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Writing a marketing paper

Business and Management

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Learning marketing using a board game

Marketing is a very common course taken by thousands of people yearly. Even those who do not major in marketing often study the basics of creation and promotion of a brand, pricing and discount system, commercial and communication impact on a consumer, and end-product delivery to the client.

Therefore, if the course you are taking is at related to the sphere even slightly, you need to learn how to write papers on marketing effectively in order to keep your grades high. In this brief guide, we will share the best topics for your essays and research papers as well as provide you with some useful writing tips so that you can submit a top-notch work in record time.

Marketing paper topics

Once you get to write a marketing research paper or an essay, the first thing you need to focus on is choosing a perfect topic. In order to save you some time, we have decided to provide you with a list of interesting ideas that will help you understand the direction you might take your research in:

  • Conducting competitor’s analysis
  • Ways and methods of stimulation of marketing demand
  • What is multilevel marketing (MLM)?
  • Is social media marketing the best way to promote a product?
  • Instagram as the best marketing platform
  • Measuring customer satisfaction
  • What is target marketing?
  • How to approach deceptive ads: things the consumers need to know
  • Brand’s reputation on social media
  • The importance of positive brand image

How to outline a research paper on marketing?

While some of the parts of a research paper are similar to those in an essay, there are quite a few additional sections that you need to consider including. Let’s review them all:

  • A pretty basic section with background on the topic and a thesis statement where you present what you are going to discuss.
  • Here, you need to show how you will sort out the sources for your paper and provide a justification for doing it this way.
  • Literature review. In this section, you need to present the information from the chosen sources and link it to your topic.
  • Results & discussion. Here, it’s necessary to show your findings, analyze them, and discuss their relevance to your research.
  • This is where you summarize your discussion, make a brief overview of the findings, and show how you have fulfilled the research purpose.

There might be a few more sections that you need to include, so be sure to check your rubric when creating an outline.

Essential marketing essay writing tips

  • Before you start writing, choose a topic for your essay on marketing. Make sure you can find enough credible information on the Web prior to settling on a specific option.
  • Next, you need to think about the sources for your paper. Pick only scholarly sources, such as peer-reviewed articles and books in order to make sure that the information you use is reliable. One more important aspect is to use only up-to-date sources because marketing is one of the spheres where trends change pretty fast.
  • Another good advice is to make an outline for any paper you write. Having a well-structured plan, you will never forget to include the great ideas you thought of as well as some essential points.
  • Be sure to include the intro, a few body paragraphs, and a conclusion. These are 3 major sections that make up any essay.
  • Be very careful with the word choice. Your speech should be clear, concise, and close to the formal one. No jargon or slang words are acceptable in this kind of paper.
  • Pay attention to the formatting. It is important to clarify which writing style should be used with your professor or visit your university writing center to get some formatting guidelines.
  • Finally, proofread your paper. Having a lot of mistakes in your writing, you won’t get a grade you were hoping for. It is advisable to edit your paper the next day after you finish it so that you can detect more mistakes with a fresh eye.

Writing a good essay about marketing and getting an excellent mark are within the power of each student – the main thing is to have a desire to do it. We believe in you!

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