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Writing a health essay


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Medical professionals from Pro-Papers providing health paper help

Once of the concepts that needs to be reviewed when talking about health is wellness. It is thought out to be any living organism’s condition when its organs can perform all functions without any limitations. Moreover, wellness is all about making a choice to live a healthy life and doing everything possible to achieve this goal.

There is the whole string of sciences that study or examine human wellness: defectology, psychohygiene, medical anthropology and medical sociology, pediatrics, psychiatry, psychophysiology, psychology, epidemiology, biology, pharmacology, dietology, and others. Therefore, if you choose to write an essay on health and wellness, there are a lot of scientific viewpoints you can cover.

What is wellness?

Wellness is a condition and a strive to live a life of full physical, mental, and social prosperity; it is not only the absence of illnesses and physical handicaps. However, this notion cannot be used to estimate the level of wellness both in population and individual spheres. Medical and sanitary statistics sees wellness at an individual level as the absence of the diagnosed disorders and diseases, and at the level of the population – as a process of mortality rate decrease together with a reduction of sickness rate.

Human wellness is a qualitative characteristic covering a set of various quantitative measures, such as:

  • anthropomorphic – geometrical shape of organs and tissues, chest capacity, weight, and height;
  • physical – body temperature, arterial blood pressure, and pulse frequency;
  • biochemical – the level of chemical elements contained in an organism (hormones, white blood cells, red cells, etc.);
  • biological – presence of infectious and virus diseases, and gut flora content;
  • other biomarkers.

Wellness is also the social quality; taking into account this fact, we can describe the following markers to evaluate public wellness:

  • sanitary literacy of citizens;
  • average life expectancy;
  • child mortality rate;
  • position with children’s nutrition;
  • level of pregnant women medical examination by the qualified staff;
  • level of immunization;
  • accessibility of the first medico-sanitary aid;
  • charges of GNP (gross national product) for public health service.

Writing a health paper: best tips

When working on research papers and essays about health, there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  • The sooner you start thinking about a potential topic, the more time you will have to research and create an A+ health paper. Moreover, while searching for ideas, you may find a lot of sources you can potentially use, even if you switch the topic.
  • Put down an outline along with the points you consider including in the body of your work. This will allow you to plan the writing process and check if you have all the necessary information before you proceed to working on the paper.
  • The common outline of a health paper starts with an introduction. There, you need to provide some background on the topic e.g. some factual information that will help the reader understand what you are going to talk about further. Do not forget to include a thesis statement with the main points you will discuss in the body of the paper.
  • When it comes to the body paragraphs, everything depends on the word limit set by your professor. In a common short essay, there will usually be 3 body paragraphs. Each one starts with the introduction of the argument or idea that will be reviewed, followed by about 3-4 sentences with factual info and analysis, and ends with a conclusive sentence or a transition into the next paragraph.
  • A conclusion is the part where it’s important to restate and summarize the main points presented in the paper without adding new information. You may, however, add a certain warning, ask a provocative question, or indicate potential consequences of something.

Health essay topics

Here is the list of some interesting health topics for your consideration:

  • Healthy lifestyle essays
  • The most harmful diets
  • Essay about nutrition: should we teach our children how to eat properly?
  • Anorexia, bulimia nervosa, and other weight-related issues
  • Health awareness essay: how to spread awareness and what are the barriers to it?
  • The moral implications of euthanasia
  • Health care essay: healthcare systems in different countries
  • Should vaccines be mandatory?
  • Health education essay: why it is important to teach children about health?
  • Essay on personal hygiene
  • Vegetarianism vs veganism
  • Essay on balanced diet
  • Should medical marijuana be legalized?
  • Healthy food essay: how to keep a balanced diet?

Choose wisely, follow our writing guidelines, and get ready to submit an A+ health essay for your class!

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