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What is a geography essay

Human and Nature

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Painting of the world map on a human face for a geography assignment

Geography is a science about the world all around us, including the Earth landscapes, places, groups of people, and the environment. Many scholars consider it to be one of the firstborn sciences as human beings were interested and curious about the universe at all times.

The given science tackles almost all things that concern our world. It is much more than just knowing where people and places are located on a map. For instance, it investigates what our society looks like, how Earth changes, how people’s choices influence nature, etc.

The geographical field covers a gigantic amount of information, and it helps us explore and understand the world we live in and basic physical systems that affect everyday life. Therefore, if you are asked to write a research paper or an essay on geography, you have a vast array of topic options to choose from, but we will gladly help you make a decision by offering you a few great ideas to ponder upon.

Geography research paper topics

If you have not yet settled on something specific to write about, check out our top tip of topics for geography research papers:

  • Demographic policy in China and India
  • Features of urbanization in developing countries
  • The issue of overpopulation in Bangladesh
  • The best alternative energy sources
  • How are diseases spread in the world?
  • Urbanization of big and small cities
  • The danger of landslides

Geography essay topics

When it comes to geography essay writing, it’s best to pick a narrower topic that you would for a research paper. Here are some options to consider:

  • Hot spots in Europe
  • The concept of a melting pot and a salad bowl in the US
  • The issue of global warming
  • Current changes in the political map of the world
  • Why is the oil price so high?
  • Global environmental problems and ways to solve them
  • The role of the great geographical discoveries in world history
  • How ancient scientists made geographical discoveries

Tips for writing a good geographical essay

In order to help you craft a top-notch essay, we have decided to share a set of tips that our own writing team uses when working on such papers:

  • Choose a narrow topic. Do not settle on topics like global warming or greenhouse gases – they are way too unspecific and there is too much you can write about. Instead, choose something more focused, like one of the options we have provided you with above.
  • Use reliable sources. While there might be credible governmental websites or news articles on the Web, it’s always best to take your information from peer-reviewed journal articles or books written by professionals in the sphere.
  • Follow a specific structure. Your essay has to be divided into an introduction, main body, and conclusion. Moreover, it would be best to create an outline beforehand, and write down all the points you want to cover in your paper there.
  • Discuss different viewpoints. If you are writing about something controversial, and you have taken a specific stance on the matter, it’s still important to present some opposing opinions and discuss why you choose to disregard them or why they are not as relevant/credible as the ones you support.
  • Use simple words. While you might be tempted to sound more sophisticated, making sure your writing is easy to understand is a key. When you can explain something complex in a simple way, it shows your intelligence way better than some fancy words from thesaurus.

Additionally, once you finish writing, do not forget to proofread your paper. You may do it in a few hours or days after you’re done with it to spot more mistakes you have missed initially.

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