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Environmental Studies paper writing help

Human and Nature

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environmental science homework help

Ecology as the basis for Environmental Studies

Ecology is a common biological science that studies interrelation of organisms between each other and with their ecosystem. The notion 'ecology' was offered in 1866 by German zoologist E. Haeckel in order to denote a biological science, which studied the interrelation of organisms with their surrounding habitat. However, H. Krebs, English biochemist, gave clearer and shorter notion of the science in his environmental science articles - the study of spread and dynamics of organisms' density.

All branches of biological science examine life at molecular, cellular, or organismic levels, as an individual is the biggest unit of research (genes→ cells→ organs→ organisms). Nevertheless, there exist more complex forms of the living, which can be examined in one's environmental research paper:

  • Groups of similar individuals of one species unite into populations, which create multispecies communities called biocenosis.
  • Biocenosis, in its turn, forms biological macrosystems of the higher rank - biogeocenosis (ecosystems) and biosphere of our planet in general.

The subject matter of ecology as a biological science lies in biological macrosystems: populations, communities, ecosystems and their dynamics in time and space (depending on the surrounding environment). Modern ecology studies different levels of organization of living matter - biogeocenotic, biospheric, that is integrated into biological systems of higher ranks than an organism. This factor differs ecology from other fields of biology, which are enriched by the former. Ecology is closely connected with evolutionism, genetics, systematics, and other biological disciplines. In order to get a good position, you should know how to make your environmental CV effective enough. At the same time, the given science witnesses its own development with the following development of complementary sciences - botany, zoology, microbiology, etc. Therefore, to be a professional ecologist and defend an environmental science thesis paper successfully, you need to pay attention to all the above-mentioned sciences as well.

At the modern level of society's development, ecology turned out to be one of the leading biological sciences. It is caused by the fact that the solution of problems, connected with efficient use of biosphere's natural resources, is possible only from ecological positions.

When writing an environmental study report, it is worthy to remember that ecology as a science solves the following tasks:

  1. studies rules, which define types of organisms' union, dynamics of populations, and biocenosis in time and space;
  2. examines regularities of interrelation of organisms' different groups with ecological factors, impact of organisms and their complexes on habitat in order to learn about populations' conversion mechanisms;
  3. explores the character of distribution of plants and animals throughout the planet, flows of substance and energy through separate trophic levels, and regularities of function of ecosystems and biosphere in general;
  4. elaborates basic concepts for the rational exploitation of biological resources, predicts changes of nature resulting from human activity, gives recommendations concerning processes that take place in nature;
  5. elaborates biological control measures regarding weeds and crop pests in light of pest control chemical and herbicides' deficiency, and ecological pollution provoked by the above-mentioned factors;
  6. studies possibilities of creation of unwaste technologies at industrial enterprises: ecology recommends to introduce the corresponding systems for waste recycling, for example, by means of formation of water recycling system during the process of which commercial water is being sedimented, purified and returns to the manufacturing chain.

Thus, the main theoretical and practical task of ecology consists in the necessity to find out regularities of biological processes and learn how to operate them under the conditions of growing influence of a person on the surrounding environment. Such regularities will have to be carefully reviewed in your papers, and it may happen that you will need some environmental science homework help, and we will be glad to provide it. If you need it today, do not hesitate and contact us in chat, we will answer all questions you may have.

Ecology tackles its tasks by means of specific methods, which are necessary to be taken into account when conducting environmental research. The given methods are the following:

  • Field study - examination of population species and their communities in a natural context. Field study gives the possibility to discover the character of influence of this or that complex of factors on population, general picture of development and species' life-sustaining activity under particular conditions. Nevertheless, not always the field study can give a precise answer to questions raised in environmental reviews. For example, the question "which environment factor defines the character of vital functions of an individual, species, population, or community" may not be answered with the help of experiment, which main task is to establish causes of current interrelations.
  • Ecological experiment - simulation of a natural system under managed conditions and examination of influence of separate factors on organism's development. Experimental methods allow to single out and analyze the role of separate factors under artificially created and controlled conditions. Later, the results of experiments can be announced in one's environmental science coursework.
  • Mathematic simulation of biological phenomena - simulation of existing objects and phenomena, which is being accomplished by means of mathematical language.

Modern ecological problems

Nowadays, there are a lot of environmental articles that narrate about ecological problems of modern age, which are linked with human intervention - in other words, activities connected with the realization of economic, recreational, military, cultural, and other interests of a person that change the environment.

If you are interested in the sphere of ecological studies and ecology and you are going to dedicate your life to the profession of an ecologist, then be ready that one day you will need to write your first environmental science resume. Writing CV is not an easy assignment, so do not be brain-dead; you should know that this activity requires a serious approach. Despite this fact, it is time to come back to human intervention that can be positive and negative, longstanding and short-time, goal-oriented and spontaneous, selective and areal, and also global, regional, and local. Among the main global ecological problems of the modern age, scientists single out the following: greenhouse effect, depletion of ozone layer, acidic precipitation, problem of waste utilization, ecological pollution, desert advancing, land degradation, soil erosion, deforestation, reduction of numbers and extinction of animals, climate change, deterioration of natural resources, sickness rate of population, photochemical smog, etc. To try to cope with these problems, one can try to write environmental business plan.

Let us familiarize with some ecological problems a bit closer. At the same time, it is worthy to take into account that these problems can become good topics for discussion in your environmental assessment report.

  • Greenhouse effect is the heating of lower atmosphere layers owing to the possibility of atmosphere to transmit shortwave solar radiation but hold back longwave thermal emission of the Earth's surface. Greenhouse gases form the so-called glass roof of hothouse above the planet and the major part of warmth radiated by the Earth returns. Negative, for humankind, consequences of greenhouse effect lie in Sea Level Rise as a result of ice melting, precipitation enhancement, change of wind direction, oceanic currents, temperature rise, climate warming, etc. Use the topic of greenhouse effect for your environmental case study and you won't go wrong with this.
  • Acidic precipitation includes any atmospheric condensation (rain, fog, snow), which acidity level is higher than normal one. Acidic properties of the environment are defined by hydrogen ions. Acidic precipitation suppresses vegetation, lowers forest yield and agricultural crop yield, and is the reason of lakes' acidulation that causes death of hardroe, juvenile fishes, water-floaters, weeds, and fish. If you are going to write an article about environmental problems, them acidic precipitation is a rather appropriate topic.
  • Problem of waste utilization. Waste products are the source of pollution of atmospheric air, ground and surface waters, soil, and vegetation. Initially, the solution of waste utilization problem was in waste products' destruction - digging in or incineration, but with the increase of ecological pollution, waste segregation, recycling, and law waste technologies played center stage as more acceptable means of disposal consideration.

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