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How to write a geology research paper?


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Photography of a person gathering data for writing geology homework

Whether you are a newbie at geology paper writing or an experienced professional, here are a few things you should remember when you receive such a writing assignment:

  • Choose topics you can find enough information on and which you know you can master;
  • The sources selected for consideration must be strictly related to the chosen topic and preferably be published within the last 5 years;
  • When researching, write down the points you want to include as well as bibliographical information to cite them later;
  • Outline the paper carefully, including all the main ideas you want to cover, and start writing only after you do so;

Also, read this guide till the end to learn how to all of the above and even more!

Ideas of geology topics for a paper

If you find it difficult to come up with geology paper topics, you may concentrate on the objects of the geological studies, like:

  • Natural objects that form higher levels of the Earth’s shell (subsurface rocks, ores, minerals, etc.), and, in particular, its structure and consistency.
  • Disposition of natural objects in the Earth’s shell that determines geological structure of the latter;
  • Both exterior and interior geological processes that cause appearance, disappearance, and change of Earth’s physical features;
  • Origin and development of geological processes, and also, regularities of the Earth’s development in general.

How to choose a geology paper format?

Before starting to write a geology research paper, you should check out all the requirements and instructions as to the format and the word count. Most commonly, the APA formatting style is used, if no other instructions have been given. If you are unsure, it is best to request your teacher or professor to provide you with a rubric that will give you more information about the assignment.

How to structure a geology paper?

Usually a paper is divided into three parts: introduction, main part, and conclusion.

  1. Introduction is a section devoted to the formulation of the main question that will be researched and the rationale for choosing the given topic. It also usually includes a thesis statement, which is a key idea of the whole geology paper.
  2. The main (or body) part is the one in which the argumentation for the selected thesis statement is consistently revealed. The main part can be presented as a text divided into paragraphs or chapters. If necessary, this part can be supplemented with illustrations, tables, figures, or graphs. But they should be used with caution for the text not to be overloaded with graphic data.
  3. Conclusion is a section that should be presented in the form of summary of the preceding text. Here, it is necessary to be concise, clear, and not to repeat the information from the body word for word. Also, in the conclusion, you can identify questions and problems for future research.

Points to consider before you submit the paper

After you have finished your geology research paper, it is necessary to take some time to proofread and edit it. Even if you are sure that the resulting work is grammatically correct, you should also check how accurate it is in regard to all the other instructions. When evaluating any research paper, professors pay attention to requirements like:

  • compliance of the content with the chosen topic;
  • if the outline is logical;
  • quality of research and chosen sources;
  • ability to build logically structured evidence;
  • competence to format a scientific text correctly (in-text citations, bibliography, appendices, etc.);
  • ability to correctly understand and interpret the position of the authors whose works were used as a knowledge base;
  • compliance with the required word limit.

If you have a rubric, it’s best to check if you have hit all the points listed there as well, as it will determine the way your paper will be graded.

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