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Guide to English essay writing

An essay is a composition that is usually written depending on a writer's personal point of view. English homework seems to be an overwhelming task for many students, but at the same time, it is very important part of academic work and, in order to get an excellent mark, you have to complete this task perfectly well.

Essay preparation has several stages. First, pick up points to consider, decide how you will deal with them and, finally, go to the writing itself. Next, think of a title and classify key points that you will discuss in your English assignment. There can be many ideas you find very interesting, but ask yourself if they are appropriate and relevant. The title gives readers an understanding of your approach and highlights leading points you look at and conclusions you reach. Often, such writing details are a bit difficult to cope with for some students who start thinking, "I can pay someone to do my English homework." You should know that essay has not to contain and cover all possible ideas and points an interpretation may offer up. Be sure, a small, structured, and well-organized English review, which focuses on some of the core points, is undoubtedly better than an over-long and unwieldy effort to say a little about everything.

Once key points have been identified, consider their order in the composition. You will see that it is not such a complicated task. Following all recommendations and tips below, you will not have time for "term paper for sale online" issue. It can be useful to state in introduction what issues you are focusing on and why. Keep your readers informed regarding the development of your argument. Let them know, which direction is being taken and reasons for it. The goal of introduction is to attract readers’ attention and show the focus of your English research paper. Start with attention grabber; you can use shocking facts, stories, dialogues, quotes, or a simple summary of your topic.

Main body of the composition should not contain the same points and issues you outline in the introduction. Alternatively, it requires a coherent and clear structure. If you classify main ideas in the introduction, then the organization of essay becomes easier as you can put these ideas in separate paragraphs. Taking into consideration this advice, it is easy to forget about "pay to write my English paper" question at all.

The essay needs a conclusion, which should be relatively short. It is better to omit adding fresh ideas or new material to your summarizing comments as the conclusion should be a summary of previous arguments. Reasoned arguments and discussion have to be presented in your English dissertation. There should not be sets of random thoughts on the topic you have selected. To make sure that your arguments are coherent, it is better to plan and organize all ideas and data before writing.

Practical tips concerning academic writing

  1. Know your purpose. Do not forget to study carefully statements made in the essay, being sure you understand each word in the task. Evidently, misunderstanding or misreading at this phase can be fatal. Essay questions can be, for example, very common, very specific, and, very often, intentionally provocative but their understanding is compulsory. Careful and attentive planning is the key point when composing a perfect English thesis. So, read all directions very carefully.
  2. Plan and be organized. Before starting your academic writing English course, sit down and think about how you want to do it. First of all, select resources you will need. Library books or the Internet? This may affect where and how you decide to work: do not waste a lot of time trying to find versions of articles on the Internet if you know they are present in library books.
  3. Take notes. Taking detailed notes from your sources will save you a huge amount of time when you come to writing your paper, even if you are writing a resume. English is a common knowledge used in resumes, so make sure that your English is good enough to write a professional resume. Enlighten notes in a different color for each new source you read. It will be a perfect visual help for you. The good idea is to use note cards because only one piece of information is covered in each card; you can simply put these cards in front of you and classify them by sub-topic. It will help to see how the information fits together in your article.
  4. Revise your essay. Proofread the paper and correct errors related to format, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Turn to a stylebook if you are not sure how to use colons, semicolons, quotation marks, apostrophes, or commas correctly. Get rid of any repetitive or needless words. In case, you are not sure that you can edit your paper professionally, there is, English proofreading service, which will do this work flawlessly.
  5. Do not procrastinate or you will find no time to finish it. Do not wait until the last day to write your essay, as you need to give yourself enough time to follow the above-mentioned steps and check your paper. In case there is only a need to edit your paper but you do not have time to do it yourself, then our company, which is one of the best English editing services, is ready to support you with any academic issue.
  6. Avoid plagiarism. Sometimes necessary information for your assignment can be easily found, but it is always difficult to add something without falling into the plagiarism trap. Plagiarism and presentation of someone else's words or ideas as your own will definitely cause many problems for you. So, do not plagiarize your paper. Sometimes, it is a good idea to find some professional writers who can complete your task without plagiarized content. You can type something like "do my English homework online" using various search engines.

Common mistakes when writing English essay

Here are some of the most common problems students face:

  • Inconsistent tense

First, decide whether to use the past or present tense when you describe events in a novel. Shifting from one grammar tense to another for no reason is not only improper, but confusing as well. Once you make the choice, you need to be coherent and consistent.

  • Incomplete sentences

Every complete idea or thought needs both a subject and a predicate. Sometimes, an author begins creating a complex sentence structure and then fails to finish it.

  • Misuse of commas

When commas are misused, either it is underuse or overuse, you can confuse, irritate, or frustrate your readers because your sentences are split into too many pieces.

  • Quoting instead of paraphrasing

Quoting and rephrasing are two of the three methods a writer can apply when it comes to essay writing. These two ways are closely related and, as a result, can often be confused with one another. Most of the time, you have to quote in places where the original writer said something so well that you just could not say it better. While introducing quotations, do not insert somebody else's words or ideas in your article as though they continue your own words.

  • Poor paragraph division

Any essay should have no less than four paragraphs plus the introduction, two paragraphs of main body and conclusion. When you want to compose an excellent composition, remember that both the text and sentences should be properly structured, easy to read, and present a development of your ideas.

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When a student decides to write essays or good English CV on his own, he/she may face a lot of problems and difficulties. Students spend ages conducting a good extensive research, and once the research is completed, a lot of time and efforts are being wasted to write, organize, proofread, and correct the paper, even such as master CV. English class assignments are not so easy as they may seem to be. Moreover, it is very risky as students can fail to cope with the assignment according to the professor’s expectations for various reasons and no time can be left to rewrite.

To avoid all of this, students can count on online English homework help at Just let us know and our writers will complete an assignment for you. Having respect to this fact, you do not need to take any further decisions concerning your writing convulsively typing the following: "I need help with English coursework", etc. Our aim is to make you forget about all your academic writing problems and solve them for you. Our writers from the UK, USA, Australia, and Canada with vast paper writing experience can write your paper from scratch, no matter what is the topic or subject. When essay writing becomes your trouble, use our online English paper writing service, and you may be sure the paper you receive will meet all instructions and requirements provided by you or your professor. offers professional coursework help at very affordable prices providing a lifetime or one-time discount packages for our loyal customers.

We are proud to produce individual approach to each client who needs our help. We have no doubts that high-quality custom essays, written by our specialists, are the key to your academic success. Therefore, if you have any problems with this assignment, all you need to do is just to specify paper details and requirements, and one of our proficient writers will complete a paper according to your demands within the stipulated deadline.

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