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What is management essays

Business and Management

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Photo showing the process of writing management paper

Management is the process of development and creation as well as the most effective usage and control of economic and social systems. It is targeted at business activity, national economic and social systems, non-profit enterprises, etc. At the same time, it is represented as an academic discipline and social science, which subject lies in studying social organization.

The best way to gain profound knowledge in this sphere for a student is to write management research papers and essays on the subject, and we may assume you have already been assigned such a task. Therefore, let us present you with a set of guidelines that will help you choose a topic for, write, and submit a great management essay.

Best management essay topics

Let’s start by choosing the most suitable topic for your paper:

  • Dangerous investment valuation myths
  • Leadership in management
  • The essence of risk management
  • Resolving conflicts in the management sphere
  • Brand promotion
  • Modern approaches to recruiting
  • Is rewarding a good work motivation method?
  • Glass ceiling
  • American management model
  • Corporate culture
  • Decision-making under uncertainty and risk

Management essay outline

In order to get an excellent mark, you have to be prudent with the management essay outline. Having a detailed plan, you will more likely hit all the necessary points when writing, and your paper will be logically structured . Fortunately, the outline for essays on management is basically the same as for other essay types. Let’s review it:

  • Here, you have to introduce your readers to a topic and formulate a strong thesis statement showing the purpose of writing a paper.
  • In this section, it’s important to discuss your thesis statement point by point and present factual evidence supporting your claims.
  • Your main task here is to restate your thesis statement and show how your discussion contributed to the understanding of the topic.

How to format essays on management?

The formatting of your essay usually depends on your educational institution or professor’s requirements. However, papers on management, business, or economics are most often formatted according to Harvard style. Nevertheless, this aspect has to be clarified with your professor in order to avoid any confusion. Remember that incorrect formatting may cost you a few points off the grade.

Best management essay writing tips

Now that you know how to make an outline for your paper and how to approach the formatting, get acquainted with the best writing tips:

  • Choose only relevant sources. Management is a relatively new science, but it is progressing very fast. Therefore, make sure that you refer to only the most up-to-date sources such as reputable journals in the field.
  • Visualize numerical data. If you are discussing numbers and you feel that it might be hard to get your point, try using visuals. Graphs, charts, diagrams, pies, and tables are excellent tools and are pretty easy to use due to the in-build features in Word and Excel.
  • Follow the guidelines. Having a rubric is actually a blessing as you will often get hints on how to outline the paper and what exactly to cover. Therefore, in order to get the top grade, be sure that you cover everything your professor requested.

Models of management

If you need to write an essay on a certain topic pretty quickly, it’s best to compare 2 different models of management.

Asian Model

The main factor which has had an impact on the Asian model is Buddhist philosophy. World perception in the East radically differs from the European one, which is why the Western model was suitable for Asian countries. Characteristic features of Asian model include:

  • In-company and inter-firm relations that are based on confidence and mutual understanding of the company’s leaders;
  • relatively high level of staff education;
  • commitment and loyalty of partners to each other;
  • perception of the team contribution to organization development and the importance of management review report system.

Western Model

The model is based on two fundamental propositions: individual responsibility and self-esteem of leaders from separate subdivisions at the company. The main stakeholders of the Western model are owners, shareholders, managers, government institutions, broker’s boards, and consulting firms. Western model is characterized by:

  • absence of self-devotion to work;
  • principle of the leader’s individual responsibility when making decisions (subordinates only help to choose a decision on the basis of cost analysis);
  • the distinction of business and private relationships.

Making a quick research deeper into the topic, you will be able to effectively compare and contrast the models, identify which ones are more effective for specific companies and why, or review the case studies of such companies and analyse how to better each model to make the businesses more successful in the long run.

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