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English Literature paper writing help


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english literature essay help

What is Literature?

Common definitions concerning the notion what literature means do not exist. Broadly speaking, literature is all that is written, everything that is opposed to the oral folk art and folklore. In the narrow sense, literature is defined as a collection of literary texts. These texts are called literary works. Artistic text can be both prose and verse. One should be familiar with various literary works in order to produce a good English literature review.

Unlike other forms of art such as painting, sculpture, music, dance, which have directly subject-sensual form made of any material object (paint, stone) or action (body movement, strings sound), literature creates its silhouette with the help of words and language materializing in sounds and indirectly in letters.

The subject of art is represented in the social world, diverse personal relation to reality, and reality concerning the human. Every work of art is an act of spiritual and emotional communication between people and, at the same time, it is a new thing, new phenomenon, new creation of man, and embodiment of artistic discovery. These functions are communication, creativity, and knowledge that can be common to all forms of artistic activity; although, different kinds of art tend to have a predominance of a particular function. In most cases, such information can be mentioned in a dissertation. English literature requires years of practice and study so one can come up with something new in the field; therefore, in most cases, many dissertations are alike.

Literary works written by English authors are a powerful reservoir of the world literary process. It gave the world such names as William Shakespeare, Jonathan Swift, George Gordon Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Walter Scott, Charles Dickens, Oscar Wilde, Bernard Shaw, and many others. It is hard to imagine literature without these names, without well-known protagonists, without that kind of thoughts and feelings that embrace us while reading novels, poems, or plays, which can be later used as the basis for writing English literature dissertation.

Historical background

Literature of English authors has passed a long way of development, inherent to any national literature. In order to compose proper research papers on English literature, it is useful to pay attention to the following information. It reached special heyday in the XIX century during the period of formation and development of romanticism. Representatives of the "Lake Poets" (Wordsworth, Coleridge, Southey) were the first ones in literature of England who proclaimed new principles of literary creation, restoring national features. The banner of romanticism shows such authors as Byron, Shelley, Rossetti, Keats, giving readers an amazing, magical world, full of honor, valor, beauty, and nobility.

However, gradually, realism came to replace romanticism and spread in the second half of the XIX century, which is usually called "critical" one. The rejection of modernity grinds to its moral criteria is common for realism and romanticism, but if romance calls readers to the fictional world, the representatives of realism (Dickens, Thackeray, etc.) try to give a picture of person and society exploring the causal connection of phenomena.

At the end of the XIX century, literary works turned out to be romantic again. It was caused by the sense of the tragedy of existence that encouraged artists to seek a peace of mind and abstract away from the atmosphere of social problems. Such writers as Collins, Stevenson, Conan Doyle, etc. were called "neo-romanticists", and that can be mentioned in English literature essays.

The beginning of XX century witnessed new and emerging trends in the development of literature. With the end of Victorian epoch, prohibiting the frank display of physiological scenes, such English writers-naturalists as S. Maugham initiated the development of realism.

During the period between two World Wars, British and Irish writers were actively involved in the literary world and European process. R.Foks, K. Caldwell, S. O'Casey were active participants in political, national-liberation movement, and the literary.

When speaking about literary works by English authors of XX century, and what is even more important, when working on A Level English literature essay, it is worthy to mention such outstanding writer, novelist, playwright, master of socio-psychological novel as D. Galsworthy whose trilogy "The Forsyth Saga" is accustomed all over the world. H.G. Wells, J. Joyce, R. Aldington... this list of English writers' names is very long. English literature gave the world a lot of great writers and poets. It is worth noting that its history has gone through many stages and tough way of formation. These stages are divided according to the historical periods in England alongside with social and political situations. Titles of different periods coincide with place names of historical periods, literary or historical figures as well as literary themes and ideas. When writing A level English literature essays, one needs to take into account all the above-mentioned facts and information.

What is the value of Literature and why do we study it?

When we were children, we often asked our mothers to read bedtime stories. It was as interesting as watching a favorite cartoon. Then in schools, we study literature more intensively and receive tasks among which can be English literature critical analysis. In high school, we are studying characters in details comparing them with modern people. During all these levels, students very often need homework help. English literature assignments are rather hard to complete, so there is no wonder that students may need such help.

If being a child we do not think about who wrote a story or poem, in school, we become interested in how and why work was written. We even start thinking about how to write an English literature essay. Books help understand people and life, and claim the best human ideals around us. The study of literature is an acquaintance with views of other people concerning issues that people always want to be clarified: what is love, what is good and evil, and so on.

How to write a good English literature essay?

That can be a very hard question to find a correct answer for. One needs to have a deep knowledge of all writing rules. More than that, a student should have years of writing experience to write a professional paper.

You have received a task to complete an essay on English literature? You cannot find good tips or sources to use to write your paper? That is quite normal, it may happen to the best of us. In such cases, you may need some English literature essay help. For some people, completing written tasks is a fascinating experience alongside with interesting and creative work; and for others, it is like an agony. Sometimes, even a person, who possesses a high degree of literacy, has a hard time writing coursework or dissertation in English literature.

Very often, students get writing assignments from their teachers. Despite of the fact that papers' length is not too big (2-6 printed pages), it can become pretty challenging to complete it effectively and in a quality manner. In addition, students should not forget that plagiarized content is strictly forbidden in such papers as, for instance, English literature A level coursework. Writing papers on Literature involves the use of a particular style with the combination of scientific, artistic, and journalistic styles. Not all students can cope with this task, so some of them try to find dissimilar workarounds.

The simplest way is to download an essay from the Internet. Although, alas, it is not always possible to find thesis in English literature on the given topic. Besides, teachers often check works for plagiarism, and then the most "clever" student can get bad marks. The safer solution here is to obtain term paper help from professional essay writers; in this case, your work will be of high quality and unique. The main thing is not to be mistaken with the choice. Pro-Papers is here online 24/7 to provide you A level English literature coursework help wherever you are in the UK, Canada, US, or Australia. Our team of highly skilled writers can assist students all over the world.

Be sure that each paper including research in English literature, written by our professionals, meets all your requirements. Definitely, it will be fully unique and plagiarism-free, and it will be delivered on time. So do not hesitate and get the qualified English literature GCSE coursework help at

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