the decrease of the progress in studies is the excessive overfatigue at school and during non-school hours. Parents should pay attention to these issues and help to reduce the mental workload through the less attendance of the creative hobby groups; it is better to acquire membership in the specialized sports club and to restrict the run-through of TV shows. The work at the computer has to provide benefit, not harm; that is why games for the kid should be of small duration and developmental, not only divertive. Cell phones and tablets also lead to the distress.

Some modern schoolchildren, instead of listening to the teacher and learning something new during the class, manage to correspond back and forth in social networks, play online games or just type SMS. You need to check the accomplishment of home assignments systematically, and not from time to time, and help your child when he/she tells you: “Help me with my homework, please."

  • How to help a child with the homework remotely?

Sometimes, it may happen that you will be working late or will be in another city, state, or country when you child needs your assistance. And, in case you do not want your kid to look for the English homework help online, surfing the web without your supervision, you need to figure out how to provide it yourself. Luckily, in the age of technology, there are a few great options you can go for.

If you have time for a video call or at least a phone conversation, you can actually help with English homework online. Set the time when it is comfortable for both you and your child to contact each other and figure out all the troubles the kid has with the assignments. In case you cannot help resolve them all, suggest the other ways for your child to cope with the task. You can offer the child to cooperate with the classmates. Let him find a few students who succeed in learning the subject. They will explain everything in a simple language, and this will be great for understanding the material. They can also try completing the task together, and such approach will save much time and prevent pupils from searching for someone to “do my English homework online."

Finding a tutor is also a great idea. If your child needs more time and assistance to understand how a certain task should be completed, it does not mean that he/she is worse than others. Many children have tutors on different subjects. It gives motivation and helps to obtain knowledge quicker. Sometimes, during classes, teachers just have no time for explaining something that is difficult for the child. But the tutor will spend as much time as needed for it. Thus, if your child constantly makes the “I need help on my English homework”-like statements, and you feel like your assistance is either not possible or not enough, a tutor is a great option and solution in the case. You can ask the parents who use the services of tutors to recommend you a few good ones in order not to look for the reliable specialists on your own.

When it comes to high school English homework, your helping hand may not be enough. Your child may be simply overloaded with all extracurricular activities, working to make the future application to a higher institution look more impressive. In such cases, a professional high school English homework help may be necessary to allow your child to cope with all the assignments on time and avoid troubles at school.

It is hard to imagine how much pressure maintaining high GPA and coping with extra work outside the school puts on the student. Thus, there is no wonder there are some assignments your child may have hard times completing within the set deadline. “What if I pay someone to do my English homework?" may be one of the suggestions your kid can offer, and in case when there is no better option, you will most likely have to agree to this one if you do not want to spoil the grades your child worked hard to achieve. However, to get an adequate help of a writing specialist, you need to find a quality writing service first.


From year to year, we witness rapid changes in every single sphere of the modern world. As a natural result, these changes have an impact on everyone and everything, including the increase of the study load at schools and other educational establishments. It is not strange when students become too overloaded with the flow of information; they feel confused because of all educational requirements, which have to be met by them. In this situation, it should be no surprise when a student tries to find a way to get a professional but affordable college English homework help.

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