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Writing essays about medicine

Human and Nature

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Photo of a stethoscope for a paper written by a medicine writing service

Science plays an important role in our lives, assisting in the prevention and treatment of diseases. At the same time, it is a branch of scientific and practical activities; its main task lies in understanding the processes that take place in organisms of healthy and ill people, maintaining and strengthening well-being along with the development of methods for prevention, recognition, and treatment of illnesses.

Writing medicine essays is a very widespread task where students can show their deep knowledge in the field. The topics for such an essay are really diverse: the role of separate scientists and scientific discoveries, development of anatomy based on the socio-economic conditions, the progress of natural science, technology, ethnic and social aspect, etc. How to choose the best one and write a good paper on it? Stick around to find out!

Medical essay topics

First and foremost, once you get your writing task, it is crucial to choose an interesting topic. Feel free to review our top pick to make a decision:

  • Ways of preventing COVID-19 spread
  • Alternative medicine: is it worth practicing?
  • Palliative care
  • My opinion on homeopathy
  • Caring about mental health
  • Types of eating disorders
  • Is vegan diet healthy?
  • Can we find a cure for diabetes in the future?
  • Ethical considerations for euthanasia
  • Child obesity in the US
  • Mechanisms of addiction

Medical essays outline

Writing an essay about medicine is a time-consuming process for each medical professional as it requires a deep examination of books and other peer-reviewed sources about health. And, once you’ve done your research, it is crucial not to get confused in all the information you have acquired and create a coherent paper.

In order to do it, it is important to outline your work before writing. This way, you will have a specific plan to stick to and know exactly what to do each step of the way. Here is an approximate outline that you may use as a sample:

  • Introduction with a thesis statement.
  • Body paragraph with a few subsections if applicable.
  • Conclusions with a summary of findings.

In the body, you may either cover each point presented in the thesis paragraph by paragraph, or try writing down the theoretical background for the topic first and discussing it in the subsequent paragraphs. If you make any claims or suggest certain treatments, be sure to provide factual justification using credible sources.

Branches of medicine

Medical science is one of the most serious and extensive modern sciences, which includes not only scientific and theoretical foundations but also practical activities. Doctors examine and explore normal and pathological processes in the human body and make recommendations for the preservation and strengthening of health.

There are a lot of branches of medicine, which you can choose to review in your essay. Here are some of the most interesting ones to consider for your essay:

  • Clinical medicine deals with the practical aspect of science. Literally speaking, it is the process of detecting health concerns and treatment of patients. It also deals with diagnosis, pathogenesis, disease prevention, prescribing treatment, and making the clinical picture of diseases. There are various branches of clinical medicine, such as surgery, psychiatry, pediatrics, cardiology, ophthalmology, neurology, endocrinology, and so on.
  • Preventive medicine (also called prophylaxis) is a branch that deals with a set of measures aimed at preventing the occurrence of diseases and injuries, eliminating risk factors for their development. There are 5 levels of prevention: primordial, primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary.
  • Nuclear medicine is a branch that deals with the use of radionuclide pharmaceuticals in diagnosis and treatment. It is mainly used for treatment of cardiac and oncological diseases. During nuclear therapy, a small amount of radiation is administered to the patient. The radiation dosage in this case is not able to damage the patient’s health or brings more benefit than harm.
  • Military medicine is a field of medicine and an integral part of military affairs, which deals with health promotion, as well as the study, prevention, and treatment of diseases and injuries in people participating in combat actions or residing in active combat areas. The diseases and injuries that are the subject for military medicine include gunshot wounds, radiation sickness due to an atomic bomb explosion, chemical poisoning, etc.

As you can see, there are various options for research in each branch, and you may use the presented ideas as the basis for your essay and research paper topics depending on your needs.

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