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How to write an investment proposal

Business and Management

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Illustration of a compass pointing at the investment for a work written by a paper writing service

When working on an investment paper for your finance or economics class, or even your business, there are a lot of factors that you need to consider. Without further ado, let’s get into the writing specifics and aspects that need to be taken into account before and during the writing process.

Investment proposal outline

An investment proposal might have various outlines, which will mostly depend on the requirements of an organization or a person you are submitting it to. However, there are some common parts that are usually present in proposals of such kind:

  • Brief description of the project. You need to provide brief but detailed information on your business project as this will likely be the only section the investors are going to read.
  • Sponsorship and assistance. Here, you have to tell about your sponsors as well as all the financial aid you are getting currently.
  • Market and sales information. This section requires the data on market shares, sales objectives, factors of market potential, and production volumes.
  • Feasibility, staff, and resources. Here, you have to comment on available manpower, facilities, operating costs, quality and source of materials, etc.
  • Financing and returns. Finally, you need to propose the financial structure of the venture as well as its profitability and return on investments.

Additionally, you will likely have to show the SWOT, so be sure to present it in the relevant section of the paper.

How do you write a good investment proposal?

As writing an investment proposal is a challenging task to cope with, we decided to help you out with our best writing tips:

  • Be honest and realistic.
    Investors do not want you to sell something that does not exist or give them false expectations on the project’s profitability. This strategy usually doesn’t work. Even if investors do not know the industry well, they will quickly understand that the forecasts given for the market and the company do not correspond to reality.
  • Visualize the data you are presenting.
    It’s highly unlikely that anyone will read your proposal fully. While this might be sad to hear, it doesn’t mean you can turn people’s attention to important facts and figures. By presenting such data in a form of graphs, diagrams, and tables, you will be able to get your points across faster and more effectively.
  • Be consistent with formatting.
    Although there might be no specific formatting style to follow, you need to make sure the paper looks professional. Therefore, choose 2 fonts – one for headings, and the other one for the regular text, do not change the font sizes too much, do not use more than 2-3 colors, and make sure that margins on all pages are the same.
  • Do your research.
    It’s hard to emphasize it enough. You need to know the strengths and weaknesses of your business, how welcoming the market is to the new players, and any other factors that might influence your success. Otherwise, you will make a full of yourself in front of the investors.

How to make your investment proposal effective?

There is a belief that in order to attract investments, an enterprise should:

  • Have a tried-and-true and long-range business plan for the future.
    Investors want to know that their investments will earn profit. If you cannot show the projections
  • Build a solid reputation.
    When investing in shadow enterprise, investors risk to remain without profit; that is why they choose only those enterprises, which have credibility.
  • Carry on ‘honest’ business.
    To bring it to life, you need to take into account such necessary factors as book-keeping reporting, investment reports, and cooperation with mass media.
  • Know your country’s regulations.
    A lot depends on the domestic policy of the country where the enterprise is located. Investors choose only the most reliable countries to deal with.
  • Find some information about potential investors.
    Each investor has their own strategy and business areas in which they prefer to invest. Start your acquaintance with the investor’s profile from the official website - almost all open investment structures present their strategies and implemented projects, so it will be approximately clear in what projects they usually invest.
  • Make a convincing presentation.
    An investment presentation is a characteristic of how well the ideas and concepts of entrepreneurs who want to attract investments are organized. If the project is well-structured on paper, then most likely, it is really worth of investor’s attention.

If you hit all the abovementioned points, your investment paper will likely be a huge success. Good luck!

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