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Writing an English literature essay


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Finding information in a big library for writing an English literature essay

Have you been hit with an English literature essay writing assignment that you have no idea how to cope with? Don’t sweat it! We have created a guide covering all the steps you need to take to write and submit an A+ essay for your class!

Topics for a formal essay in English literature

Firstly, it is important to choose a topic to your liking. Check this list to see if anything interesting catches your eye:

  • Pagan and Christian worldview in Beowulf
  • The religious aspect of Utopia by Thomas More
  • Love and hate in Shakespeare’s plays
  • Metaphors of dreaming and storm in John Donne’s poems
  • Mysticism and Realism in gothic novels
  • Childhood in the Victorian Era in Dickenson’s novels
  • Celtic symbolism in English literature
  • Contemporary English female poetry

English literature essay structure

Once you’ve chosen the topic and done some research, it is necessary to create an outline for your text:

  • Introduction starting with a hook phrase and ending with a thesis statement that shows what you will cover in your paper.
  • Body paragraphs with arguments and evidence supporting your thesis statement and elaborating on it.
  • Conclusion with a restated thesis, a short summary of what has been discussed, and a reflective final sentence.

How to write an introduction for English literature essay?

English literature essay introduction is one of the most important parts of your work as this is where you present the topic of your paper along with a thesis you are going to discuss further. Before anything, you need to think about a really curious hook phrase, which will be the first sentence your readers are going to see. For example, it can be an amazing fact or a quote from the text you plan to review.

After that, you can give readers some background information on the object of your discussion and your rationale for choosing it. Last but not least, you need to formulate a strong thesis statement. Remember that it has to be clear, concise, and cover only the main points you are going to discuss without going into details.

English literature essay format

If you study at school, you will likely have to use MLA to format your essay. However, university students have a wider range of formatting styles to pick from. Therefore, it’s best to ask your professor what style you have to stick to, read the rubric, or visit your university website.

English literature help: best tips

Choose the topic you like

Perhaps you are a fan of an outstanding English writer or are fond of some literary period. When you are working on something you genuinely like, you have a chance to create a really impressive paper.

Use thesaurus or dictionary

Sometimes, it might be hard to choose the right words when talking about literature. Therefore, feel free to use the dictionary to find those that will help you show the readers what you really think about a certain text. However, avoid using jargon, overly fancy or archaic words.

Proofread your paper

It’s an important aspect of any writing process. This way, you will eliminate any possible mistakes and submit a really sublime paper. It is recommended to edit your paper the next day after you’re done with it so that you can detect more errors.

Tips for writing a research paper on English literature

Research papers are nowhere nearly as simple to write as essays as these works are more extensive and require a lot more research to be done. Here is something you need to know to cope with your research writing assignment successfully:

  • Find out what other scholars think about the topic of your interest. You will have to review, analyse, present, and discuss their opinions in your work so be sure to make notes while reading their articles and books on the matter.
  • Write down the referencing information for each source you plan to use in your paper and make a small annotation for each piece. This way, you will not forget where you have taken the data from once you move on to the writing part.
  • While a research paper still has an intro, body, and a conclusion, there are extra sections that you will have to include such as the literature review. It is necessary to check the rubric for this assignment before outlining the paper in order to make sure you have included everything that your professor deems necessary for a research work.
  • Write in drafts and submit them to your professor for review if possible. This way, you will know if you are going in the right direction and it is unlikely you will have to rewrite the whole work if the professor doesn’t like the outcome.

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