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Writing a genetics paper

Human and Nature

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Illustration showing diagrams created for a genetics paper

Genetics plays a crucial role in many aspects of people’s lives as it solves thousands of problems and gives humanity an opportunity to survive and evolve. Thanks to genetic discoveries, we are now able to cure diseases that have been considered incurable for decades, secure crops from natural disasters, prevent world hunger, and create different kinds of drugs, ensuring the high vitality of all species.

Genetics development is rapid and has great perspectives, which will allow people to unlock the incredible potential of modification and enhancement of genetic code, improving the quality of life of every living creature. If you are studying this subject or even pursuing a degree in this field, you have a chance to seriously contribute to the evolution of technology and whole humankind by writing essays and research papers on the subject.

It's absolutely fine if you’re not sure what to do and where to start. Our team has prepared a guide with the most useful tips and step-by-step instructions to help you cope with your writing assignment as quickly and easily as possible.

Hot genetics topics for research papers

Whether you are preparing an essay about genetics or any other type of academic writing assignment, there should be a point you will start the writing process from, and it is usually a topic choice. In order to save your time, we decided to prepare a list of three hottest genetics paper topics that you will most likely be interested in.

Stem cells

This topic is extremely controversial as it provokes numerous discussions and disputes. As stem cells can form numerous other cell types, they are perfect material for research. Their potential is huge as you can literally form a living being just by using them.

However, they are really hard to get and painful to retrieve. As stem cells are found in fetuses and bone marrow, it opens an opportunity for the black market to use embryos and living human beings making a profit out of illegal sales.

Genetic epidemiology

The problem which remains the main concern for the majority of doctors and scholars for centuries is the inheritance of certain diseases. Cancer, anemia, sclerosis, Parkinsonism, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular and other diseases are the ones that kill more and more people every year, and there are still no adequate treatment options.

Also, there is a huge need for new ways to diagnose, test, and screen people to determine the presence of such conditions; these techniques should be inexpensive, fast, and non-harmful. Therefore, there are a lot of options you can focus on in your paper, whether theoretical or practical.

Genome editing

Nowadays, you can hardly find a person who has not heard about GMOs. Genetically modified organisms are usually positioned as dangerous and harmful rather than helpful ones. However, the main purpose of genome manipulation is to improve the quality of life of different species.

Genetic engineering allows replacing weak or affected parts of genes with effective ones and creates vaccines and drugs to treat different kinds of medical conditions such as diabetes. Yes, in the arms of wrong people, such editing technology may lead to terrible consequences. Thus, there is room for suggestions and polemics, which you can cover in your work.

How to write a good genetics essay

  • First, settle on the topic.
    Usually, the first difficulties in essay preparation arise when it comes to choosing the topic, researching it, and deciding what kind of information to use. The main thing to consider during this stage is that the topic of choice has to be narrow, there should be enough information on it in scholarly sources, and you should be interested in researching it.
  • Next, it is important to think about sources.
    In the case of genetics, it is crucial to read only peer-reviewed journals, articles, and books of professionals in the sphere. Searching for data on the Web, you will stumble upon hundreds of completely ridiculous articles, where amateurs share their thoughts, not bothering to check whether they have something to do with the current state of research. So if you do not want to make a fool out of yourself in front of your professor, use only credible scholarly sources published within the last few years.
  • Afterward, it is crucial to outline your future work.
    The structure will depend on the type of paper. If it is an essay, the outline will be typical: an introduction, main body, and conclusion. If you are preparing a research paper, the outline will be more complicated as you have more sections in the body of the work, such as lit review, methodology, findings, discussion, limitations, and others. To ease the future writing process, you need to create a list of titles of headings for each section and write a few words about what you are planning to discuss.

Why writing genetics paper is important

Papers on genetics are definitely not the easiest ones to prepare. If you have written essays on genetics successfully before, you may have troubles doing it for your class, simply because of the subject complexity. The variety of research areas and the amount of data, which are available nowadays, provide students with thousands of possibilities to gain knowledge and apply it in real life later.

However, as it is a practical science, it, in most cases, requires an experimental approach to make scientifically grounded claims and prove them to be true in genetics review. Therefore, students who do not have access to laboratories and necessary equipment have to limit themselves with theoretically substantiated researches.

Nevertheless, it does not make such researches less valuable in educational terms, as students learn to gather info and process it professionally. Also, they are perfect if you need to discuss or try to prove something only by using previous studies on the topic without making new significant claims.

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